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Guided Meditation For Peace & Contentment ♥ Day 3

hey guys welcome to your day 3 meditation im so happy that your taking this time our of your day and dedicating it to yourself your health and wellbeing this meditation is going to be focused on finding peace and contentment sometimes we all worry about the future overanalyze the past and over think the choices that have brough us here to this present moment the truth is over analyzing the past and worrying the future bring absolutely no benefit to your the moment your in right now this moment is the only you truly have by letting go of your past weather good or bad and accepting that this is you right here right now will allow today to unfold as it should taking this time to find gratitude for the blessing you’ve been given and the lessons you have learnde to find peace and true contentment in who you are where you are and how you came to be here by freeing yourself of the burdens of tomorrow you give yourself permission to focus on this present moment and on creating a better version of yourself with this in mind lets now begin our meditation making yourself comfortable in a seated position go ahead and rest your hands on your knees taking a deep breath in and a slow exhale out letting go of any tension allow yourself to become one with the breath inhale and exhale and again just simply let yourself let go release into the breath inhale exhale feeling the oxygen filling your lungs and body filling every cell of your body allowing yourself to become more and more relaxed inhale and exhale deep breath through your nose and exhale let it go begin to feel your body become more at ease and relaxed feeling the coolness of the air coming in as you inhale and feeling the warmth of the air as you exhale bring a sense of peace to your whole being inhale and exhale and let it go exhale its now time to introduce our mantra and our entering thought staying in a nice comfortable position repeating this in your mind I’m exactly where i need to be I’m exactly where i need to be I’m exactly where i need to be remember to stay kind and patient with your mind if thoughts arise and you get distracted by surrounding noises sensations in your body simply acknowledge them and then let them go with that allow yourself to come back to your breathe and come back to your mantra I’m exactly where i need to be I’m exactly where i need to be I’m exactly where i need to be and now silently in your mind its time to release the mantra slowly begin to bring your awareness back to the body slowly coming back to your body if you wish you may slowly begin to wiggle one finger, one toe just feeling your body become a little bit more alive whenever you’re ready you may slowly begin to open your eyes and take your time here no rush give the body the time it needs to come back thank you guys so much for joining me on our day 3 meditation i hope you feel relaxed calm and ready to have the most wonderful day thank you and ill see you soon again namaste
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