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Gentle Yoga To Feel Your Best | Yoga For Tight Lower Body & Back (No Hands!)

those true love is kind the ways we out of time welcome to our blissful no hands yoga practice today is going to be a quick energizing and stress release in yoga class that will focus on movement and postures that do not require any weight bearing on your hands or wrists whether you’re recovering from an injury or looking for a creative yoga practice to strengthen your sense of balance and coordination this is a great all levels practice that will get you feeling connected and ready to take on the day so if you’re ready to get started grab your mat and let’s begin [Music] [Music] alright friends let’s get started today seated at the back of your mat with your knees on your feet together go ahead and simply allow your arms to rest next to the side of your body closing your eyes and just taking this moment to reconnect with ourselves with our breath inhale reaching the arms back and exhale allowing yourself to come all the way down into Child’s Pose your arms next to the side of your body giving yourself permission to just stay here for a moment feeling this gentle release in your back taking this opportunity right now to send intention for your practice to give ourselves this moment this time to connect deeper with that energy within us let’s slowly come on up to your knees reaching both arms up to the sky and then stepping your left foot forward hands come into prayer in front of your chest holding the slow lunge position making sure the front knees on top of your ankle really opening through the upper body let’s take an inhale and extend both of your arms out to the side like you’re pressing away from you and then slowly turn the palms in and bring the arms forward hands to your heart and again pressing away from your body flexing those wrists bring it forward and to the heart continuing to stay in that low lunge good stay here deep breath in exhale now both hands simply coming over to the knee go ahead and just open up your chest allowing your hips to slowly begin to sink closer towards the ground stretching out your hip flexor you’re so ass good another deep breath in on your exhalation let’s go ahead and tuck your back toes under and lift the back knee off the mat transitioning into our Crescent lunge interlacing the fingers behind your back extend the back elbows and open the chest and then bring the chest down towards the knee come back up open the chest a nice gentle movement exhale chest to the knee as you come down with your body arms come up and one more time open up through the heart open yourself up exhale chest towards the front knee let’s just take two breaths here as we hold this posture finding that Center and breath feeling that stretch in the shoulders [Music] beautiful now slowly lift the body back up holding that high lunge deep breath in exhale now you’re going to transfer all of your weight towards that front foot and bring the back knee towards your chest so deep breath in and exhale transfer forward bring that right knee up and just circle out that right ankle stay with that balance core is strong and engaged and then step that right foot to the middle of your mat extending the back knee both heels are grounded then exhale just simply grab the opposite elbows behind your back open up the chest let’s come down about halfway first into our pyramid now if you have tight hamstrings this might be where you want to stop and just continue to breathe keeping the hips as square as possible so you’re really feeling that deeper lease through that left hamstring however if you’d like to go even deeper you can begin to release the chest all the way down so chest coming over top of that left thigh or head down towards your shin try to stay in that balance keep pulling the left hip back so whatever leg is forward that’s the hip you want to think of pulling back and the other hip you want to push it forward so that visualization of the pole in the push of the hips allows you to really maintain that square position in the hips and the shoulders just breathing here with each exhalation allowing yourself to let go deeper and deeper into this posture good inhale through your nose exhale slowly lift your chest up now come on up bending the front knee arms reach back up into our warrior one fear of a draw so no one hold it here just allow yourself to go a little deeper and then bring that right knee back up towards your chest this time grabbing your knee with both hands feel free to roll out that ankle again if you need to and then see here if you can just pass that knee to your right hand and open the knee to the side continuing to keep both of your hips facing the front of your mat your core is strong and then from here we’re gonna take our tree so grab that right ankle and place the foot along the inside of your left inner thigh then once you’ve found your balance extending both arms up to the sky hold and find that grounding Center and balance now you always want to make sure that the foot comes either above or below the knee meaning if you’re unable to place that heel up that high along your inner thigh then you can come all the way down and just place it along your shin just make sure you’re not pressing into the knee itself good bring your hands back to your heart keep holding that balance focusing on a place in front of you and then bring that knee in and place it back down beautiful now let’s reach both arms up to the sky and exhale diving all the way down into our standing forward fold inhale slide your hands along the shins halfway exhale placing the hands behind your knees or your ankles and come on down into our standing forward fold holding this time breathing deeply with each exhalation you’re trying to get that chest to come over top of your thighs if you’re feeling restriction in the hamstrings you’re gonna keep your knees slightly bent and make sure you’re folding from your hips we do not want to fold from our lower back beautiful so just breathe again this is an opportunity for us to reconnect with the breath reconnect with that energy within us that presence if you begin to feel your mind starting to go elsewhere allow the breath to bring you back to this moment right now let’s slowly release come back up to standing reaching both