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GUADALAJARA, Capital Of Jalisco, MEXICO 🇲🇽

hello and welcome back to mexico today i am in guadalajara the second largest city in the country in the state of jalisco i took a bus from guanajuato which took around four hours to reach here and it costs 550 pesos so about 20 pounds i was really impressed with the quality of the bus there was a proper toilet not just one that they stick underneath the stairs that you have to cramp inside the whole thing was really modern and impressive so public transportation around the country by bus is possible i went with a company called etm but on with the video it is now the late afternoon and i’m going to be exploring the central area the historic centro area of guadalajara so let’s take a look [Music] walking out into plaza guadalajara one of the city’s most distinctive landmarks reveals itself category as old as the city itself it was consecrated in 1618 there are lots of cafes and shops in this area and all the buildings are quite historical [Music] just been inside the cathedral which was an interesting experience there are 11 richly decorated altars it’s very impressive inside and worth having a look even if you’re not catholic or particularly religious it’s a stunning building here is a famous rotunda just next door which has 30 bronze sculptures of famous paliskins people from jalisco architects writers and some of them are even buried underneath here [Music] the city’s theatre similar to the one in guanajuato and more pleasant little avenues music playing trees and fountains the markets of the day are ending people putting their stalls away until tomorrow i can see hats and bracelets if you didn’t know the state of jalisco is home to the sombrero hats and they are out in full force here at the different souvenir shops and even some little liquors with sombrero hats on top [Music] hello welcome back to guadalajara today is another day and i’m starting by trying one of jalisco’s greatest food delicacies inside here so i’m now here in tortas tonyo to try the local parlahara [Music] which is essentially translated right to drowned sandwich i’ve gone with the pierna which is pork and it’s essentially soaked in spicy or dulce sauce i put way too much spicy sauce on mine so much so that the woman at the counter let out a gasp of shock once i poured that sauce on there which i knew straight afterwards was a bad idea if a mexican thinks it’s way too much that it really must be way too much regardless i’m here to taste it and i have the pink horchata horchata rosa to help me uh with the spice if it is too spicy normal or chatter but made with strawberry flesa a sandwich is said to be drowned because it’s either totally or partially covered in sauce the sauce completely soaks the bread and the meat and originally it comes from chile de arbol a type of dried chili pepper now i’m under no illusions about how messy this is gonna be the sauce is everywhere the thing is absolutely stuffed with meat there’s only one way to go for it and that’s just straight in that was really nice [Music] it’s all soft and mixing together the taste of the sweet and spicy sauce and then the meat which is quite tender and the bread which has just been soaked it really tastes good i can see why people love it so much i’m about one third of the way through let’s wash it down with some of this unique or chatter which i’ve never seen in this color or variety before [Music] wow that is so sweet it’s really nice it kind of acts as a good balance but you’re mixing the sweet and spicy the savory and dulce together but it acts as a fantastic compliment to that spicy sauce to be honest so i’m rather relieved i have it having taken a taxi back to centro after the food i’m now outside mercado libertad san juan de dios the largest indoor market in latin america 40 000 square meters let’s take a look the central area here on the ground floor looks like it’s full of food stalls an endless amount of choice i believe [Music] forget the largest indoor market in latin america this might be the largest indoor market i’ve seen in the world anywhere it’s absolutely enormous this is only one section it goes deeper in this direction and behind me here with different levels it’s incredible [Music] [Music] oh [Applause] [Music] foreign right now it’s the peak of lunch time and i’m just gonna have to pick one of the stalls to eat at there are so many to choose from and so many of them are busy as well so i have absolutely no idea which one to go for just follow where the people are so i’ve now sat at one of the many stores to choose from here in the market and i’ve got a calder kind of a chicken soup looking uh dish to try with some tortillas as well if i fancy utilizing those i suppose and uh i’m loving the whole vibe in here it’s uh it’s really like a local feeling you know [Music] there’s some carrots and potato in here let’s have a taste of it tastes like a sort of salty chicken soup and uh seems to be quite healthy by the looks of it with all those vegetables in there [Music] so i just finished my lunch there in the market and i’m going to end things here if you’re interested then do follow my instagram i post a lot of behind the scenes stories and pictures on there that you don’t see in these videos and if you’re interested in joining me on the trip to antarctica next year the discount is still available we have space so check it out below thank you very much for watching and i’ll see on the next one [Music] you
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