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Guided Meditation To End Your Day ♥ Day 6

welcome to your end of day meditation im so glad you have found the time this evening to dedicate for yourself your health and wellbeing the end of day is a time when the body and mind needs to wind down and relax they both have been engaged working all day long to allow you to be who you are and give the world all that youbring so its time to take a comfortable position may it be on the floor or your bed close your eyes and put some headphones on its time to let your awareness go inward and your mind rest sitting comfortably placing your thumbs and index fingers together on each hand with your eyes closed begin to focus on your breathing inhale and exhale inhale into your belly feeling it expand outward and then exhale all the air out allowing it to deflate inhale into the rub cage feeling the ribs move outward into space and letting all the air go and then a little bit into your ribs then letting all of that air go from your ribs then from your belly now taking a deep breath into your chest feeling it expand outward and then exhale all the air out letting it go combining all three together on your next inhale starting from your belly Array moving upward to your ribs and then all the way into your chest and then exhaling all the air out first from your chest then your ribs and then your belly inhaling into your belly into your ribs into your chest exhaling from your chest ribs and belly inhale belly ribs chest exhale chest ribs belly feeling any cool or warm sensations in your body as you breath inhale and let it go as you continue your three part breathing exercise i want you to be the witness of your toughts and see yourself going through your day today what you did this morning what you ate your interactions with others the wide scope of emotions and experiences you might of had the things you accomplished and perhaps the things that you didn’t you must realize that today is exactly what it was the good or bad what you think happened over now and all is well tomorrow when you wake up you are the creator of a brand new day today will be left behind and you can start fresh however you decide so with this in mind lets introduce our mantra the entering thought for this meditation i move forward and leave today behind i move forward and leave today behind as you sink deeper into your meditative state with each inhale fill yourself with gratitude and fullfillment of what you accomplished today and with each exhale let go of any negativity or self judgement that you feel maybe lingering in your mind let it go you did your best and tomorrow is a fresh new start staying present with your breath inhale exhale out allow each part of your face and body to sleekly let go and release i move forward and leave today behind i move forward and leave today behind i move forward and leave today behind and now silently in your mind its time to release the mantra slowly begin to deepen your breath moving each finger wiggling each tow at your own pace slowly begin to open your eyes or if you’re ready for sleep keep them closed and move to a lying down position remember we are the creators of our own lives we direct the flow of energy in our lives based on our own thoughts if you have felt out of control in your life lately stay with this mantra for the night or as you fall asleep to reassure yoruself about your own inner power to move forward to what ever reality you decire everyday is another chance at a fresh start and every night is a chance to leave behind whatever deosnt serve you thank you so much for joining me i hope you have a wonderful rest of your evening and a restful sleep namaste
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