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Giant Gummy Pumpkin: Can You Eat It All At Once?

in today’s video we’re going to try and take a full-size pumpkin and turn it into something of a Halloween treat we want a gummy pumpkin [Music] guys if you haven’t checked out our shop lately you are missing out we have a handful of old project build kits up for sale including cool builds like a micro crossbow this crossbow is simple to make and can fire things like matches and sparklers to over 30 feet away the kit has everything you need cut and ready to assemble so you don’t need to spend time going to the store to get everything you need so go ahead and hit the link in the description to check out the kits guys we’ve got a pumpkin and we’re gonna do something similar to stuff we’ve done before but I think this is the largest scale we’ve ever done it we have in the past made lots of different gummy and chocolate candies things like that we’ve even done different types of fruits we did coconuts we did limes but those were all us casting in the bodies of troops themselves this time we just want to cast the entire thing here’s the basic idea we have a nice Halloween pumpkin and we’re gonna try to take a mold of it and then cast it in gummy candy that should give us a gummy candy that weighs probably at least 10 to 15 pounds so we’ve got a pumpkin I tried to pick a good one that’s approximately you know a little bigger than a person’s head but not really so about the size of a person’s head I didn’t want it to be like huge but I wanted to do pretty good size and I wanted kind of a taller pumpkin than a wider pumpkin because if we succeed in casting this in gummi I suspect it’s going to smoosh itself a little under its own weight and that’ll give us more of a round spherical pumpkin yes its motion so we’ve got some silicone rubber and we are going to try to make a custom mold of this pumpkin so that what we cast is exactly the same as a real pumpkin so for this what we’re gonna be doing is something called a glove cast now there’s different ways that you can cast in silicone a lot of times what Nate and I used to do at a sculpting studio we worked at so when you’re casting clay and you’re trying to make a mold of something you normally will take metal or plastic sheets you can call them shims you use a escape barriers basically where you can then separate the silicone after it’s done drying and then cast it in plaster well for this we want to make it a little bit more simple we’re gonna have a single mold which is called a glove cast which then you’re able to peel off and hopefully have it survive the process so that we can pour something into it what we’re done so we have 150 ounces of silicone and this is kick so this is gonna be what allows us to actually have this cast solidify so that we can pour gummy into it later when we’re casting the pumpkin we’re going to want to make sure that we get the stem we think that’s a good point to be sure is attached so we’re actually going to cast it upside down when we get to that point which means when we make the mold part of it is not going to be completely covered and that’s okay and it makes our job easy in fact so this right here is just sort of a stand I threw together it’s a piece of PVC some tape around it and we’re going to take our pumpkin and we’re actually going to try and smash it down on to the PVC pipe and we want it to just something that’s gonna hold it really well in place the tape is just there in case the pumpkin like slides too far like if it pierces all the way through the pumpkin if it ends up all the way you know if it ends up touching the base here what’s gonna end up happening is the pumpkin may touch the base and then there won’t be any silicone there so we’re not gonna get a good cat there’s no advantage if we were gonna do it like that we were just set it on the counter all right so we are at twelve point nine ounces basically thirteen ounces so he’s gonna use one point three ounces at catalyst so the catalyst that we’re using today is kind of a middle ground as far as kick time goes when I say kick I mean when it starts to solidify the mixture that we’re using it should kick in about ten to fifteen minutes you’ll also notice that we’re not wearing about the counter at all we’re just sort of gonna let this drip and it’s gonna drip all over the place oh whatever once silicone solidifies we’re not gonna have any problems it’ll peel right off yes so what we’re gonna do right now is sort of let gravity do a lot of this work so that we don’t get bubbles if we let it sort of drip down as it goes bubbles have less of a chance to perform all right now we’re gonna give this 15 to 30 minutes we’ll just come touch the spilled spots and see how it’s doing once it’s at least mostly cured maybe not even all the way cured and we’ll just do another layer and we’ll probably try and get up to or maybe even four layers we’ve got several layers with it three or four layers of silicone at least three very thick layers and that should be enough for our single use casting in gelatin now we’re going to do is put a shell on it we’re going to be using plaster of Paris and this is little bundles of hemp that’s just been made into these sort of bird nest things and this does a really good job of holding the plaster in thick layers so we’ll apply a very thin layer of plaster everywhere and then we’ll soak these in plaster and just stick them on and that will help build a really big solid shell probably bigger and more solid than we need to