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Gennaro’s Zesty Orange Rice Cake

hello lovely future people i’m gonna go a little bit sweaty now i love sweet it’s such a joy sweet is good i’m gonna make a torta di riso orange rice cake you will love it so simple to make look i’m sitting so relaxed in this place we start with the milk which is bubbling away nicely simmer it vanilla pods straight in and always give a little bit of stir sugar oh yes fantastic let’s not forget the rice this is risottorize if you want to know how to make the perfect torisoto bianco click on the link now i keep staring i said what you want to do amalfi lemons one two three and keep stirring it fantastic it started boiling turn it down turn it down because you have to simmer it keep stir it until the rice is cooked so five of eggs separate it i split the yolk from the white of egg again another one in so simple clear your ends orange liquor very sweet i’m gonna use about three top one two and three simple mix it make sure you clean it before you go into the white and here we go and mix it so simple yes now to see if he’s ready yes it stays you thought i was gonna drop it now you had another chance right the rise it will come like this it’s cool down now you get a vanilla pot and make sure you squeeze everything there is raising olive zest of orange or whole orange when you finish it don’t forget you can eat the orange you don’t chuck them away ah come on oh yes mix in sorry you have to mix in properly okay let’s do it now you fold it the world folding is not just squashing around folding folding fold this is what will give it the lightness this is ready oh yes don’t go i forgot to remove the lemons there’s supposed to be three of those so a cake tint which you inside regulates with a little bit butter you cut oven proof paper inside you may just make sure it’s quite high on the side slowly pick him up i remember when mum she used to make this price cake i always went there with a finger bag now it is all done look how wonderful you’ve got the lovely bubbling ready to be cooked you put me in the oven for about an hour a good one which i’ve done early on has somebody sabotaged chocolate no it is not the chocolate it is when you’re actually cooking the top always almost caramelized that is not for caramelized do you know what it is a pure love now last but not the least icing sugar yes beautiful orange little lips and this is orange rice cake torta bless the person taught me how to do it she’s in paradise and today i will share slice of cake with her memory memory memory it is so delicious but my mother made it better why does your mom always do better bless you food chewed people please to make this cake you will enjoy if you like this video go to my own youtube channel for lots more of a lovely recipe click the link now subscribe it is free love you
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