arms up to the sky and exhale bring your hands back down forward fold inhale just come up halfway exhale bend your knees and then step one knee down and then the other knee down open up the chest and then release into that child’s pose good resting the arms next to the side of your body just like we started or head down your upper body’s relaxed taking again that opportunity to take that big breath in exhaling letting all that tension melt out of your body inhale slowly come up to your knees open up that heart up to the sky exhale this time step your right foot to the front of your mat low lunge if you already did your right foot make sure you’re doing your left so we want to do the other side inhale and exhale hands come to heart finding that Center inhale again this time we’re gonna press your hands away from the body flexing the wrist exhale bring the arms forward hands to heart and again inhale open press away exhale reach and hands to heart beautiful just find that moment and extend and push reach and bring it to heart great it’s finding that low lunge feel free to release your hands to your front knee if need be allowing that so as that left hip flexor to release as you come down closer to the floor with your hips take that deep inhalation through the nose exhale let all the tension heaviness go out of your body inhale again exhale let it go from here make sure you’re finding that Center with your upper body take the arms down tuck your back toes and then lift your back knee off the mat transitioning into our high lunge interlace your fingers behind your back extending the elbows open up that chest deep breath in exhale chest comes down towards that front knee arms up inhale again follow your breath open so we’re connecting movement and breath as one motion exhale bring it forward inhale lift up open that heart up to the sky exhale chest down let’s hold here a little bit longer now keeping the hips square your shoulders are square your arms are reaching up to the sky feeling that nice stretch through the upper body take one more deep breath in and then on your exhalation slowly you’re going to allow the arms to guide you back up and your heart reaching up to the sky great now from here we’re going to transition to that front foot bring that left knee up towards the chest roll that ankle one two three or great job and then you’re gonna step that left foot to about the middle of your mat extending the front knee open up that heart grab the opposite elbows behind your back hips and shoulders are square come back over to halfway let’s just stay here for a moment really think of a long getting the spine like you’re trying to reach the front of your mat through the crown of your head or your forehead good now this might be as far as you go today otherwise see you can go even lower maintaining that balance by keeping the arms behind your back this time pulling your right hip back and pushing the left hip forward again try to maintain that square position with your hips and your shoulders with each exhalation you’re allowing your forehead to come as close to that chin or knee as possible just keep breathing just staying with your breath allowing yourself to go a little bit deeper with each exhalation inhale exhale beautiful now let’s slowly release as you come up Bend that front knee coming into our veer of a draw so no one warrior one arms up good just find that balance inhale make sure that back heel stays grounded exhale bring that left knee towards your chest grab that knee just hold here for a moment feel free to roll out that ankle again if that feels good and then pass the need to your left hand and let’s open the knee to the side other hand comes onto your hip finding that Center and grounding through that bottom leg keep the core engaged and strong from here coming into our tree so place the foot to the inside of your right inner thigh once you found that balance your arms extend into our tree once again if that is too difficult for you to keep that foot that high you can always take it down and rest it along the inside of your calf muscle good just find that Center find out focus that balance that strength that power through your legs bring your hands to heart take another deep breath in and as you exhale you are slowly going to release your foot all the way back down let’s take an inhale reach both arms up to the sky exhale bend your knees dive it all the way down inhale halfway lengthen slide those hands on your shins exhale let’s take our standing forward fold this time see if you can grab your big toes with your two fingers and start to take your body even closer towards those thighs again of reaching the toes is not possible for you today that’s totally fine you could reach the back of your knees if you need to or even grab your ankles wherever you are just find the stillness find this peace within yourself inhaling deeply into your nose and exhaling it all out as you allow yourself to go deeper and deeper into this posture feeling that release through the hamstrings through the calf muscles inhale now exhale let go and slowly come on up to standing reaching both arms up to the sky exhale come back down onto your knees bringing that forehead down to the floor as you reach the arms behind you and then slowly come on up to seated as the arms reach up to the sky exhale one hand to your chest one to the belly inhale belly ribs chest exhale chest ribs and belly continuing with our three-part breath belly ribs chest exhale let that air go chest ribs belly follow this gentle movement belly ribs chest exhale chest ribs and belly you can stay here and continue to do this three-part breath as long as you like or if you’re ready go ahead and reach both arms up to the sky and exhale bring your hands over towards your heart and just keeping your eyes closed and taking this opportunity right now to think yourself or your beautiful and gentle practice today thank you so much for joining me on the mat I send you my love and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day namaste thanks so much for watching if you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to click that subscribe button to make sure you’re staying up-to-date on all of our new yoga and fitness videos thank you again and we’ll see you soon [Music]
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