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Hack Along: We Make Goldie’s Room – DIY Bed | Desk | Lab & More | GoldieBlox Collaboration Ep 7

we would like to give a special thanks to our sponsor Goldie Blox who partnered with us to make this video I’m froggy and we are going to pack along with Goldie Blox where we take the projects from their YouTube channel and make them in miniature so they’re dull sized and we’ve made so many of Goldie’s projects that we need somewhere to put them all ah let’s make Goldie’s room all right let’s do it I am going to use blue foam board to make the room on the backside of the foam board I use a ruler to draw a 12 by 12 square and a 12 by 15 rectangle cut on the lines drawn and remember to always have adult supervision when working with sharp objects cut another 15 by 12 rectangle so we have three pieces turn one of the rectangles over and we’re going to use this one for the floor glue the square on one side take the other rectangle use a ruler to draw then cut out a window on a scrap piece of foam board I cut out a frame cut a piece of clear plastic from packaging glue it over the cutout glue the frame on top to make a window glue the wall to the floor to make a corner room cut leftover foam board into rectangles glue them together with the white side facing out to make a platform make white covers and pillows to go on the bed use foam board or covered cardboard to make a cube shelf like we did in our doll unicorn room we can place our doll hydraulics stand in the room but we’re going to have to cut a hole in the bottom of the bed so I mark and measure where to cut then cut it out so the tubes can go underneath the bed and we can still operate our hydraulic table take leftover foam board cut out an L shape roll paper tubes glue the paper tubes underneath then glue it into the room to make a desk cut another piece of foam board that is the same length as the desk on the wall use a ruler and a pencil to make dots to make a pegboard glue it on the wall above the desk these are some displays from shopkin blind boxes I am going to glue them right onto the wall to make wall shelves now it’s time to decorate I covered the bed with fabric so it looks like a mattress glue mini pom-poms on to the bedding for a splash of color cut leftover foam board into squares and rectangles then cover it with cutouts from magazines to make books that we can place on the shelves use stickers to decorate the pegboard you can also cut q-tips push them into the board so you can hang many tools that we found at the craft store roll paper tubes and colored paper cut the ends off of a popsicle stick glue them onto the sides place the rolls of tape on a cut toothpick glue the toothpick between the ends of the popsicle stick to make a tape holder to glue onto the wall add the stool from our sister’s dollhouse bedroom video take a strip of paper and draw notches to look like a ruler glue it going around the edge of the desk for a fun trim fill the shelves with mini toys jars of beads I got a little dinosaur here I’m gonna put that on the shelf this robot sticker looks cute on the wall add tiny toys in front to distract the eye trace a circle on poster board cut it out cut thin strips of metallic scrapbook paper glue them around the back of the circle glue a circle of poster board in the center then continue gluing the silver strips going around make a hole in the center make a hole in the wall cut a q-tip place it in the wall place the wheel on the q-tip glue a button on to the q-tip so the wheel can spin cut felt to make the pieces of a pencil then place them good sight to good side and sew around the edges leaving an opening so it can be turned inside-out add fluff add details to make a pencil pillow and now we have a room inspired by Goldie’s where we can store some of our favorite hacks this is so cool now I have a place to store some of my favorite inventions ah and come up with ideas for no ones I can sit behind the desk and pretend that I am Goldie be sure to check out Goldie Blox his YouTube channel to see her room life-size and I heard that she is making a Rube Goldberg machine what is a Rube Goldberg machine you ask it is a machine that is designed to do a simple task in like a domino effect so cool thank you for joining us while we have too long with Goldie Blox like comment share and subscribe don’t forget to ring the bell and follow us on instagram at my froggy stop and the frog vlog and we will see you next time [Music] [Music] [Music]
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rFtjKR_QyY

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