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Friday Night Feast | Four Brilliant Weekend Dishes | Episodes 1-4

hey guys so me and my mate jimmy are filming a brand new series of friday night feasts we’ve got some great recipes to share with you here is a little sneak peek [Music] we are going to do potentially one of the most amazing roast pork dishes ever double crackling whoo [Music] bae is such an incredible herb way underrated oh the smells phenomenal you might notice that i haven’t put any oil or butter on them and that is correct because this is what we’re gonna do as that cooks it’s gonna start raining delicious flavoured fat so let me show you a little technique it’s very very easy we have our little friend bourbon our little lazy pork sauce come on look at this thing of beauty that is peach and bourbon juice just giving you a little bit of love look at this guys the skin is so crispy happy days that my friends is a little plate of gorgeousness holy moly the flavors are outrageous i think this is a roast dinner to try a mix fish grill with beautiful flavoured butters roasted chips delicious we love fish and chips but the batter the deep frying it’s a nightmare at home but the key to a mixed fish grill is cutting and prepping all of the fish so it all cooks at the same time clams mussels scallops red mullet when that squid cooks it’s going to curl up and become this thing that just wants to grab onto flavor the fish is now just waiting to be cooked and we need to grace it with a beautiful flavoured butter garlic chives parsley i’ll put this on the brim and the red mullet oh look at that yes it’s a joy it’s a joy to behold the palette is going from one flavor to another get a chip in there and get some of the juice what a joy and now it’s time for something truly delicious inspired by korea with a slaw with a sauce in your mouth come on we can do this you’re gonna love it let’s do a little whizzing up oh already we’re in a place of deliciousness so now we’re gonna do the buns steamed buns one tin of coconut milk to two heap tins of self-raising flour the recipe’s so simple that we can just spend a bit of love and care making these edible little kind of transport units that are going to go in your mouth lovely have a little look at my friend here this is gonna be amazing [Music] yeah let’s eat and look at that my friend [Music] and it’s time to cook some incredible steak cooked with two sauces this is inspired by mexico it all starts here with the steak the fat itself is amazing so we require no other fat at all and also it will go crispy the saucer i’m making is with tomatoes so integral to the flavours of mexico it’s like a little dinner that’s taking us on holiday that fat is the gold that we’re going to cook this by turning it regularly the moisture will be kind of trapped in the middle of the steak i want to do the last sauce peanut sauce i want to get smokiness and flavour going tequila it’s now quite smooth it will surprise you and shock you oh it’s very addictive this peanut sauce i’d like to make a thousand times that and fill a bath of it and jump in it is delicious crispy bits [Music]
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