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Handle It – Inside-Out Shepherd’s Pie

before you get these welcome to another installment that handle it the instructional cooking show brought to you by the sick [ __ ] at Epic Meal Time today we’re gonna be making some inside-out shepherd’s pie except bringing a substitute of vegetables something a little more cheesy I mean so here’s what you’re going to need pound the ground beef a pack of bacon two large eggs not a cup of breadcrumbs half a cup of shredded cheese box or mac and cheese and a handful of potatoes here’s the equipment you’re going to need a large saucepan or pot a small saucepan or pot a mixing bowl a baking sheet knives and a cutting board don’t forget about aluminum foil off with the aluminum foil enough the first step to this process is bringing a half a pot of water to a boil don’t need water for mac and cheese oh yeah while you’re waiting for your water to boil it’s time to mix your meat and know how much you love finger and flesh grab 1/2 a cup of breadcrumbs and a pair of chicks I’m gonna fix myself a nice jug of whiskey here while Jonathan preps us a tray of bacon at this point if you don’t know how to make a tray of bacon you should give up on life to date a vegan you better drink all that I’m done next step you’re peeling your potatoes don’t worry if you don’t get all the pieces of skin off apparently it adds a nutrients health you know like give it about that I do I’m really horribly unhealthy once you’re done peeling your potatoes and the water is boiling add the potatoes to the boiling water and you know how you know they’re done you stab them with a knight and if the knife comes out of the flesh clean you know they’re done haha potatoes are done add a hunk of butter if you’re feeling extra Dave boil your noodles once the noodles are done boiling finish making your mac and cheese I can normally would now it’s time for your foil finally lay out at two sheets of tin foil overlapping one another to optimize your meat blanket slam dunk your baby make a meat blanket make sure your meat blankets an inch thick and at least 2 inches from the ends all right now all our ingredients are done we’re gonna roll this [ __ ] up you ready nope okay lay on your first layer of bacon strips make sure there’s enough room at the ends to close this bad [ __ ] grab a hunk of potatoes throw it down wow that’s hot once we have the potato layer down add the mac and cheese last but certainly not least some change roll that [ __ ] make sure to keep it tight in every direction as you’re rolling you have to sometimes remove the foil so that you get that proper meat on meat action twisted edges on them put it in the oven at 395 degrees Fahrenheit for about 45 minutes [Music] it’s been about an hour time two slices of edge over add some shredded cheese to the top of this for a little added flavor if you’re feeling extra cockadoodledoo delayed that’s a moose [Music] well there you have made an inside-out shepherd’s pie and just go ahead and fully easy steps remember like favorite and subscribe to our Channel don’t forget to buy our cooking Arsenal remember you’ll need to know about cooking to know about cooking you just need to know how to play a finely tuned guitar [Music] [Music] Oh [Music]
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