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Welcome to ‘How To cook That’ I am Ann Reardon
Today we are making a gravity falls themed eye balls and a hand in a jar To make the eyeballs place some yellow, blue,
green and more yellow jelly or jello if you’re on the other side of the world, crystals into
a bowl and then add a tiny bit of instant coffee to one of the yellows so we can make
a brown colour. Add cold water and stir well. I’ll put all of the recipe quantities that
you need on the website for you. Repeat that with each of them. Then once you’ve let them sit for a couple
of minutes. Microwave on high until it just starts to
boil be careful that they don’t boil over. Take a sphere ice-cube tray, you can buy these
online I’ll put a link to where I got them below. And then add some colour to each one, if you
use a measuring spoon you can easily get them all the same size. I am going to fill a big mold and a smaller
one as well to give two sizes of eyeballs just like you get in gravity falls jar. Place them in the fridge to set. To make the pupil you will need white chocolate,
milk and gelatin and of course some black colouring. Add the gelatin to the milk, stir and yep
let it sit for a couple of minutes. Once the gelatin has softened microwave it
on high until it just starts to boil. Pour that over the white chocolate. Push the chocolate down so it is all under
the hot liquid so that it can melt it. Then stir that well and add in some black
food colouring and stir it again. Put that into a piping bag fitted with a small
round tip or you could just cut the corner off a plastic bag if you don’t have a piping
bag. Pipe a black pupil into the middle of each
one and then put that in the fridge to set. To make the white of the eye you will need
vanilla yoghurt and gelatin. Mix half of the yoghurt with the gelatine. If you are vegetarian you can swap agar agar
instead in this recipe. You will just have to refer o your jar for
how much you need. If you want sweeter eyeballs you could use
vanilla pudding here or you could just add more sugar. to the yoghurt. Leave the gelatine to soften for a few minutes. Then microwave until it is melted. Pout that into the other half of the yoghurt
and stir it really well. Let it cool to room temperature so it doesn’t
melt the bits of the eyeballs that we have already set. Then pour it into the mold up to the fill
line. Then add the top one and push down and you’ll
see it is just starting to come out of the top the means they are full. And then add an elastic bands around to hold
it tightly shut and place in the fridge to set. Once they are set gently ease the top off
the mold and lift it up, look at those eyeballs. Then place them into your jar arranging them
so they are looking towards the front. Then add the sale and dollar sign you can
print those out from my website. In gravity falls you can see a hand in a jar
on the shelf behind the cash register. To make a hand melt some white chocolate with
a little bit of milk chocolate to give it some colour. Take a small glove, make sure it is not cotton
lined or this wont work. Pour in the melted chocolate. Shake it down making sure all of the fingers
are full and there are no air bubbles then secure the top with an elastic band. To make it set in a nice hand shape just rest
the hand over a piece of fruit and that will like hollow out the palm areas there. Once it is set remove the band and cut away
the glove. I kind of feel like I am doing surgery here
just taking off jeans of a broken leg or something. And then place it in your jar. Now if it doesn’t fit you could go and buy
a bigger jar and that would be the easiest option. Or if you are determined to make it fit like
me you can shave off some of the chocolate from the side and then when it still wont
fit cut off a finger and re-attach it later. You will also want to cut off the base off
at the wrist so the hand stands upright in the jar. Now to add some details using your knife cut
an indent where the fingernails should be. Then cut some grooves where the knuckles are. And add some details on the back of the hand
indenting it down a bit in-between the knuckles. Flip it over and add the crease marks on the
fingers where the fingers bend and on the palm of the hand add a few lines there too. Add it into your jar and reattach the missing
finger if you need to. Now that your hand is in the jar you can add
some yellow drink which is like the formaldehyde that’s the liquid that preserves these potted
specimens. If you’re having a gravity falls party you
could put this hand in a glass drink dispenser which would be pretty disgusting but it would
look good. There is also another jar in the shop which
has a brain in it, you can check out my old Indiana jones video for how to make a cheesecake
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