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[MUSIC PLAYING] Gonna be prepared. All right, let me tell
you about the house real quick before we go inside. It’s a three bedroom, two bath. It’s a little bit above
1,100 square feet. The seller is
asking for $100,000. I did run the comps. They’re actually decent. Depending on the work
here, they’re about 5:30. OK, let’s check it out. You see the lockbox? No, where did they say it was? Let me see. He text me. Enter the house through
the garage door. The keys to the front
door are in the piano. Why would somebody put
the keys of the piano? I don’t know. Ew, what’s going on in there? There’s no piano in there. This is dirty. What the heck is– why is there
a wall between the garage? You can’t even park in here. Oh, the garage goes deeper. Look at this. They even put a real door. Oh my god, I feel
like all the walls are going to come caving in. Maybe this is just open. Oh. Oh god. [DEEP BREATHING] Oh my god, that’s
not even funny. Holy– Oh. It’s almost as bad
as the turkey house. I’m honestly going to throw up. Oh, my god. Oh. Small kitchen, I already
know you’re going to want to remove the wall. And it’s going to be load
bearing, so figure 5 grand. Oh, it’s getting worse. Ew, what is that? What are these? I mean if you look
at this house, there’s just
nastiness everywhere, where there’s like poop. There’s like cat litter. And then fur and fleas. But honestly, it’s not the look. It’s the smell. It is disgusting. Rancid. Oh, there’s the piano. Are the keys in it? Ew, the carpet is so gross. Why would they put the
house keys in the piano that’s inside the house? The smell is worse over here. Let’s get some air
flowing through here. Oh, oh, Ew.
I’m out. Open the door. Oh, I can’t. There’s like 19 keys. Come here.
Which one? Why are there so many keys?
Pick one. I don’t know. It’s not that one. Keep going. You can’t throw the keys. It’s not our house.
Keep going. It’s not opening. I’m eating hot and sweaty. Finally.
Oh. Took you long enough. Ah, don’t touch me
with that stuff. [LAUGHTER] Just get out.
It smells. I can’t get out. I’m not kidding. [GAGGING] Oh, my god. The cat houses are always
bad because there’s just like so much urine
and odor, and ugh– the second you see one
of the scratcher things, you know it’s over. And you know what I’m getting
her for Christmas, right? Such a sweetie. I know I am. OK, well I’m about to put
the suit back on, but– Are you really putting that on? Come on. I’m honestly too hot. But I am putting these on. Let’s go. Come on, we have a job to do. Oh, you could smell it. Oh. Man, I think you like it. Yeah, I do. I’m enjoying this actually
because you hate it. Oh. It’s making it that
much better for me. Fun. Oh. Oh. It doesn’t look that bad. That doesn’t look that
bad, look at the ceiling. That’s like a new species
up there that’s growing. Anyways, in here
what do you think? 7,000? Yeah. This house smells so bad. We have to do something
to get rid of it. Right, plus it’s a tiny house. We still have to remove
the kitchen wall. And then we have
the two bathrooms we have to completely gut. And because it is
small, we have to figure out how to make it
light and bright so at least it appears bigger. Well, maybe there’s a way
that we can make the bathrooms bigger themselves. [MUSIC PLAYING] What do you think? How much is it going to run? As of right now, you guys
are looking at 75 grand. 75? Yeah. I don’t know. I feel like 400,000 for this
house might be too much. We can come in at 370,
see if he counters. I think 370 might just like
freak him out a little bit, so maybe 380, best and final. OK, so if we pay 380
after closing costs, we’re going to have a break
even of about $480,000. Yes. If we sold for
530, it’s still 50. I mean, it’s not a huge profit. There’s a lot of risk with this
house because of the market. I don’t mind walking
away from this one. So just stick with 380. Just because you said that,
I want to buy this house. Perfect, all right,
keep me posted. [MUSIC PLAYING] With all the issues with this
house and that nasty cat smell, we were able to get the seller
to accept our offer at 380,000. But because the comps
are in the 530 range, the margin’s probably
going to be pretty slim. So we have to be careful
and keep the cost down. [MUSIC PLAYING] Ew, that is nasty. Doesn’t– Looks good, flat panel
cabinets in here. Hey, what do you think? Hi, gosh what a transformation. Yeah, I mean, it’s a bit white. But once we get the floor
and the backsplash in, it’ll bring a lot of color in. Plus we still need to paint. You guys? What? Everything is gone. What do you mean, gone? My tools are gone. There was laminate here. The tile was here. Ah, god. Dude. Oh. Somebody busted the lock off. So that means– We got jacked. That’s what it means. It means that we just
lost thousands of dollars. It’s very violating when someone
comes in and steals your stuff. And, unfortunately,
that’s just the risk you take when we’re
flipping because it’s just a target for thieves. They know that no
one lives there. And, unfortunately,
it’s something that’s happened fairly often to us. All right, so there’s
nothing we can do. They took all the materials. So we have to buy
new material now. [SIGH] Those beautiful laminate
floors and that cool backsplash that we got such a
deal on are getting reordered and delivered,
so much for saving money. [MUSIC PLAYING] First, let’s talk shower walls. One, we could do that entire
wall with this design, and the rest like
a 12 by 24 white. Or we can do this design,
lay them in the pattern, multiple colors. This would look killer. Cool. And I was thinking we do white
cabinets, black counters. That’s going to look killer. That’s going to be amazing.
