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Gordon Ramsay Makes Masa | Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted

– Because we’re so
close to the border, I want to add some
Text Mex flavors to my menu at the final cook. I’m about to meet an
expert who still makes the traditional corn tortillas
today, which may just give me that edge over Justin. Emmanuel. – Morning. How you doing? – Very well, thanks. But how are you? – Great. Welcome to Texas. – Oh, my Lord. Good to see you, [inaudible]. – You too. – Emmanuel Chavez
is a local chef whose life is fueled
by his passion for the traditional tortilla. – Super Important. – Mm-hmm. You can’t come to
Texas and not represent the other side of the border. And I’m going to show
you how to do it. – Please. – We’re gonna do it together. – Please, please, please. Emanuel starts with a lesson on
how to make the perfect masa, a dough made from corn. – So right here we have conico. It’s a native seed from Mexico. This is our base
for our tortilla, – Got you. – And it turns into masa. – So the idea now
is to grind it? – Correct. – So it’s a blue. – It is a blue corn. And it stays blue. – Wow. – It’s gorgeous. We’re going to make
blue tortillas. Should we start? – Yes. You’re going to
grab a little bit of a handful of these conico. – Got you. – You’re going to
start from the top. – Got you. – You to do almost
like a pasta motion. – Right. So. – With your wrist, you’re
going to roll forward and then roll backwards. There you go. There you go. – Oh my God. Wow. They’re incredibly
powdery, now isn’t it? That’s the masa coming out. – That’s the starch. – The starch. – You’re doing great. – The challenge for
me was the grinding. So you’re sort of rolling,
spinning, rolling, spinning. It’s all in the wrist. Man, that’s incredible. – Grab a little bit and
just make it into a ball, a nice little ball. – It looks dry, but
it’s actually quite wet. Yeah. No, it’s perfect. It’s the perfect masa. You did a great job. – Masa made, and with Emmanuel’s
brisket already simmering, I’m dying to make a tortilla. But we’re not done. – Before we finish our tacos,
we need one more ingredient. – One more ingredient? – I show you where it’s at. – Seriously? – The [inaudible] pepper. – [inaudible] pepper. – The national
pepper from Texas. – Wow. Bloody hell. Are they uh– – Longhorns. Texas longhorns. – Absolutely. Yeah. – Oh my goodness. – Yeah. Gorgeous, huh? – Man, they are peaceful. Look at those. How majestic are they? – They’re big boys, too. – OK. Let’s not get them mad. [inaudible] but. – Let’s go. OK. – Where are those peppers? – They’re right
there in that corner. – That’s them there? – That’s it right here. They’re gorgeous, aren’t they? – That’s incredible how they
just grow wild like that. Huh? So red and green. – Red and green, yeah. – Red’s super hot, right? – Yeah. I’m going to try a green
one, just to be safe. Go from there. Yeah. – Oh! Man. – That’s Texas right there. – So the idea is to
lightly press them and then finish them in the stew? – Absolutely. That’s what we’re going to do. – Man. Excellent. – All of them in there? – Yeah. – Peppers crushed and
added to the brisket. It’s time to finish
making the tortillas. – That should be fine. Yeah. – There? – Yeah. That’s beautiful. Actually, you don’t
have to rotate it. It’s perfect. – Nah, look at that. – Yeah. You’ve [inaudible]. – Wow. That’s straight
into the skillet? – Yeah. And you’re going
to do one motion. Don’t toss it. Just gently– – Gently. – Love it. Make love to it. There you go. – Wow. The color of those things. As soon as you see the
edges start to cook a little bit, like that one– – Yes. – –I’d give it a flip. – Just flip it
with your fingers? – Yeah. Just ready to flip. – Tortillas finished. It’s time to taste the
fruits of our labor. [bleep] – Oh, my God. That is incredible. Wow. What a delicious combination. But it starts with the
base, the foundation of the Tex-Mex tortilla. Nothing is disintegrating. I was slightly nervous
about how thin it was. It’s so pliable. And the starchiness is absorbing
all that incredible flavor from the brisket. – Getting to grips with a
authentic tortilla, for me, makes that dish transform into
something even more delicious. I’d love to use these for
the one I’m gonna cook. – Absolutely. – Would you mind? – No, not at all. – You’re a star. – Thank you. – Thanks, bud. – Good luck. [music playing]
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