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From Goth To Preppy – What Will My Mum Think? | TRANSFORMED

today i’m transforming from emo to preppy they’re gonna take all the black off me ew why even wear this hide my tattoos and make me look like a normal person oh my god when i started dressing in nothing but black my mom would beg me to wear pink my mom is going to be shocked by the transformation these are all black lipsticks i have some shiny ones or some matte ones i describe my style as a mixture of goth emo i wear black nothing but black i started getting tattoos when i was 16. i have no idea how many piercings i have i started stretching my ears when i was 12 years old right now my ears are three and a quarter inch and i’m not stopping it this size i’m gonna keep going until i feel like i’m ready to stop when i started dressing in nothing but black my mom would beg me to wear pink she would buy clothes for me and wait for me to put them on and i’d never do it sometimes for holidays i’ll throw them on like a red shirt just for her today i’m transforming from emo to preppy when i think about preppy i think about maybe colorful t-shirt with like a sweater or like a fancy jacket i’m so excited i’ve been dying you know what’s in these oh no it’s a pattern not only do i i hate these colors but i think that they’re really ugly together this is gross i tend to avoid any kind of pastel colors bright colors colors that aren’t black why even wear this what does this do for you my mom is going to be shocked by this transformation are you ready for your makeover i’m nervous but i’m definitely excited i’ve never seen myself like this maybe i’ll prefer it all right bianca are you ready for your reveal i i feel weird so i probably look weird oh my god [Music] i hate most of it it doesn’t look like me you know i just i don’t like the outfit i don’t like the shoes for me this is extreme this is going from what i’m comfortable with to the complete opposite bianca started changing her look when she was 12 years old with her ears and then it just snowballed like just keep going so i really don’t know what to expect oh my god oh my god oh my god that’s insane you’re not my daughter though that is not what my daughter looks like but you can oh my god look at your face i haven’t seen you in anything like this since i don’t know when not me either not even before you started changing you didn’t dress like that i’ve never looked like this no never looked like that i am blown away she looks very very pretty i like it if i had to pick something i like the most the fact that she’s wearing something that’s not black i feel weird and i feel different and i’m actually feeling very shy because i feel so out of my element i think she’s beautiful either way i will always dress this way i don’t think i could change if i wanted to i’m going to wash it off as quickly as i can and never look back today was a lot of fun i’m glad i got to see what i look like as a different style because now i know that i don’t like it and i’m perfectly happy the way that i am you
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