OK. Cool? Yep. [MUSIC PLAYING] What the heck is this thing? Why is it so small? There’s no room. And why– what’s up
with this side thing? Like– There’s no room. What do you mean? Why couldn’t this
have been bigger? It looks like a
bathroom on an airplane. There’s not even a spot
to put like towels. We could put storage
cabinets up top, but that’s– Storage cabinet–
you need a mirror. And then how about over there? OK. Shelves or storage? Shelves. What happened? Didn’t you
communicate with Jeff? Well, there’s nothing
we could have done. There’s no space. This could potentially
affect the sales price. Do you think houses in this
area have bathrooms that have vanities that are this tiny? I almost feel like we need to
go look at a comp in the area and see what their
bathrooms look like. I mean, I guess we
don’t have a choice. [MUSIC PLAYING] Here it is. This is about two
miles from our house. It’s the closest
comp I can find. So ours is a three bedroom,
two bath, 1120 square feet. This one is a three bedroom,
two bath, 1118 square feet. They’re asking 465,000. Based on this, what do you
want to list our house out? 574,900. It’s a lot higher than this one. I mean, is our house
worth $100,000 more? I think so. Our design, way nicer,
attention to detail, way better, we actually redid the
backyard way better. Our house is brand new. It’s super nice.
We’re going to get it staged. It’s going to show way
better than this house, better location. It’s worth a shot. [MUSIC PLAYING] I like it. [MUSIC PLAYING] It’s definitely come a long way. Love this. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, that looks awesome. Wow, the staging looks great. I still can’t believe
when this house was built, they had a wall here. It looks so much better. Love the backsplash. It’s my favorite part. I like how we wrapped
it around the window. We did get jacked, remember? Yeah. But the house looks great. It does. It looks beautiful. Let’s check out the backyard. That’s a lot of mulch. Did you tell Jeff to just
mulch the whole yard? I think it looks nice. Yeah, it looks a lot better. All right, our
bathroom situation– It looks better
now that it’s done. It does look better. It’s a little odd. But, I mean, compared to
the other comp we saw, I still think we’re nicer. I love how that shower
wall turned out. The design looks beautiful. It works for our kids
room or an office. And this bedroom is
bigger than the other one. Mhm. So the master is a good size. I love how they staged the
scene there with the pillows. It makes it look so
warm and welcoming. Adding the shelves there
was such a good idea. It almost like– you don’t
even look at the sink because your eyes
are drawn to those. Thankfully, we were able
to expand the shower. It’s so nice. All right, here we go. [MUSIC PLAYING] I like the color of the house. Cabinets are very cool,
got the nice flat finish. Beautiful, beautiful man. The house showed great. But as expected, we
did get mixed reviews on the bathroom vanities. It’s a little small. But I think it’s good for
like a starting family. Got the faucet on the side. That’s very unique, custom. In the end, after about
a month on the market, we received an offer
at 570,000, which is right under the asking price. And we accepted.
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pw2adoegt4

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