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now i know what you’re thinking how many did you have to smoke to consider using coffee cups as a counterweight to hold your taco shell in place one but it was a big one this was so special i even flew in salt bay for five thousand bucks just to sprinkle a little bit of kefir and then he wrapped it in gold it’s not a pizza taco it’s not a taco pizza a taco pizza would be like taco meat on top of a pizza a pizza taco would be like pizza filling inside of a taco this is a taco made with a pizza you know what i’m saying so execution know we’re making a big-ass taco and we’re putting in a pizza you know what like last week’s episode you said that was one of the best meals we had in the last four months yeah like i took leftovers home marlon took leftovers so now you’re gonna i think it’s gonna be a scrap all fight for everyone’s gonna hear that i’ve been up for the last like a thousand weeks and the mirror just decided he likes when he makes them taste good [Music] he’s like oh yeah actually tasted good i thought about it another one that tastes good how’s that sound hey you boys want to taste the epic meal two in a week you’re lucky i want you guys to go over to grab yourself a t-shirt uh let me know if you want the original gamer shirt design back in there and grab something for your dad he loves his youtube channel so we’re at the point of our build we got our pizza taco crust right here let me ask you a question have you seen piranha have you seen piranha too you see this right here this is piranha three piranha 3d no no no that already exists oh piranha 3d already exists we have you seen piranha 3d oh you haven’t seen piranha 3d you got to watch the piranha trilogy you’ll better understand this epic meal we got a big-ass pizza we made an error though we didn’t get the pizza uncut we got the pizza cut so we got this big-ass doughy hanging cheese pizza plain pizza do they deserve it i don’t know you guys deserve it you guys hit the thumbs up button did you subscribe i don’t know they deserve it okay hit the thumbs up button hold on a minute okay he hit it okay let’s go wow it’s a heavy beast i need some help harley we don’t want you to burn so i’m going to remove the cups fast i’m crazy oh hurry go i don’t know what you’re doing now we need to do something like this hell yeah shout out to lynchburg now look at this we got this big-ass taco and a pizza and now we are going to literally dress it like a taco number like 10 years ago we were like solid salad you guys you guys love those episodes but i had a drinking problem and that was [ __ ] up that you all enabled it and now look what we got we got lettuce out here you know why because i’m a grown ass man i like lettuce in my taco bro i like fresh tomatoes too onions since day one from the jump never had a problem with onions hey a little bit of this a little bit of that am i right we’re taking the thumbnail picture right now you’re recording yeah come around here guys come see our legs i feel my leg hairs touching his legs hold it up to her mouth we could share it like wives and our husbands aren’t watching they got a clean cut see let’s see what we got i don’t know if the camera’s capturing just how big that is no but look the pizza allows foldability oh that’s cool man they call it a chip oh lucky tasty taco and tasty pizza both of them hitting me at the same time right now the dogs are going crazy too yeah smell the taco tonight that’s delicious this taco and a pizza will suck your belly’s dick my boy adam sheriff said that once about a meal and i was like i’m gonna save that for one epic meal that sucks my belly’s dick this meal right here sucks my belly’s dick assembly sharks dick shark dick shark neck why are my hands soaking wet [Music] my parents made that decision i guess i don’t know or it’s a religion too i had something to say what was i gonna say after coming here to say something and then you were like talking about your day
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