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Guided Morning Meditation For Gratitude & A Perfect Day Ahead | Pure Loving Kindness

[Music] hi friends welcome to your meditation for mindfulness this is your bonus day 15 class that we wanted to add to the end of the 14 day yoga journey series as a way for all of us to close off our time together and there’s no better way to close off a journey than by meditating and by reconnecting with our own hearts and with our own energy [Music] within [Music] now if you’re joining us today just for the meditation itself i’m also glad that you’re here because we’re gonna go through a very simple guided meditation where we’re just gonna find a nice energy that will ground us and we energize our entire body and our entire beating so if you guys are ready all you need is just a comfortable space you can have a cushion you can even sit on a couch or a chair if you need wherever you are just find a quiet space and let us begin [Music] this video is part of our boho beautiful program 14 days of free yoga you can sign up today for the two-week course consisting of 28 yoga and meditation videos by heading to boho beautiful dot life slash free yoga whether you are a beginner or restarting your journey again or if you’re just looking to take your practice to new levels this program was designed to provide all the tools and structure you need go to boho beautiful dot life free yoga and begin your journey today with that said let’s get back to our practice grab your mat and let’s begin alright so let’s begin today in a seated position now if you can come into a cross-legged position that’s great you can also just place one foot over the other or if seated cross-legged position isn’t something that you’re comfortable with today you can also just sit on a chair or on a couch and plant your feet onto the floor wherever you are let’s bring our hands in our lap you can stack your hands one over the other and just place them here or if you wish you can just rest them on your knees whatever your positioning of your body is we just want to make sure that we’re comfortable that we can really relax the body let’s close our eyes and take this opportunity right now to bring our awareness internally the way we do that is by first focusing on the simple act of inhalation and exhalation so taking a deep breath in through both of your nostrils feeling the sensations of air of oxygen coming into your body and then a very long and gentle exhalation letting go of that air out of your body and feeling a beautiful sense of peace and relaxation overcome your entire body through this peaceful relaxation feeling your shoulders drop away from the ears your neck your spine is becoming long your body is relaxed let’s take another deep breath in through both nostrils at this time noticing the sensations of the air coming in so notice the coolness of the air the sound of your breath and as you exhale keeping that awareness notice the warmth of the air leaving your body the sound of a gentle exhalation filling you with relaxation and peace [Music] relax your face let go of any emotion in your forehead allow your eyes to be relaxed and heavy bringing your awareness to a point between your two eyebrows your third eye chakra noticing anything that you may see in this particular moment see if there’s colors shapes or maybe nothing at all just pure void and blackness whatever it is just find this mindful awareness of what you’re experiencing right now in this very moment as you continue to breathe with each exhalation just feel your shoulders drop away from the ears [Music] feel the heaviness on your shoulders relax and melt away out of your body [Music] take a deep breath in fill your lungs with oxygen welcoming a beautiful chronic energy into every cell of your being and as you exhale let go let go of anything that no longer serves your ultimate truth your ultimate self [Music] let go of any negativity any doubts any fears you may be holding on to any worries whatever it is that bothers you right now in this moment or has been bothering you for this particular moment in time right now as we are here together let us let go of all of those worries and thoughts and revel in this beautiful connection of our breath with our heart [Music] just take a moment in this silence and notice be a complete watcher of everything that’s going on internally [Music] notice how your body is feeling notice if you’re still holding on to any tension within the body if you notice it bring that breath into that area and let go let it all go there’s no need to hold on to any more of that [Music] take another deep breath in and exhale out whatever you’ve gone through in the last two weeks may you find gratitude for everything that you’ve accomplished everything that you’ve been through everything that you’ve challenged yourself with [Music] you be proud of yourself [Music] grateful for your own strength for your own power for your patience and self-love keep breathing as you continue to let go deeper and deeper [Music] you take this moment right now and find gratitude for everything that you are for everything that makes you who you are your perfections and imperfections your beautiful body your beautiful mind the words that you use the energy that you bring forward be grateful for this journey that you’re on in bettering yourself every single day they’re little baby steps little actions [Music] say thank you to yourself [Music] be proud of yourself love yourself for everything you’ve become so far take another deep breath in exhale go deeper let go further focus just that one intention of your breath bringing more and more energy into your body now let us take this opportunity right now and find and send out gratitude for everything that’s around you in your life may that be your family your friends your support circle [Music] your pets your animals your home everything that brings this experience in your life they would be grateful for it may we be grateful for the challenges that are brought forward in our lives that allow us to truly find out how strong we are that allow us to push ourselves to that next level to find ourselves [Music] may we be grateful for the blessings in our life the beautiful moments of joy happiness love that life brings our way may we just silently from our hearts say thank you thank you thank you stay with your breath [Music] just continue to become more and more in tune with this energy that you’re creating this light that you’re radiating out of your heart hold on to this light hold on to this energy know that it is always there within you to come back to no matter what the external world may bring our way the peace and love that resides internally within you is always here with you protecting you loving you in every way [Music] so [Music] you’re more than welcome to stay in this blissful energy for as long as it feels right for you feel free to continue your meditation just being in silence being one with your breath one with your awareness of your own self if you’re ready to slowly bring yourself back to your body then deepen your breath fill your lungs with more and more oxygen just feeling that energy energizing you radiating out of you [Music] and then just gently add a little bit of movement into your fingers and your hands placing your hands together in anjali mudra prayer position in front of your heart and then just take a second to bow down to your own heart thanking yourself for taking a moment out of your day doing something beautiful for your soul for your mind thank you so much for sharing this time and energy with me thank you for being here with me for the last two weeks this truly has been a beautiful way to connect with so many of you out there so thank you for gifting me that opportunity to guide you and to be with you on the mat every day from my heart to yours namaste thank you i look forward to seeing you again on the matt [Music] [Music] you
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