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in today’s video we’re testing out several Comet requests from our viewers about hair gel [Music] [Applause] we have a lot of this hair gel and guys we’ve had a lot and I mean a lot of comments over the years asking us to do stuff with hair gel like and there’s a few that stand out a lot of people have wanted to see us put it in a vacuum chamber and I think that’s because it’s full of bubbles wanted to see what happens if we boil it and wanting to see what happens if we freeze dry it so we are gonna try all of those as well as one or two other little things and we really want to just explore large quantities of hair gel good new ways it’s never been explored you have large quantities I do here’s the basic idea we’ve got lots of hair gel and we’ve got lots of comments from you guys asking to see us do things like boil it freeze dry it and put it in a vacuum chamber so that’s what we’re gonna do well I think we should start by pouring an entire bottle into our frying pan that’s actually really pretty can you see the the bottle words the bubbles are coming out see how they’re like streaming [Music] this is great this is going great that’s exactly what all that have happened today [Music] that’s making it terrible oh we got a new one all right well not going up going up yeah yep volume is increasing oh absolutely expanding all of those whoa whoo all over the bubbles help me and here we go and it is escaping the container so far yay fairly slow actually a little faster than I thought it would actually looks really gross and I love it also we couldn’t have asked for a better spot for it to have decided to drop like that is perfect for our camera also something interesting to note is normally 26 or 27 however normally it goes much faster it’s about I would say 30 seconds it was here it was up here and I would say maybe maybe 23 for quite a while before it hit this point all right good to go yeah turn that off and I’m gonna let pressure back in three two one all of this stuff on the outside just you know laughs coos Ninja Turtle is that is a lot less bubbles inside the bottle pulled a bunch of air out and a bunch of gel yeah all right so that was awesome let’s try one of these so because this one has a larger opening I do believe this is gonna be the catastrophic mess one I think this is gonna bubble this is gonna foam it’s gonna hit and basically what this one did but on all sides that’s really cool that’s it I like it I like it don’t let me down don’t let me down I wanted to see you giant mess today alright so that one did not have the expected results I am curious to see what happens when we let the pressure back in much less bubbly oh yeah it’s almost cleaner now not quite but so side-by-side comparison this woman that one vacuum chamber top vacuum chamber vacuum chamber not missing 30 to 40 percent and this one’s missing I would say 90% of its bubbles this one feels thicker this one still feels lighter like cuz it’s aerated so oh I like it sometimes you need a really really firm hairstyle so while Nate’s been playing with that we did have this on the low setting but the top of the gel itself is still cool so I am gonna turn up just to medium we’ll see what happens it’s been on there for like 10-15 minutes at this point the fact that it is still like that’s cold [Music] it’s going white yeah it looks like it’s losing color yeah okay I wonder if we because the first ingredient is water is that correct yeah well are we making this thicker we making like a hair paste I’m gonna be concentrating it we have to put it out oh my goodness this is exactly what I thought the slime was gonna do and the fact that the main ingredient is water it does make sense that it is thickening as we go but the fact that it’s losing color that is very interesting to me but also still smells very good we are losing all of those bubbles as it’s starting to sort of boil away it’s still very bubbly me maybe it’s just the fact that it is going a little bit more opaque this by the way is a freeze drying pan where we’re gonna have some normal hair gel here straight out of the bottle we’re gonna try a little bit of our boiled hair gel and then I think we’re gonna try some of our vacuumed hair gel see if we get the same result for all those [Music] we’ve been cooking our hair gel for quite a while now probably at least 20 minutes and we do have it on high heat and we’ve lost a lot of volume before you know it was filling like half of a pan maybe more is that not burning terribly conductive but yeah we’ve lost like at least 50 probably more like 60 or 700 this is this is what it was initially so put some on the tray get that ready to go and then it’s time to style your hair I’m so excited for that you should be not I’ve got some of our super concentrated hair gel here and I’m gonna see how well it works compared to just normal hair gel I don’t actually usually use gel at least I haven’t since high school but I’m gonna try some of this and see if it seems kind of like normal hair gel this is this is more of a clear paste viscous enough that it is hard to spread in the hair at all I do not recommend concentrated hair gel not not as a hair gel might be good for something but not that well I think this hair gel was already like extreme sports style so it was probably a pretty solid hold to begin with and then concentrating it like I did that like teaspoon I just used I think was the equivalent of like a quarter cup of hair gel let me see you let me see you let me see you let me see I can remember take users leek and goodbye I’m done I’m done I really so hurry here’s the thing he’s gonna get me back for this at some point you know he is you’re not that’s that’s a mohawk not a faux like okay I get it how long do you think it’s gonna take to wash your hair night no no not okay that’s fine I think we’re probably done with this experiment where you can move on no no all right guys well Nate is washing his hair there’s something else I want to try better way to apply hair gel I fear to ask but what are you doing um so did you wash your hair yeah cool so you normally will style it with something in the morning right I think I’ve thought of a faster and better application method oh boy I doubt it I don’t are you ready for the best way to apply hair gel ever I think that was invented long long ago nope nope they were wrong you ready [Music] a lot of hair down my hair now I should be a hair stylist our hair gel has been freeze-dried are three different consistencies we’ll go with regular regular hair gel hair gel that had been vacuumed in hair gel that we boiled take a look it’s also peeling up quite nice Wow what there’s a lightweight foam hair gel you like I could have seen that one coming does peel up it’s definitely denser heavier doesn’t squish as much oh it’s actually cracked when I tried to bend it and then this stuff this is where we sucked all of the air out of it first and that seems to have made quite a difference it’s not like a foam very much like a little bit in the middle but super dense and shallow flat look up stuff that is very sticky let’s just see what happens we put some of our foamed hair gel into this water definitely does float is elegant Oh kind of feels like gel on my fingers now what if we just poured this out over the top just like some of it let’s try that it dissolved it absorbed in pretty nicely that’s really cool man I can just sort of like stir it up and that one we like boiled all the water out anyway so yeah and that’s sewed in that’s cool just show them on top there well it’s so much thinner it’s harder to see if it is getting absorbed in doesn’t look like it definitely not the liquid that that turned into this actually feels like the same consistency of one we oversaturated jelly bath I mean that this is what we covered the lawn in if you like that’s pretty similar to hair gel it does feel almost like it’s got fibers in it or something yeah let’s try the one that we vacuumed okay so so the top I actually that looks like hair gel folds in a hair gel off of yeah funnily enough it’s got bubbles again I don’t know where the bubbles came from this got vacuumed and then freeze dried but there’s bubbles in there and that actually is pretty similar looking through the hair gel that comes out of the bottle very cool well guys those are the experiments that you wanted to see us do with hair gel if there anymore let us know down in the comments you know we’ve always got more for you to see click that box at the top to check out our most recent video and we’ll see you in the next one talk to you then [Music]
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