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Guided Meditation For Letting Go ♥ Day 5

Hey guys welcome to our meditation Array day 5 im so happy you’ve chosen to spend the next 15 minutes with me and yourself i hope you’re able to take this time and put some headphones on and shut everything off shut off your phone close your social media your work and dedicate this precious time to your health well being and to finding a moment of peace in your mind todays meditation is going to be on finding forgivenss in ourselves to love ourselves enough to let go of whatever no longer serves us letting go anything that might have been troubling you getting you down or perhaps sucking positive energy out of your being this can be a person a situation perhaps a thought you know you must let go off in order to contie living a positive vibrant and happy life life is a journey the good the bad the success and the failures are all part of it and part of your own growth in becoming the person you’re meant to be we cannot appreciate love until we expereienced the opposite we can’t fully appriciate the success we’ve attained before we fall on our face a few times the lessons that we learn is what allows us to understand who we really are what we love to do and why we’ve been brought here in the first place the trouble with this is that its very hard for us to let go of past experienes when they’ve left a sour taste in our mouth or person a person that has affected us our emotional state in some negative way where it lingers affects our life and relationship with ourselves this energy not only brings negativity to your emotional state but also can affect your physical self in ways of body aches, muscle tensions and headaches so one of the biggest challenges for us is to find a way to release people and situations that we have no control over let it go and open the space for peace love and happiness with this in mind lets begin our meditation finding a comfortable seated position with your feet crossed in front hands rested on your knees or clammed together close your eyes and slowly begin to bring your awareness to your breath inhaling and exhaling feeling body expand and then exhaling all the air out starting from your belly your ribs and your chest inhale and again deep breath in let it go allowing each breath to take you into a more relaxed state letting go of any tension in your face relaxing your forehead allowing the eyes to feel heavy unclenching your jaw allow your tongue to lay softly in your mouth letting go of any tension in your face and then allowing this releaxtion to travel all the way down through your shoulders your back feeling grounded inhale and exhale paying attention to the sensations in your body and then as you exhale see if you become a little more relaxed inhale and exhale this is your time to relax to be still and peaceful in this present moment continuing to breath just allowing your mind to settle remember to stay acceptant of any thoughts sensations or emotions that are arise acknowledge that they are there and simply exhale them out and let it go stay present relaxed and at peace with the present moment that you’re in as you begin to travel towards a deeper relaxed state lets take this time to introduce todays matra our entering thought dedicating this mantra to whoever or whatever you feel like needs to be let go of repeating this mantra i love i forgive i release i love i forgive i release this is your time to decide to let go of that which holds you back from moving forward in your life and now silently in your mind its time to release your mantra very slowly begin to bring awareness back to your body your breath filling your body with oxygen bringin new positive energy into your self slowly begin to move each finger and each toe feeling this wonderful energy travelling through every cell of your body slowly open your eyes thank you guys so much for joining me on this day 5 meditation i hope you can carry this mantra into your everyday life knowing that whenever negative energy is around you or is affecting you the power is always in your hands love and light namaste
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