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Guided Meditation For Healing | Day 9

welcome to out day 9 guided meditation for healing im so grateful you’ve chosen to be here with me today to take some time for yourself and dedicate this meditation to healing any part of you that is needing to be healed healing doesn’t always mean physical healing it can also be emotional mental or spiritual whatever it may be that you’re struggling with today a physical injury, ill ness emotional heart ache understand that our minds are far more powerful than we give them credit everything in life is energy you and i are energy our thoughts are energy so knowing this we can bring healing peace and joy into our lives if we truly begin to focus on only allowing positive high frequency energy to surround us your body’s ability to heal is greater then anyone has permitted you to believe so knowing this set intention for todays meditation on healing that which you know needs to be healed may it be physical or emotional welcoming more positive energy to fill you with strength health and well being with that said lets begin our meditation together finsding a comfortbale seated position lets begin by closing your eyes resting your hands on your knees palms of your hands open to the sky so we can allow positive energy to flow into our body and our heart allow yourself to become completely open from within bring all your awarenss to your breath inhale and exhale knwoticing your heart beating in your chest your lungs expanding and contracting bringing oxygen into your body filling your body with peace calm and stillness bring your awareness to your face allowing yourself to fully relax your forehead allowing your eyes to feel heavy unclench your jaw completely let go of your face slowly bring awareness down to the shoulders feeling sense of relaxation inhale allow yourself to feel fully grounded feeling the support of the ground underneath you surrendering to this ground feeling heavy in the body but light in the heart take this moment to bring awareness to that area of your body that needs to be healed if its emotional bring your awarenss to your heart and if you can’t pin point the area then simply bring awareness to your third eye chakra space between two eyerows bring all your focus to that area as you continue to breathe let go deeper into your meditative state deep breath in exhale let it go allow this light to fully overcome your with healing love and peace allow it to flow into your body starting from the crown of your heaf all the way down to your toes filling each and every part of your body bring special awareness to that part of that seeks healing as you continue to feel this energy fill your body lets introduce our mantra I’m healthy I’m strong I’m healing I’m healthy I’m strong I’m healing I’m healthy I’m strong I’m healing repeat this mantra silently in your mind as you continue to focus on surrounding to the beauty of light of healing I’m healthy I’m strong I’m healing now silently in your mind its time to release the mantra begin to bring awareness to your body take deep breath in and out inhale and exhale let all that air release whenever you’re ready you may begin to move each finger and each toe feeling positive powerful energy running through your body take some time to sit with this energy if you like opening your eyes whenever you’re ready remember your mind is extremely powerful your thoughts can manifest into your body through physcial form so as you go on with your day try your best to stay positive vibrant and kind send loving energy into the world so more loving positive energy can come back to you thank you so much for joining me love and light to you all namaste
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