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Good Time Abs Challenge

hey guys Cassey here welcome to my little apartment while I’m in London just set down my mat and we are going to do a crazy ab workout today there’s only two moves the hollow rock and the twisted leg out ring do it to one song thank you to everyone on Facebook and Twitter for telling me what’s all you should use and I really fell in love with this one I haven’t heard it before good time by Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen so I hope you really enjoy this get ready to get your core killed alright guys so let me show you the two moons before we get started so when there is a regular verse what we’re going to do is the hollow rock I want you to go ahead and lay all the way back go ahead and bring your hands together legs straight you want you to suck your belly button all the way into your spine so that there’s no hollow underneath your back there should be a hollow right here in your stomach so what you do is lift up like so kind of like the bottom of a boat you’re simply going to rock that’s why it is called the hollow Rock okay keeping your chin in nice and lifted long banana shape right here now when the chorus comes up you’re going to sit all the way on your tailbone okay I’m going to reach out to the side as our legs kick out and down when our knees come in okay so out and in and then I’ll alternate so that we can make sure to get your obliques in your transverse abdominals evenly throughout the workout you guys ready for this okay it’s going to be a tough one if your back hurts a little bit go ahead and place a second layer of cushion underneath so that it can protect your spine a little bit okay guys let’s do this I’m really excited okay so go ahead and lay now I love you as follows of scrimmage we lift up into banana longneck here we go let’s rock good to put the bottom of the boat use will arms behind you now point those toes just Rock right there on your boat back swoop I feel these how you doing oh we’re just going to the first verse right now so you’re waiting for that court March you oh yeah going there beautiful keep rocking it out oh yeah I know that oh and it’s so hot here this is all I see ready just up here we go reach it down with enthusiasm let’s go and down exhale reach and lower good job Oh written below ass beat good chant on the same side guys Creech Lord nice Rosa Munoz Delia hollow rocks here we go arms up reach out left right walnut my abs are going no but seriously it’s been a while since I found the blue that can really really kill me and these are legally challenging good boy book tone they’re ready lift up others guys reach and down who have somebody exhale and down reach so good until Beach nine huh and love keep your fin side rich and you’re good – hello rock it out let’s go back and lip nice oh good Wanda let that Chester will ask how are you doing haven’t stopped yet I hope not come on arms back look Jeff go ahead let them out in reach and come on extend the legs quite a quad in those lower abs speech good out other side reach and down squeeze it we’re all sure guys keep going pump of fingers Tycho’s toes reach you got it Chris good reach and bring it in yay good job oh man how did that feel that was actually extremely challenging for my ABS I kind of want to do that again don’t you go ahead and click that replay button now let me know becomes below what song you want to hear next for your abdominal challenge and also let me know how many times you can cycle through this workout before you completely die I love you guys so much and make sure to check out some of my other videos during my trip in London so you can click right here to see you my Branagh to London’s Tower Bridge is literally a running vlog and also check out my second channel Blogilates TV because there I’m answering all sorts of questions like how can we make your boobs bigger through working out and can you and what’s the best time of day to work out to burn fat all that kind of good stuff happening on a blah blah knees TV where I put that thought okay I’ll see you later and remember trail of these two look like a beauty all right let me see
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