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Guided Meditation For Deep Relaxation, Anxiety, Sleep & Stress Relief, Soft Spoken ASMR With Music

hello my name is Mira Hoffman and in this video we’re going to go through a guided relaxation series to help you and why in the furture busy day or maybe just take a little moment to reset if you’ve had a lot of stressors come your way so going ahead and finding either a comfortable seated position if you want to sit at your desk and just get comfy in the chair there or if you’re at home if you want to lay down on your back just really allow yourself to completely relax wherever you are just making sure that you’re nice and comfortable making any adjustments you need to to facilitate your body’s unwinding so you’re able to let go of any tension that you’re holding will slowly begin to bring our awareness into our breath taking a nice deep inhalation feeling the air come in through the nose and exhale releasing all the oxygen pausing just slightly at the top of the breath will inhale again and really bringing all of your awareness all of your senses to the power of your breath pausing between the inhalation and exhalation and then slowly exhaling again as you stay with this gentle rhythm of your breath allowing yourself to hear that subtle sound as the air travels in and out as you lay here or sit here slowly begin to expand your awareness so that you’re energetically sending that inhalation into any areas that may be tight or holding tension and as you exhale releasing that area letting it unwind a little bit deeper letting yourself come into your body a little bit more continuing to breathe nice and relaxed effortlessly just observing the sensations of the air and allowing that relaxation to cascade like a wave throughout your body slowly washing and eroding erasing any tension melting away as you’ve completed the scan of your body just really basking in that complete relaxation and stillness bring the awareness back to the breath slowly writing the rhythm of that way as you inhale gently and exhale gently now that our bodies are completely still and relaxed we’ll begin to just relax the mind letting it soften allowing our concentration and focus to ride on the breath so inhaling just feeling that sensation and exhaling noticing the relief the softness it’s almost like you’re slipping in the air gently drinking it if you notice any tension creeping back into your body just inhaling sending your breath into that area and exhaling releasing that hold letting the energy flow continuing to bask and this nice still please allowing yourself to drift just a little bit slowly softening into a deeper relaxed State slowly bringing your awareness back into the room taking a deep inhalation as you become more aware of your body noticing its contact points with the ground or the chair gently beginning to move your fingers and toes slowly moving the wrists and the ankles and very laying down or sitting you can begin to inhale there stretching the shoulders up or reaching the arms up giving a nice full stretch and exhale relaxing again slowly rolling over to one side as you make your way to a seated position slowly it is coming into your body and gently and softly open the eyes but keeping that state of relaxation going keeping the eye as soft and hope you enjoy this nice relaxed state there and now make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can find out about more great videos to help you on your journey to health and happiness again my name is Mara Hoffman and you can find out more about me and my practice at Mara Hoffman com Thank You namaste
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