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Gordon Makes Smoked Fish Sausage | Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted

one day until chef James and I battle for the honor of
being deemed Yoopers, I’m off to meet a man
who’s famous for three words you don’t normally hear
together: Smoked fish sausages. Now sounds a bit mad doesn’t
it, smoked fish sausage? But if you’re a Yooper,
it’s a tradition. Hopefully, it’s a
secret that I can take with me to the final cook. Where in the hell does
this baby plug into? Captain Ron. Well, how are you doing, bud. I’ve been waiting for you. Oh, my goodness me. Yeah, you want to come
see what the Yoopers do? GORDON RAMSEY (VOICEOVER):
Captain Ron has made fish sausages since he was a boy. This week is about
becoming a Yooper? And they said you’ve
got the best smoked fish sausage anywhere in the UP. Yep, I’ll put it
up against anybody. Now, I could smell that smoke
sausage from down the road. Oh yeah, We get a lot of
people selling that up there. So this could be a key
ingredient for my final cook. Yep. Yeah, here we go, bud. Let’s go. They’re little babies. Oh, my Lord. Stop it. That’s a trout? That’s a lake trout. Captain Ron, that’s huge. Oh Yeah. You sure that’s trout? That’s lake trout right there. That’s incredible. Have you ever filleted a fish? 100,000 times, absolutely. OK, there’s your
good knife right there. I got you a good sharp on. Watch out. Yes, very carefully. You gotta take the
rib bones off there. Yep, right there see? [bleep] Man. Yeah, I don’t want that
going through the grinder because we don’t want to eat it. No. You gotta big bone there. See it? Man, you’re missing
nothing are you? There’s no flies on you– Oh no, I’ve been doing
it all my life, bud. Gotcha My one eye can
see better than you. [laughing] That one eye is a
powerful eye, man. I’m telling you very powerful. GORDON RAMSEY (VOICEOVER):
Fish filleted. Not bad for a troll. GORDON RAMSEY (VOICEOVER):
It’s time to start seeing how the sausage is made. OK. Now, we just gotta grind her. [grinder whirring] And then we got that. All right. Come on, get in there
you little prick. I swear a little
bit at it all time. You hear what he said? GORDON RAMSEY
(VOICEOVER): Turns out I’m not the only potty mouth
chef in this neck of the woods. I’m a clean nut, too. GORDON RAMSEY: We can’t
work on a dirty surface. [bleep] no. All right, now we can mix. I got secret ingredients
I can’t even tell you. I can tell you, but
I’d have to drown you. If I’m going to become a
Yooper, I need to know the se– Give me a few
secret ingredients. I got some salt in there. Salt. That’s not a secret. Smell that right now. Old Spice? Oh no. That’s [bleep] stuff. [laughing] Ginger? Nope. Curry powder? Nope. Nutmeg? Yep, there you go. So you gotta give a little oil. And mix it up with a hand? Well, no. I’ll get something– You
want [inaudible],, right? [interposing voices] I’ll mix it with my hand. You might have been pickin’
your ass, I don’t know. We can’t mix like that. My hands are clean. Captain Ron, look
at those hands. OK. Let ’em have it. Absolutely. GORDON RAMSEY (VOICEOVER):
Nutmeg and secret spices added. It’s time to start
the casing process. GORDON RAMSEY: Gotcha. CAPTAIN RON: That’s
probably good. This is where
the magic starts. Yeah, crank that baby. Ready. Oh, you’re going backwards. OK. Holy [bleep] now you
just went backwards. What the hell. It’s coming out. It’s coming. It’s coming. It’s coming. It’s coming. That see? Yes, see [inaudible]. That’s nice. See that’s far enough,
and you tie that. Yep, there you go. Then tie that nice. GORDON RAMSEY (VOICEOVER):
Casing complete, it’s time to put them into
the wood smoker, which is filled
with more of Captain Ron’s secret ingredients. Now what flavor is this? That’s just Captain
I’m too afraid to ask what Captain Ron’s flavoring is. So how long will
they smoke in there. That one’s maybe
like six hours, but I got something for
you in there right now. You got some ready? I got some ready for ya. Inside here? Inside their. [coughing] I know what that’s about, bud. Yeah, you always get smoke. If you want to be a Yooper,
you got to get in there, buddy. GORDON RAMSEY (VOICEOVER):
Having been immersed in Captain Ron’s
flavor, whatever that is, it’s time to taste
the fruits of our labor. I love– Look at how nice that is. –how juicy they are. Oh Yeah, That’ll
put hair on your nuts. [laughing] It will. That’s some good [bleep]. That’s lovely. See, and it won’t break
apart when you cut it either. Cook, may I take those three? Yes, you can. That was incredible. They said, it was the best. Having tasted it now– Yeah. –for me I think it’s
going to be a little secret weapon for the final cook. There you go. Sir, take care. Take care, bud. What a sausage. The spice is perfect. But after that smoke, the
flavor and the moisture inside– so it’s giving me ideas now. I don’t think James will
have that at his final cook.
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