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Grow Rock Candy Inside Of Chocolate Geodes (DIY Candy)

in today’s video we’re trying to make candy geodes at home that you can crack open to reveal the gems inside geodes are really cool if you’ve never seen them it’s a rock formation where there was a gap in some stone and over thousands or millions of years water and minerals got inside and built up crystal formations inside the rock you crack them open and you can see crystals inside they’re amazing we’ve discussed this before uh we actually debunked a video a while back where somebody had said that you could microwave a rock and make a geode that’s not how this works no definitely not unless maybe if you had the right kind of rock and you left it in the microwave for like three million years okay yeah so that’s possible in the correct pocket of gas yeah we haven’t tried that one um maybe next week yeah here’s the basic idea we’re going to try to make geodes that you can crack open and reveal crystals inside but we’re going to do it using exclusively candy we’re not inventing this out of nothing the first time i saw it was like an art student i think they’d made giant ones it was amazing and they took like six months or something carefully rotating them and all that we’re not going to take six months we’re going to take a week though and some other people have done similar things but so far i’ve never seen one where you end up with a sealed geode that you get to crack open and reveal crystals inside and i think we have a good way to do that so we’re going to try and start that today so we’re starting most of this makes sense to me but tennis balls tennis balls are not necessary you don’t have to use tennis balls for this but we are using those as sort of a mold to make a good size and shape for our geodes if you want to use something else you can if you want to use a measuring cup that’ll work great a small bowl could do it i just like the size of the tennis ball the bowls are for mixing colors and types of candy later and so let’s get started well you can see we’ve got candy melts they pretend that they’re chocolate i don’t know how much actual cocoa butter they have in them but they act like chocolate and we’ve got a few different colors here we’ve got some white some black that one’s just dark brown then we’ve also got some blue and red if we want to have some color we can do that as well so really you can go crazy do whatever you want these come in tons of colors we did not get all of them first we want to prepare the tennis balls and when i say prepare the tennis balls what i really mean is cut them in half okay so i’ve got a sharp knife and i’m going to try to slice the tennis ball approximately in half it doesn’t have to be 100 perfect but i will tell you that this is very hard to do if your knife is dull okay you have now cut a tennis ball in half and i’m actually going to not quite get through all the fuzz so it’s still sort of hinged and this is again not necessary it just makes it really easy to put it back like this which you don’t have to do but you can do it’s kind of entertaining you could probably get you know a mold that’s made for stuff like this maybe not candy geodes but we do have molds in the studio this is just a really clever way to do it if you don’t have anything at home the crystals inside our geodes are going to be rock candy quick easy recipe for that we’re going to be using 3 cups of sugar 1 cup water we’ll cook it on the stove stirring to make sure it dissolves well and then as soon as it gets to a boiling point we turn it off it’s not something that you need a candy thermometer for we’re not going to be cooking it additionally we’re just trying to make a super saturated liquid we’ve washed the tennis balls but we still don’t want to put food directly in contact with them for a few reasons so we are going to just take some aluminum foil and line each tennis ball half with it and ideally we do want the walls to be nice and smooth so less chocolate sticks to it because we’re going to be putting the chocolate right into this foil but it is going to be wrinkled we’re putting a flat piece of foil into a small curved surface that’s okay that will just give our geodes more of a rock texture next up what we’re going to do is start making our chocolate shells here so i think we’re going to go for just sort of a gray outer color and we’re going to be using some of our black melts and some of our white melts make a good gray color we are doing this from the outside in so this will be sort of the outside layer color of the rock and then as we get farther in we can change it up so we can have colors to match our color crystals or just white so it reflects light really well lots of options i’m just gonna throw this in the microwave these things melt great in a microwave okay i’ve got a lovely gray color here this is i think gonna be excellent and the chocolate as you can see is melted but it’s really not hot like it’s just this stuff melts fairly low temperature and this stuff like it’s not even uncomfortable to keep my finger in it so now what i’m gonna do is i’m basically just going to paint this onto the inside of one of these foil line tennis balls so i’m just going to take a little blob of that take a little blob of that now if you want you can try putting these two halves together squeezing it and shaking it and if you do it wrong you’ll know because it’ll end up all over the kitchen that was just water all right so that spread a little bit not a lot i’m actually just gonna use my finger and spread that around you do want to make sure that if you try the shaking method you’ve got it very well closed because if you don’t you’ll get chocolate everywhere we’ve got a nice fairly even spread of chocolate here i’m just going to throw this into the freezer to let it cool down we’re going to want at least three layers total and it doesn’t take long to cool down because it does have foil around it and it’s a fairly thin layer so i’ll just get this one freezing while we go ahead and do more of them the innermost layer i’m going to be using white you