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Gorgeous Legs // CARDIO BEAT (Fun Apartment Friendly Workout)

– Hey guys, Cassey here. Look, I decorated the studio. Oh my gosh, do you love it?
Because I love it so much. I decided to go for like an anthropology, woodland fairy creature theme. So there are a lot of plants and, wood, and a fluffy white pillow! Yay! I hope you really like it, because it’s making me
feel so inspired right now. So inspired, that today, we are going to be doing cardio beat. I was supposed to film this one last time, but I hurt my knee. But I’m all better now. So thank you for all of your well wishes, and this video will
get your heart rate up. Your fat burning, your muscles dying, and, you won’t even upset
the downstairs neighbors, if you have any! Ready? Put your shoes on, lets do this. All right guys, I want you
to roll your shoulders back. Open up that chest, belly button in. We’re gonna start with forward lunges. (upbeat music starts) Ready, hands on the hips. Right leg. Down, lift. Left. Yeah. Alternating. And step light. You’ve got it. Looks like this. Making sure the knee
creates a 90 degree angle. Yep. You got it. Just a little bit more. Very nice guys. Just warm up those legs. Four more, let’s go. Four, uh huh. And three. So good. Two. Okay. Now we’re gonna tap front. Look. Tap, Tap, tap. You girls are lovely. Tap, tap. Nice. We’re gonna switch. Tap, switch. Perfect. And then, we’re gonna go out to the side. Get ready. Front, side back. Here we go. Front, side, back. Front, side, back. Nice, work. One more. Front, side, whoo! That side. Other side, let’s go. Five, out, back. Whoo! Good. Nice work. Point, lengthen. You’ve got it. One more. Then back lunges. Ready? Back lunge. Boom. Whoo. Heart rate, is up! Down, and lift. How you feeling? You feeling good? Let’s go. Now you put your arms wherever you want. Your chest is tall. You’ve got it. Okay, something new. To the side. Bring the leg out and long. Long, lunges. Long, lunges. You’re basically are just moving, that back leg. I know! Now you stay right there. Arms out. Bring it down. Hold. Don’t even touch the floor. Oh I know you’re burning! Come on! Breathe. We’re about to switch to the other side. Switch. Same thing. Let’s go. Down, lift. Whoo! Feel that booty, feel the leg. Good stuff. Let’s go. Extend. Nice work. Keep the
head in the same place. All right. Lengthen, arms out. Hold it. Oh I know! I know your leg’s hitting the floor. Breathe. Four, and three. Come on. And two. We’re tapping. Ready. To the side. Tap, tap. Whoo. Right leg. Get more leg. Nice. Other side. Let’s go. Tap, tap, nice work. Now, lunge forward, and back. It’s front. Back. Switch legs. Front. And back. Alternate. You’re doing so good. And same leg coming back. Front. And back. And up. Whoo! Okay, we finished song one! You’re ready for two? Right. This is the dancing dog. We’re gonna take it a little bit slower. Opposite arm, opposite leg. Boom. Just like that. Pointing the toes, pointing the fingers. Tall neck, shoulders back. Here we go. (pop song playing) And chin up. Tap. Good. Now, if you don’t have
downstairs neighbors, you can take this to a slight jump. Okay? So this is optional. Ready, optional. Tap, tap, tap, tap. Very light. But even if you have neighbors, if you’re super light
they might not hear you. Let’s go. Eight, seven, six, good, five, four, three, two, one. Bring this leg out. Leg back. Now you’re on your tippy toes. I want you to come down into a lunge, on the tippy toes, yes! And we pulse, pulse, on the toes. Oh yes! Other side. And tap, down. Boom, just like that. Good. Now regular. Bam, bam, bam, bam, up, up. Yeah. Are you still up? Other side. Up, down, up, down. Good. Four, three, two and one. Now, elevate, elevate. Yeah. So good. And ooh! (chuckles) Boom. You’ve got it. Now, stay here. Check it out. On the toes. You’re gonna bring it, in and out. Still on the toes. Here we go. Boom, in, in, in, three, two, one. Switch it over. In, heels up. Four, three, two. Hold here. Hold here. The feet are together,
the knees are together. You’re come down and hold. Yes, you’ve got it. Leg back. Back, and, switch, you’ve got it. Back, nice. Now both arms. Back, back. And, your heels are still up. Whoo! Here we go. Dance, dance. Now pick up, that pace. Bam, bam, bam, bam. Just like that. Whoo! So good. Totally amazing! Keep going. Four, three, two, one. Now a squat hold. Hold, hold, pulse it out. And pulse, pulse, nice, like that. Boom, boom. Yes, almost there. Now get serious. Let’s do it. Back, now, tapping. Front, side, switch. Front, side, switch. Almost there. Out, and front. Side, almost there. Boom, let’s go. Get lower. Can you do it? Out and, breathe all the way up. Hands down by your sides. And give yourselves a
big round of applause! That was cardio beat. And I hope your heart rate
is up, because mine is! I’m gonna go drink some water. All right have a good workout, rest of your workout. Please, pick one of the two videos, at the end of this video and keep going! Don’t stop, and I love you so much. Bye! (upbeat music)
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