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Handle It – Stuffed Burgers & Custom Buns

you want a drink no i’m a recovering alcoholic welcome to handle it the instructional cooking show brought to you by the degenerates at epic meal time today on handlit we’re going to show you how to make a meat trifecta burger patty stuffed with some brie cheese and topped with gouda and some homemade buns yeah now normally i’d make a three pound patty and devour that and since i can’t share my liquor with this guy we’re gonna have to make two one and a half pound patties each alcoholism isn’t a joke man [Music] so here’s what you’re going to need for the custom patty ground beef ground pork ground sausage an egg gouda cheese brie cheese and barbecue sauce and for the custom bun one cup of warm water three and a half cups of all-purpose flour an egg one-third cup of cooking oil a quarter cup of sugar a teaspoon of salt two packs of active dry yeast three jalapeno peppers and two pounds of bacon here’s the tools you’re gonna need to get the job done two mixing bowls a baking tray a cutting board a chef knife a frying pan one slotted spoon and one spatula and some aluminum foil i’m gonna dice up the bacon bits for our bun while josh over here shows you how to make that dough grab a mixing bowl your warm water and your active dry yeast and combine to activate the yeast put it aside for like 10 minutes until it turns to a nice infection while that bacteria grows we’re gonna get this swine in the pan well let me know crisps up those bacon bits i’m gonna cut these jellies because we’re making two custom buns for your ass once the bacon’s nice and crispy you use the slotted spoon to extract it from the grease you want to make sure there’s no grease on the bacon so that it doesn’t compromise the dough lay down a few paper towels so that it soaks up any extra grease that you didn’t catch with a slotted spoon the yeast is set for 10 minutes and now it’s nice and infected it’s time to add the rest of the ingredients and make the dough add the egg the oil and the sugar and stir it up once the yeast is combined with the sugar in the egg add a teaspoon of salt make sure you add the flour one half cup at a time so you can control the consistency of what your dough becomes or else your dough will get too lumpy and you’ll end up with just a big pile of slop once the dough looks like this and all your ingredients are combined properly knead it on a floured surface get your palm into it turn it clockwise cut it in half and add the remaining ingredients now we’re gonna take our bacon and our jellies add them to the dough and then we gotta fist them together like your technique man take some cooking spray or that leftover cooking oil that you have and lube up your pan to put your buns on then throw them in the oven at 425 for about 15 minutes all right so now that the dough is in the oven we’re gonna start making these patties while let me know circumcises these sausages i’m gonna mix together the ground beef and the ground pork sauce this meat up and then add an egg you can add as much sauce as you want we like it real saucy now get in with your hands and mix it all up together then we’ll stuff that fish with some cheese see i’ve divided them into two thirds and one third what we’re going to do next is make a little cup like a wishing well what’s your wish i wish for world once you cut the gunk off mold it into a ball before putting it into that well dropping bombs now we got to put a roof over this [Music] mold it together by pinching the two layers tight open these burgers for 45 minutes at 400 degrees fahrenheit so it’s all done our burger patties are done cooking and our buns are nice and toasty it’s time to dress these now you can use lettuce tomatoes or any other fancy vegetable that you want or you could dress like us and put smoked gouda bacon and bacon salt ketchup on it made your dreams come true and we’re about to eat them so i hope you enjoyed this episode of handling tune in every week for new episodes of handling and remember you don’t need to know about cooking to know how to cook you just need to know how to form a sofa out of cotton swabs and plasticine [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] me [Music] [Applause] [Music]
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