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[Music] what about halloween on this street oh that’s crazy this feels like halloween on this street this weather it feels amazing i mean i’m not even sweating today we are looking at houses with brook and robbie when i owned a stationary company brooke was one of my very first employees she took our wedding photos she took your maternity photos she took pictures when helen came home from the hospital i mean she’s captured the very important moments in our life for a really long time and i love her dearly and robbie is new to the family and we’re so excited he’s here now we got married a month ago one month not even a month not even quite just a missile month and marker i’m definitely familiar with hometown and the crew my late husband actually used to work on the crew and marker ew he was a camera assistant i know i’m trying not to cry like through this right now brandon passed away suddenly about two years ago and it was devastating to the whole community everybody knew him everybody loved him right after brandon passed brooke didn’t know how she was going to do it how she was going to raise kingston alone and get through such an awful tragedy when i met robbie i knew he would be an incredible father i couldn’t imagine my life without king just the love that i have for him is something that’s extremely special robbie everybody was like seriously you’re going to love him he’s the nicest guy in the world and i thought i was the nicest guy in the world robbie beats he wins this neighborhood is gorgeous you’re going to love this house i want to talk about this house this is the dreyfus house okay not richard dreyfuss different drivers yeah frank dreyfus grew up on this street and he loved it so much that when he married his wife bitty they built this house well there you go they lived here for about 40 years it’s three bedrooms two baths it’s 3 000 square feet and they’ve got it listed for 240 000 and i am in love with it yeah yeah i love it actually it’s got lots of brick it’s a little bit moldy in spots it could use a little pressure washing yeah i like how this little tree over here just kind of like goes over that doorway it’s like a hobbit house yeah yeah very simple yeah hobbit door that has a lot of character i love that so much well let me show you how we freshen up the dry clothes yeah just cleaning the brick and then painting all this brown trim with a dark cream trim a new front door because this one it’s got a little rod at the bottom but mostly i want to be able to give you a small window that has those same diamond pattern mullions and i’d love to paint it an emerald green like basically the darkest color on your dress yeah oh yeah that’s so pretty i like the color a lot this outfit crazy oh my gracious oh i like the ceilings whoa look at that it’s a super tutor major tudor vibes going on yeah the sun room though it’s a little dated if you look it feels pretty 70s in there but i think it could be a really cool space for you guys and i would put in a new sawteo tile floor in there paint out all that brick this cream color get a new light fixture and then these rooms feel a little more connected right i like that i do feel like i’m going on like a i don’t know an adventure it’s a long walk around it yeah it took a minute yeah this was probably done in the 50s or 60s just notice this lighting here oh gosh it’s like leopard print or something yes it is 240 000 to buy 90 000 to renovate it so you’d be all in at 330 000 this house has a lot of charm and a lot of character and i’m kind of a sucker for that it’s in a great neighborhood you can hear kids playing next door but there’s another house we want to show you it’s very different architecturally okay it’s bigger bigger oh it’s bigger yeah it’s always good everybody knows this house because it’s pink but this is the ronk house also known as the rocky town okay yeah kathy and larry ronk lived here from the early 90s they’ve listed it for 240 thousand four bedrooms three baths it’s 4 400 square feet so okay plenty of room to grow oh okay it’s very pink here’s what i’m thinking okay oh my gosh wow i love it i love the creamy white a green on the shutters not this blue green but like a springy green i know how you love green and white add flower boxes to those windows left and right of the door you really can’t tell because the bushes are covered yeah so those need to be trimmed up keep the front porch as is but we’ll paint it to match the rest of the house okay oh my gosh wait this is ridiculous you said you wanted space does this room belong in this house i think it was an addition yeah it’s more like a tornado went and grabbed the house from like colorado or something and then popped it right here yeah i mean the vaulted ceiling amazing you can’t help but just look up straight up yeah here’s your yard not much going on here but it’s your yard goes to nothing nervous the dining room is a little bit smaller than the other rooms you’ve seen but oh wallpaper what do you think about that wallpaper i actually love it it’s not bad it’s really a cool wallpaper that’s cool yeah so i want to walk you through what i’m thinking i want to paint all of this white and mauve trim black black oh wow like a dramatic formal dining room and you keep the wallpaper which is the cool thing about the room it wasn’t sold but i mean yeah you paint the picture it makes sense okay it could be a very cool look for the room if we completely change everything surrounding the wallpaper gather round okay here yeah and examine the tile oh all the time if you already go with this house you’ll be able to get it for 240 000 and then we would put another 100 000 in it so you’d be all in at 340 [Music] hey 000. robbie’s on the grill i carried the watermelon today we’re at sonya and stokey’s house and that is kingston’s grandparents that’s brandon’s parents who are still like parents to brooke what are we celebrating today just life life and maybe that we bought a house yeah okay which one we bought the rock house the rocky top oh my gosh we got a really good deal on it yeah we got it for 200. two hundred thousand dollars that’s crazy dang unbelievable so hot dogs and corn salad to celebrate yeah y’all ready let’s eat what stays the lower stay all the uppers go all the tall that’s gonna be a real booger but y’all got it i’m gonna use this [Music] i’ve never hammered a countertop but boy let me tell you i grabbed a hold of them reins and i just like grabbing a bull by the horn it’s a mechanical bull you see [Music] it tears easier than it cuts it does there should be a rule with carpet that you have to replace it every five years think about it it’s a sweater on the floor that you wipe your dirty feet on it looks like buffalo hide if you don’t think about it [Music] smells like buffalo too yeah you’ve got a little of the buffalo hide in your chest here oh that’s just that’s all natural baby [Music] the guys have built the deck which means we are ready to cut out an opening for those really big doors and lets them light into that den [Music] i bet i could push that out you know i was mvp fullback in soccer for one game in 11th grade just give it a good shove okay here we go yeah okay one more job hang on you opened up a can on this wall wow what a hole yeah it’s like the room has some symmetry about it now because it’s light coming from both sides in the same direction the same place it’s really really cool put on my shoes when i’m with you ain’t got nothing to lose say goodbye to the pink house i think white was the best classic choice it changes everything about how you think of the architecture of the house just a totally different personality it is yeah you want to talk about color inside too yeah while we’re here and they’re painting [Music] oh it feels so permanent this is forever you know what i mean not going back now nope whoa whoa look look look dang this black paint makes the wallpaper look brand new i know this right here is it looks like we chose this wallpaper i wanted the dining room to be unexpected and unique for a reason all the other rooms are so neutral everything is white and cream you’ve got to have contrast you’ve got to have this moment of drama [Music] [Applause] tomorrow brook and robbie and kingston are coming home we’re doing the last touches the very final touches this house gave us a lot of good we’re just giving it a new personality versus new bones which is always nice this is the davis jeffcoat house wait what is that wait that looks different it is completely holy moly oh my gosh i can’t believe the same house it is so beautiful oh wow wow how’s the black oh my gosh it looks so good it’s so moody in here did my wrist pay off it paid off it did okay the black makes it so pretty i love it [Music] oh my gosh [Music] i can’t believe how light it feels it feels so much brighter so we brought in this vinyl flooring because it’s super affordable honestly with a room this big it would have cost a fortune to try to match the floors in the rest of the house so we did this [Music] robbie you see the axe that came out of your grandfather’s shop oh that’s super cool that’s awesome we brought this little hammer and big hammer these were in your grandfather’s shop maybe it was yours when they were a little i think it was so now you and kingston have daddy son hammers yeah you’re that cute yeah that’s special you
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