we might stretch them out to get it a little thinner the reason that we use these is because it helps reduce the weight of the plaster if we just did a full plaster casing it’s going to be like trying to pick up a boulder so by putting these in it it actually helps add strength as well as making the whole thing a little bit lighter both sides are mostly scared yeah we could probably leave them overnight if we wanted to get really hard but I don’t think there’s gonna be eat that much resistance to popping them up so we’re gonna try and go around and carefully pull these off and then we’re going to cut the actual pumpkin out of the silicone mold as well yeah I can’t I wish I’d bleeding yeah one side is probably moving more than the other but they’re just sort of splitting particles hard to see maybe they’re both there you go seems like halfway off as well yep oh yeah leave that nice how these just go together pretty well yep clamp closed up all right get a razor blade and we’re going to cut this open not very far because this is a glove Mobe we didn’t put any keys or registration marks in it so we don’t want to cut it too far I’m gonna be going back and forth like this just a little bit like a lazy river and that will just help us line everything up and we’re trying to cast into it all right there you go did office town that’s gonna be the grittiest part but it came off great that’s excellent oh yeah that was no longer happy about what we were doing to it the insides have basically just condensed we can throw that pumpkin away because it’s been sitting carved into for a while and we didn’t take out any of the guts or anything it’s probably not super happy about all that pouring a liquid into it we’ll put these together this will be inside then it smoothes before the liquid in even if this is a little bit collapse gonna be okay the liquids gonna smooth everything out so because this is not a super stiff silicone mold is it is going to try and collapse a little bit but hopefully when it’s standing up it’ll hold its shape pretty well we’re gonna make like two gallons of jell-o now or gummy candy [Music] all right we have our that here of cool water with corn syrup gelatin and jello in it now we are going to turn the heat on this whole time we’ve been using cool water that’s how you get the gelatin to mix in properly if you add it directly to hot water it won’t absorb the water correctly and it will just you’ll end up with lumps and weird bubbles so we’re gonna add low to medium heat and just keep stirring until all of this goes clear at that point it should be ready to pour into our pumpkin mold it’s gonna take a little bit of stirring I don’t want to try and just pour it from the pot in because there’s no way that would go well and we would end up pouring hot jello everywhere I’m sure of it so oh I’m honestly thinking one cup at a time just pouring it in on top [Music] time to D mold this thing we did run into a couple issues it leaked a little bit out in the mold and it just poured down into the bucket which is why we like it even escaped out the side of a piece of plaster we just made a little bit more and filled it back up so there may be like a dividing line or maybe it like melted this will be hard to see we can clean it up though we can fillet some edges off okay side one okay oh oh my gosh look at that blabbity blabbity blabbity blood inside well covered in leaking jello roll out blob pumpkin so remember how I said I picked a kind of vertical pumpkin because I thought it was gonna flatten out I think we’re gonna end up with like a wide short pumpkin and hopefully it holds itself together and doesn’t just like split under its own weight this is by far the most gummy candy we’ve had in one piece Eric yep thanks out not over 15 pounds all right so now we see how well silicone comes off of gelatin the stem has all sorts of undercuts bits there we go that’s still so much better than I thought it was gonna be roll it out this way look a little gummy pumpkin oh I’m so happy about this the normal method of carving a pumpkin of course would be to cut open the lid carve cut out what becomes a lid screw bout the insides we have a giant crack on one side of our pumpkin and our insides are all that’s holding it up so if we scoop them out we would just have an empty shell collapsed on the counter do you think we can just carve right into it and come up with something that looks like a face yeah scoop out like a couple of eyes perfect that split is spreading yeah pumpkin the pumpkin is slowly collapsing under his own insane weight but look he’s so happy about it you should karate chop it I should karate chop I there’s no good reason for me to do that but now I have kids yeah just miss the stem cuz they’re gonna get green all over your hand three two one tompas pumpkin ever this is exactly what pumpkins aspired to it’s a very happy pumpkin that is the largest blob jell-o jell-o I’ve held at once no all right that was glorious we did it happy Halloween guys took a couple of days to make and a couple of minutes to destroy but in the resulting time we had the first full-size gummy pumpkin that I’ve ever seen and I did check guys they did not have pumpkin flavored jello did your pumpkin do this because my pumpkin does this and I’ve never been quite so happy about a pumpkin before guys that’s not all we’ve always got more for you see hit that box up at the top to check out our most recent video and we’ll see you in the next one talk to them [Music]
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