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[Music] hello happy friends are you ready to learn i’m sarah and today we’re going to talk about a topic that makes me very very sad today we’re going to talk about global warming and the greenhouse effect [Music] well the first thing i need to say is that all children in the world have a very important responsibility and that’s taking care of our planet the earth [Music] and that’s why it’s so important for us to understand all of the environmental problems so we can actually all get together and find solutions for these problems do you know what the earth would tell us if it could talk that i’m hot very very hot and actually that’s because of the greenhouse effect it makes the earth become hotter and hotter over the years we are all responsible for this climate change that’s right you and me [Music] for example every time we turn the light on or use hot water we’re using energy and this energy is usually made by burning coal gas or oil if we also add all of the smoke that the cars expel it’s very clear that we actually release tons and tons of contaminating gases into the atmosphere these gases are built up and they form a layer in the atmosphere where they prevent the heat leaving into space and this makes the earth hotter and hotter it works like this greenhouse it lets the heat enter but it doesn’t let us escape and that’s how it’s got its name the greenhouse effect if the earth temperature carries on rising it will cause many catastrophes the ice on the poles will melt meaning rising sea levels so there will also be terrible floods and lots of living things like these polar bears or seals will disappear forever but we’re in time to solve this huge problem if all the children in the world agree to start doing things properly and it’s easy peasy we need to switch off lights and everything that consumes energy when we aren’t using them we need to recycle glass paper plastics and honestly as many things as we can [Music] we need to use hot water in a more logical way and it’s easy peasy all we need to do is take a shower instead of a bath and this way we will save so much energy [Music] [Applause] and the most important thing of all we need to respect and take care of nature and never ever dirty it so if all the children in the world start doing this i can assure you that the earth will be very thankful and this way we can all enjoy the beautiful animals and landscapes that we have on earth like these [Music] and please please never forget that if we want the world to stay this beautiful then we need to respect it and take care of it like it deserves because actually it’s our home [Music] goodbye happy friends see you next time and i hope you’re always ready to learn goodbye [Music] you
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