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Girls & Co | Cara Morales – Burch And Anjali Shah | New Dolls Review – 4K

we would like to give a special thanks to girls and co for providing us with these dolls today on unbox daily we are taking a look at girls & Co dolls on their website it says that these are dolls for the next generation of leaders this is a doll and Story series centered around 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 characters who are described as being diverse ambitious and smart when I looked on their website I saw a current retail price of $88 each doll comes with a book stickers and a bracelet ooh I like that this book is called the brookey’s build a business and on the very first sentence it says on rainy days we get crafty so yeah I’m gonna have to read that and the stickers are pretty cute there is one for girl power we have some boxing gloves who runs the world girls hashtag no filter and I’m loving this little emoji all right on to the dolls we have two of the seven friends with us today and they both came in purple traveling cases there is a handle on the side a little window and a zipper on the side this is my first time seeing this doll I am very excited to hear this with all of you I can see what I think is a name on the card Cara this is one of the characters from the book and on the back there is some information about her she is the CEO of brookey’s bracelet also the bracelet came from so cute her birthday is in May she likes crap her favorite subject is social studies and her favorite food is breakfast sandwiches career goals entrepreneur that is awesome so let’s go ahead and remove Cara from the carrying case she comes wrapped in plastic so we have to remove that netting is used to protect the hair and she is ready to go that was a pretty easy unboxing what do you say we unbox the other one this is Anjali she is the prize designer for brookey’s bracelets her birthday is in April her hobbies are acting singing writing songs and playing the guitar I wish I did not play the guitar she is inspired by films that tell stories that often go untold and one day she hopes to act in movies or direct her own okay so let me get this straight she wants to own her own business and she wants to direct movies haha these girls have some awesome career goals both dolls are wearing a dress this one is a light cream color with gold metallic heart and here we have a black and white striped top with a colorful skirt the fabric has a little stretch and it velcros in the back they are wearing flat faux leather shoes with a little bow on the front they are about 18 inches tall can be balanced to stand on their own they have the basic five points articulation with movement at the head shoulder and hip and I really like their head movement because they can tilt their head from side to side they can look up and they can look down and being able to adjust the head like that really does give the doll a lot of personality yeah for the most part this is a vinyl doll with vinyl at the neck and around the collar however starting at the top of the ribs the rest of the torso is soft they have inset eyes that close when the doll is laying down and open when she is sitting up the hair is routed and it is a nice quality it is very soft [Music] and cheer quality is very important to me because if this is a doll that is going to be used for asses play then usually the hair is the first thing that starts to wear out so I appreciate it when the doll’s hair is good to go right out of the box I have a great idea does it involve Yoona hamsters what a Yuna hamster mythical creatures from the land of in champion that disguise themselves as everyday cancer or at least that’s what I’m writing in my new script well while we’re waiting for that to become the next best thing since Harry Potter what do you say we start a bracelet business what a great idea and we can add Yuna hamster charms I like your thinking and I think playing is so important whether you stick with the character storylines or create your own you can look for these dolls on their website we will put the links down below and we’ll see you tomorrow for another unbox daily and that’s our collections for now [Music] [Music]
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lEZ-3mYXdw

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