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hi uh do you guys have chicken with no bones uh can i get 30 tenders 30. uh do you sell just the skin chicken chicken oh you have to get the chicken you can’t just get the chicken skin wouldn’t it be good if you could buy just the skin do you like the skin yeah for the for the japanese food or something jewish food too we’re sucking down ramen noodles while you’re sucking down a man’s raw noodles cheese ramen no we got a whole bunch of ramen we got fried chicken from kfc we’re making that fried chicken ramen lasagna what’s going on i hit up a mirror i was like a mirror you ready to cook up some epic meal time this is what he said due to overwhelming workload i have today i have to pull over time i’m no longer going to be able to make it today many apologies though if need to film sunday i can if not again i’m sorry i’ll try to make sure nothing sneaks up on me like this again so i was like yeah it’s cool we’ll just make lasagna was that one sentence yeah he wrote that one something john pickles here marlon’s here i’m here speaking in multiple sentences that’s what’s up these yo i got these are my last two friends so okay let’s see what these look like the package is already weird you see the texture you never get ramen like that it’s matte oh this is so good wow yo by the way also hit that subscribe button leave a comment in the comment section below which one would you rather have this or that just write in the comments this or that bro you forgot about the other thing or put the other thing we’re not even high yeah i just want to try the sauce like straight up should i put on my finger no you should put it in your mouth like the whole tube don’t be like bro i’m gonna try the volcano and then you’re like let me like it’s not good oh it’s pretty spicy too oh yeah that’s oh yeah yo try one bro no your eyes are so red it can’t it’s burning oh man my stomach hurts now does it yeah okay this is soup powder you think we need it because this is cheese powder oh this smells like intense this looks great you guys got to try that that’s good right the soup spice has like a good kick to it whoa look how black it is that’s going to make it spicy you think for sure really that little yeah yeah yeah i don’t need it i shouldn’t do this it’s good it looks really good i think you gotta take it out of the packaging i know we do for sure he’s right we got to take it out of the packaging i was just trying to see if it fit yeah this looks like it fits [Laughter] all my days bleed into one another i don’t know if it’s a wednesday or the weekend either way we got packages of ramen that we scooped up from the asian grocery store cheese ramen spicy ramen double spicy ramen and my favorite that one in the gold package we started this ramsanya is that a word anyways we start this rhyme zany off with some marinara bro do you know the unwritten rule about this what’s the rules when you open it you got to give someone a compliment oh you look like your dick is thick nice all different types of ramen ricotta you gotta with the ricotta hello big scoopy boy books like that spread it mash it mozzarella baby bacon some ramen kentucky fried chicken bacon more bacon baby why is this look like english bacon breath i’m gonna take this bacon here and then i’m gonna get me an angel do you wanna give me an angel you wanna give me some bacon broth you’re cooking i’m freaking the cook out of this way why is it still hard to open guys look at john pizza get beat up by the ramen boxers i got it got it more ramen up in this lasagna plenty of marinara we stacking this bad boy up to be a real bad boy i never had such a cute lasagna before i wanted to learn about this lasagna like like i want to know how much it weighs it’s probably like 25 30 pounds i think it’s definitely what we got definitely more than 20 pounds i’d say 36 pounds on the journey to the scale i couldn’t help it i had to tuck this ramen into my bed goodnight prince also this is the first lasagna to be on the toilet in epic meal time history real quick if it falls in here oh i was close 24 yeah 24 pounds all right that was a fun experiment we also threw an egg on top because that’s some real ramen maneuvers i seen a japanese man do it you love that [ __ ] was that cool or what man because of the egg and the fried chicken and the noodles tastes more like ramen than it does lasagna that’s really good though just like your dirty bed sheets you’re a mad man another one that smell is so strong that’s a lot of sauce i feel like both sauces are the exact same they definitely are yeah they just give you more it doesn’t really taste good it tastes good i [ __ ] love it it’s great this is one of my favorite happy meals in a long time next time we denim pockets [Music] i know we were jumping
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