don’t have to but i am um and what i’m going to do is i’m going to apply the layer and then try to very quickly add some sugar into it the sugar is going to act as seed spots to try and make sure that the sugar crystals that grow grow sort of halfway embedded into the chocolate that should give us a much better hold and really give us the geode look that we’re going for cali is just finishing up her third one mine are all lined so now what i’m gonna do is take the foil up out of the tennis balls and then just peel it away from the chocolate and it should peel away fairly easily okay so now we need to put our two halves together and we’ve just got a frying pan set on pretty low but this chocolate melts easily so we’re just going to take both halves here and swirl it around until we’re getting nice flat contact all the way around on the stove and we should have two melty halves that just want to boop right together look at that one more batch of the chocolate gone for kind of a gray color and this is just going to go more on the outside if you don’t like the crinkled foil look or you want to make sure that you’ve really sealed up all of the seams then you can just add a little bit more chocolate onto it you could even do different colors you could add a little bit of white or some other color and give it some streaking patterns anything you want to decorate on the outside of this should be just fine as long as you don’t melt it all the way through in order to get our syrup into the geode we do need an access point and i’m just going to use a drill for that seems excessive it is you definitely don’t have to use a drill for this but i choose to okay [Music] the other thing we don’t want to have happen is we don’t want it to melt the walls of our candy geodes [Music] weird but functional i’m going about this a different way i’m actually cooling my geodes before i’m adding the sugar just in case i’m trying not to let anything melt on the inside it’s been about a week it has so we’re going to start with this one which i think i can actually see liquid flowing so i’m going to see if i can pour anything out okay and then we’ll see because i do think liquid will come out i am not sure if any crystals will have formed i might have added so much water that nothing would crystallize so we’re going to drain this and then we’re going to crack it open and see what kind of geode result we got [Music] okay you got some a little bit it’s cool with the layers like it kind of almost looks like a coconut but like got the dark outer layer and then the whiter inner layer and of course we controlled the colors there if we had wanted it to blend more smoothly we could have done that if we wanted to be all white or all gray it doesn’t want to pour the the opening has crystallized closed so i’m actually just going to get a plate to put this on because i think it still has liquid in it and i don’t want that to just flood over even with the paper towel that’s kind of what i’m thinking is happening with all of mine they seem very solid on the top but i’m thinking if i dig in just a little bit i’m gonna hit some liquid [Music] oh i started hammering and yeah that’s a lovely color what have you done i genuinely don’t know [Music] yeah so i got quite a bit of gemstone sludge oh and the colors all mixed together and formed that delightful i love it sludge all right after opening a couple geodes and they still had too much slush in them uh we we drilled holes let extra liquid drain out and they’re looking much better so far haven’t cracked them all open but i want to try out this one this one actually had enough liquid your draining method i think was superior with the cups i left mine in the tennis ball and enough drained out that i think it it just pooled and so i think part of this one won’t be liquid but i still want to give this a shot crack and open the geodes nice well we had some of it drain out and that’s kind of fun this one was so thick all right let’s try my orange one [Applause] okay that actually looks pretty cool it’s a nice color yeah but see it’s still slushy but that’s okay that’s not terrible this is what i was going for i wanted sort of that gradient rock look i got like a geode to me yeah that’s not bad that’s how geo crystals form [Music] just gonna smush it okay that’s kind of look like the inside of an amethyst so this version the result we’re getting is very much like a full like the crystals have taken over all of it off camera i talked about trying to avoid the slush a little bit and so i did try instead of the three cups of sugar one cup of water i did a two cups of sugar one cup of water and then while it was still very hot so with these i separated it after it had cooled quite a bit and i think that was my biggest mistake but i separated it while it was hot and then i added the color and flavor there and then when it cooled down it was still a syrup it hadn’t crystallized like a lot of this had i poured that in and these are the results i got from those pieces and it did a little bit better and i did have to drill the hole you can actually see the spot same thing it was full liquid and i couldn’t pour the extra out until i drained out some of the extra by just drilling holes into both sides poured it out and then i let it dry for a couple days you definitely want to make sure that when you are pouring it in it is cool so it won’t melt the chocolate but if it’s crystallized then you’re going to have a really hard time pouring it in it’s just all going to turn to slush so i think that’s what part of what helps with the two to one ratio is that there’s not so much sugar in it that it’s just gonna just form crystals without doing anything like that uh but with the two to one it is still very over saturated and it should grow onto the walls of what you put there it’s not bad [Music] guys that was a ton of fun but you know we’ve always got more for you to see and if you like this kind of content make sure to hit that button and subscribe so you never miss out on the fun we’ll see you in the next one talk to you then [Music] you
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