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Grape Pizza!! | Keep Cooking Family Favourites | Jamie Oliver

so let me show you a new take a new flavor combination on a beautiful pizza that will definitely put a smile on your face 150 grams of self-raising flour in a bowl we’ll go in with 80 milliliters of water pour that in i’m going to guess it for 18 meals is perfect a nice pinch of salt just use a fork to bring the flour and the water together and we’re going to make a nice pliable elastic dough and as it gets kind of firm like a dough then get rid of the fork and we’re going to use our hand and just knead it for two minutes it’s unbelievably quick you can see how now i’ve got quite a nice dough it’s elastic it’s smooth so let that relax for a few minutes then make sure your oven is on full whack about 240 is perfect so flavor combo first up a beautiful cumberland sausage so i want a couple of nice sausages i only need two for this recipe so what i want to do with it is get it in a pan i put it on a medium high heat and i’m going to pinch the end like this and i’ll squeeze out part of that sausage right to make essentially a meatball and you’ll get about four from each one get them heating up now let me just wash my hands now i’ll put a little bit of olive oil in the pan just to get the party going and then i just want to get a bit of color on the sausages i don’t need to fully cook it through so as those brown up i’m just going to finely slice the red onion just do your best to go as thin as you can sprinkle into these lovely fats the red onion you can do a little handful of pine nuts bars what have you got bro got some sun dried tomato pesto oh nice okay i’ll use that thank you so look the secret ingredient is the grapes and just a little handful is all you need straight into this pan and that is basically your topping so we’ll put that to the side for one second so buds let me roll out this and you can sprinkle these on top just come around here beautiful boy so with the dough here it’s had a little relax and actually for consistency i would just flour it and i’d roll it out what i want is more of a kind of slipper shape like an oval shape so buds if you can grab us a rolling pin and just roll it back and forth to about 30 35 centimeters long about 15 centimeters wide there you go happy with that it’s a buds if you can just put some all in that tray and give it a little rub good lad um so i’ll put buddy’s lovely homemade pesto onto the pizza just push this all over the topping like that then i’ve got this topping here which i’m just gonna shake on top like that i’ve never really had a pizza with the grapes in them before no really excited to eat it are you yes see i was worried that you wouldn’t like the grapes but the thing is once you try it the sweetness the saltiness the whole kind of thing is beautiful and there is one little lynch pin that makes it all work that i nearly forgot rosemary rosemary and grapes they’re like a match made in heaven the last thing you gotta do is mozzarella look at the colors so good beautiful job we’ve got a combo topping which i promise you is a thing of beauty another great little tip put the gas hob on right and we’re just going to start the heat on the pan for like a minute or two just to get it sizzling that will guarantee you the most beautiful crispy bottom so this will now go at the bottom of the oven do you want to rally the troops and i’ll bring it out yeah ten minutes is all i need in the oven bless you big boy mom the pizza looks so good okay 10 minutes up here she is come on look at that i like to use like the cooking scissors just to get in there and kind of like just snip away let’s go for it that combination is a game changer i got pizza delicious buddy your pesto is really good we’re on buds
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