FUNNIEST Bloopers 2018! | Wednesday Checkup

– Difficulty urinating. Dribbling of urine. Excess urination at night. (instrumental music) One of the longest running
heart studies out there the fragimin… Framingham Heart Study. Framingham. Framingham Heart Study. Framingham. You gotta frame the ham. The Framingham Heart Study, that’s what it’s named, (sighs) Oh boy, the beginning was so smooth, too. Why can’t I say Framingham? Say it. – [Director] Framingham. – Why can you say it and I can’t say it? What do you think B.O. is? – I don’t know. – It’s bacteria farts. – Yum. – Generally when people
are running in the gym, they don’t smell bad. But when you’re stressed (crashing noise) – You’re fired. – Kids are taking cocoa powder that they buy from Amazon, and they snort it to get high. – Why are the getting it online? Why don’t they just go to Ralph’s? – I don’t know where Ralph’s is? – Word. East coast. Before we go, can you tell me what blood pressure is? – We have to talk about
childhood epilepsy, because that’s where the Keto diet actually got its roots. Found its roots. Began its roots? Itchy nose syndrome. I don’t know how to do these. Do I do it the whole time? I said Keto flu. The Keto flu. (laughing) Settle down there. Is it weird that he just pops into frame? So I’ll pop out from here? Ohhh, I think I just ripped my pants. Oh no, I broke my belt. Do you spend the beginning of your nights laying in bed… Is it laying in bed or lying in bed? Think about those red-billed ox peckers. Do you mind? It’s a probiotic thing, so this is actually, maybe you have good
bacteria in your mouth. Is this moderate intensity? (laughing) Is this moderate intens…. (laughing) Is this…. (laughing) I can’t do it. Is this moderate intensity? Is this moderate intensity? Ohhhh. I’m like running out
of air for some reason. It’s weird. Had higher BMI, worse self-rated health, and ahhh. Gettin’ that cotton mouth. I even kayaked with… (shriek) It needs it to continue
functioning optimally, and to mature when
you’re in your younger… Now as you can imagine (crashing noise) My gentsa (dog breathing heavily) I don’t know what that was. Oh. Use a dog vacc, what is this thing called? (beeping) – [Alarm] Fire. Fire. – No, it’s not a fire. Shhh. Where we celebrate nurses
for all the important roles that they play in taking care of your health, my health, and to make
sure that we doctors stick in line. That’s not the right terminology. Bear, I love you, but right now you can’t do that. Passive procrastinators are paralyzed by their indecisiveness, and allllallll… Passive procrastinators are paralyzed… The great courses plus dot com, slash Dr. Mike, that’s D… D… With great procrastination, comes great productivity. – [Director] You mean with
great response, (bleep) – What’s your family history? Do you have any allergies? What’s your social history? What’s your problem? Those are the most important questions to ask your doctor, to get
the most out of your… I say most twice. And speaking of questions, I love it when you ask me questions, so leave your questions
down below in the… I say questions like 300 times. Side effects: are these in frame? – [Director] A little higher. Yeah. – The cow goes moo. Misophonia. (Sneezes) And a… a man who sneezes. I’m allergic to something. Yeah, Cora you should a… Yeah Cora, I didn’t move my chair did I? (chair squeaking) This sound isn’t annoying. I do know a little thing about nutrition. A little thing about nutrition… Let’s break down each one. Bee boop. How does that become anything, Go to, I’m saying a lot of slashes, I don’t… By downloading your first audio bl-bl – [Director] Audiable – Audiable book? Go to Last try. If it doesn’t
work it doesn’t work. I even listen to audiobooks on the gym. On the gym. What does that mean, on the gym? I sit on top of the gym and I read my… Intermittent fasting. Kind of ate the word intermittent. It was like borderline. Our bodies have adapted to this sort of fasting period, because of m… throughout
the millennia, ahhh. What would I tell a random patient walking through my door, to do one. Of these. Things. Yeah. Exercise. (sigh) we would boost the economy by 160 billion dollars, and create 1.2 billion million jobs. I messed that up. We would get 121 billion dollars
in business profit booms. Doctor, YouTuber, TV host,
exotic bird photographer, professional sandwich technician? There’s really no such thing as a cure-all in medicine. Why do I feel like I’m
saying cure-all weird? And too much of some things, is worse than other things. What do I mean by that? Go (bleep) figure. Rhabdomyolysis, early onset… (whistle blows) But this is a video about health benefits, no points awarded.
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