Gibbeting (Horrible Punishments In History)

this simple history episode is brought to you by world of warships jibbety gruesome execution methods in history the jibba twasn’t instrument used to perform public executions its usage can be traced back as early as classical antiquity jibba ting also known as hanging in chains is the method of leaving a body hanging after execution such as from the gallows or even after the victim was drawn and quartered however sometimes the victim was placed in the jibba alive and left to die jib eating can be seen very early in history as it is referred to in the Old Testament of the Bible the construction and style of the jib it was different depending on the region and period and usually made by a blacksmith and were quite expensive the jibba itself was a type of gallows with an arm projected from the top which was used to hang the bodies of criminals either after an execution or as a form of execution however what made gybing so different from other forms of hanging was that the criminal was hung using chains and then left until their body had completely decomposed the body was often left hanging until the victims clothes had rotted off their body a cage was made of iron and often connected to the wooden arm so that the body was preserved for as long as possible this was to extend the humiliation of the victims as the public viewed their bodies deterioration and rot moreover Tibbets were often located by major roadsides and other prominent locations criminals were left hanging on posts around 20 to 30 feet high in order to be seen far and wide they sometimes remained in place for decades jibing was most often used for traitors murderers highwayman pirates and sheep stealers and was used only on mail criminals it was intended to serve as a deterrent to others from committing similar offenses a famous example of jibba ting was when John Hutchins was convicted and condemned to death for the murder of a mr. John Sparkes in 1684 Hutchins was a prominent solicitor in early modern London while Sparks was just a waterman or according to the account of his execution Hutchins fell into lewdness in the botcher II becoming familiar with the company of prostitutes and ale houses the murder of John sparks occurred on a night he had been in the Ale House for many hours and had come outside to find several Waterman tormenting the local prostitutes Hutchins and sparks fell into a dispute and Hutchins after drawing his sword stabbed him through the torso in a violent and drunken rage while Hutchins did not confess to the murder of John sparks he confessed that he was a debauched person John Hutchins was convicted of murder and because he would not confess to his crime he was condemned to the shameful death of the jibin on December 17th 1680 for John Hutchins was hanged by the neck until dead and left on the jib it for less than an hour until his body was cut down and then buried an unheld-down due to his sinfulness pirates were sometimes executed by hanging on a jibba erected close to the sea or a river their bodies would be left dangling until they had been submerged by the tides three times in London execution dock is located on the north bank of the River Thames in Wapping after tidal immersion particularly notorious criminals bodies could be covered in tar and displayed in jibba cages a little further downstream at either cuckolds point now the location of pageant’s Crescent or Blackwall Point located at the tip of the Greenwich Peninsula such a fate befell Captain William Kidd in may 1701 whose corpse was left up for three years as a warning to other pirates of the possible consequences of their actions while jibba ting was an infrequent method of public execution prior to the 18th century it was in 1752 that the murder Act also known as the an act for better preventing the horrid crime of murder was passed in Great Britain making the practice more popular particularly the murder Act made post mortem punishments such as jibba ting customary as it was thought of as a form of collective retribution and vengeance against murderers so rather than being buried murderers were to be dissected or left hanging in Chains the murder Act was passed in 1752 due to the actions of the Hawkhurst gang the hawkers gang were a group of smugglers who during the 1740s committed frequent violent crimes throughout southeast England the crimes included smuggling tea and alcohol robbery and brutal murders one of the most notable crimes of the Hawkhurst gang was the murder of Richard Hawkins a farm labourer and someone they suspected of stealing their tea Hawkins was tortured too punched kicked and whipped to death then his body was weighted down with rocks and submerged in a local lake where it lay undiscovered for nine months when members of the Hawkhurst gang were finally caught 75 of them were imprisoned or hanged for their crimes and 14 of those were jibba ‘td due to the severity of their crimes the last use of the jibba in the United Kingdom occurred in 1832 almost 100 years after the murder Act was passed when – last Jib ‘its were made for William Jobling in Jarrow and shortly after James Cook and Lester it was outlawed in the United Kingdom in 1834 due to the barbarity of the Act there are 16 remaining Jib ‘its in England one of them still holds the skull of its unlucky occupant a big thank you to world of warships for sponsoring this episode world of warships is free to play and refer to as the thinking man’s action game because it’s the perfect balance of action and strategy you can command a massive naval fleet featuring some of history’s most iconic war vessels in this game you can unlock new ships and dominate the oceans with 30 million players worldwide experienced combat in weather effects that make engagements unique and change the tactics of battle the game is being updated constantly and soon to hit the seas our submarines these invisible hunters will have unique new mechanics with the best concealment subs we’ll be rolling out as a special game mode in late 2019 becoming fully integrated into normal gameplay in early 2020 which allows for a completely different form of fast-paced world of warships gameplay use our exclusive code below and get a free USS langley aircraft carrier which allows for a completely different form of fast-paced world of warships gameplay click the link below to play world of warships and collect an exclusive bonus starter pack new players can register with the code play Langley 2019 to receive three hundreds of balloons 1 million credits the USS langley aircraft carrier 3 days premium time and more
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