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Fixing A Home With No Bathroom | Help I Wrecked My House | HGTV

[MUSIC PLAYING] So come on into our
wonderful bedroom. What is this? How long has it
looked like this? Four months. This feels like we’re on,
like, a crime scene kind of, you guys. What’s on the other side? Well, you’re gonna
have to open it to see. I’m sure.
OK. I’m going in. I gotta see what’s over here. There’s no way I
can just ignore it. What have you done? What? Oh, my goodness. There’s not a bathroom here. There is some framing
and some dirt. Yeah.
Wow. Here we are. So when you moved into
this house three years ago, the bathroom was a
working bathroom. Yes.
You used– Absolutely.
–that bathroom. Yeah. I knew that the bathroom needed
to be redone when we moved in. The space was really confined
into little sections. I started tearing it up. I mean, this is really open. The holes that we
have in the roof are where the old plumbing
vent lines went through. And all I really did was just
tape those up on the roof. But other than that,
I replaced this beam. I’m not 100% sure I didn’t
do the load calculations. So you replaced that, and you
didn’t have an engineer around. No.
OK. But, you know, it might
need to be one size up. I’m not even sure. And it might be fine. Probably, think, most likely,
maybe, these are words that don’t work in construction. Your family room is
huge, which is amazing. Did you put this carpet in? No. So this carpet was
here when we moved in. The laminate flooring and then
we have green carpet in here, and then our bedrooms
have yellow carpet. So it’s not quite
matching everywhere. What I wanna do is I
wanna rip out this carpet. I wanna rip out these dark
hardwood floors as well. And I wanna replace everything
with an engineered hardwood. Yeah. It’s a lot nicer. Yeah. Just do one continuous flooring
through this whole house. This right here, take
this cabinet space and turn it into closet
space on the other– Got you. –side of the wall. This linen storage,
it backs up perfectly into their bedroom closet. So reclaiming this
space in the bedroom will give them that
huge, like, all in one closet they’ve always wanted. They don’t want a
dresser to clutter up and take up space
in their bedroom, which I actually really get. So let’s build a
storage solution into the closet that will
keep all of their clothes and shoes organized. OK. Their tub is white. So if we can get a neutral
darker tile that will run on the floor and up that
part of the tub wall, it’ll draw their eye
there and highlight it as like a place to relax. A light tile for the
shower to contrast the floor and a new window to
let in lots of light, which will really be good for Andrea’s
plants, which I want to put on shelves here– and right
here have a piece of glass so that whole thing
is a wet room. I love that.
Yeah. Right.
I love wet rooms. That’s cool. So this side’s gonna feel
like a spa with the wet room. But over on this side,
I think we can give it a totally different look. We’ll add their vanity. But we’ll frame it in front of
a really simple accent wall, maybe like some stained wood. The toilet goes in the corner. And then we can pop in some
neutral colors as accent tones to give this bathroom
that wow factor that they’re looking for. I like that. Right. [MUSIC PLAYING] This is gonna be a
really big closet. That’s deep. I don’t really see
the purpose of having a linen closet on this side. I don’t think they’re gonna
miss this space at all. And they’re certainly gonna
get a lot from the other side. [MUSIC PLAYING] This tile here is gonna
say as a threshold tile. So I have engineered
hardwood in my house. And I really like it. This is pretty, but
this is the same color as the travertine that’s here. Absolutely. I also feel like it’s pretty
darn close to the wall color. They’re gonna go all the
way throughout the house. So I don’t wanna
repaint all their walls. Their walls are in great shape. We don’t need to do that. This would be pretty
in a beach house, not that they’re, like,
far from the beach here. But I kind of like these that
are more like the contrast. You know what I mean? Yeah. I think the greys here pull
out the grays here, right. I think it all works out nice. [MUSIC PLAYING] I really want to make this
bedroom like an oasis. For Andrea that means
somewhere she can sleep in the middle of the day. And I asked her– I was like, OK, you’re
a NICU nurse now that works the night
shift, is that going to be like a long term thing? She said at least
four to five years. Preparing this room as somewhere
she can sleep during the day makes a lot of sense. I wanna paint the walls dark
and then bring in pops of light and color in other ways. OK. So shower, tub. Yep, exactly.
Love that. Glass. So this is gonna be
your glass right here. Perfect. Right, big space. It’s gonna be so cool. The beams that Jeremy put in
himself, we had them inspected. And they’re structurally sound. So that’s really good news. Perfect. Over here in the
bedroom, their closet now has so much more space. It’s kind of hard
to remember what it was like without a closet here. Yeah. Right? And a wall but yes. I know, but now it feels like
this is how it should’ve been. Exactly. It’s meant to be. They told me they really don’t
want dressers in their bedroom anymore. They just wanna
have really minimal, like basically just a bed. If we build out the lower
half here with drawers, I think that this would
be really helpful for them to have an organization system. Today the engineered
hardwood is being installed throughout the house. And now the floors
match from room to room. This is a big step. I can’t believe how
much we’ve achieved in just a short period of time. Jeremy and Andrea wanted
to do this themselves. But the bathroom took
away so much of their time that they never
got around to it. Now it’s one less thing
for them to worry about. The floors look beautiful, and
they’re making the whole house feel more cohesive. I love these floors. I love the color. I mean, you can feel
the grain, which is always nice, not too smooth. Guys, these are looking great. Looks like we’re gonna
get these done today. [MUSIC PLAYING] The idea of having a
window in the bathroom is always a nice thing, that
natural light coming in. Plus Andrea loves plants. So we definitely need to
have light for her plants in this wet room
part of the bathroom. [MUSIC PLAYING] I understand why
Jeremy and Andrea felt like they were buried. They had a bathroom
that was dirt. Being able to come in and
not only finish the space and make it functional
and make it beautiful but be able to really
listen to their story and think about how
they’re going to use it, that’s what I love to do. Hi. Hi, look at you. Hey. Here’s your house. You guys are a little nervous. Yes. OK. So here’s what we’re gonna do. I’m gonna let you go in
without me and go look around. OK. And I can’t wait to see
what you guys think. All right, let’s go. Yeah, let’s do it. There’s definitely butterflies. Oh. My gosh. [MUSIC PLAYING] Look how cool this
message board is. (SINGING) Feeling,
I’m just believing. We’re thankful for family
dinner, cupcakes, bedtime. That’s good. The cabinets are gone. It just looks like
it was never there. Look at these floors. Oh, my gosh. These are so much
better than before. No more carpet. It really brightens
up the whole space. I know, it totally lightens
up everything in here. Oh, my gosh. Holy– Look at this place. Cow. [MUSIC PLAYING] Isn’t it beautiful? Wow.
Oh, my gosh. Look at this closet. Open it. Let’s see. Whoa. Look at that. Oh, my gosh. They got lights
in there for you. How crazy is this that this was
the closet on the other side? That’s pretty mind blowing. That is so cool. New blackout curtains. Aren’t these so much better
than the tarp that was here? Tarp. I’m going to sleep Hi, I love you. I think I’m gonna
sleep a lot better now. Yeah, totally. Oh, my god. Are we in the same house? I don’t think so. Holy. What? Look at all the plants. It adds like so much
color in here, doesn’t it? Look at the bathtub, the
tile oh, my god everything. [MUSIC PLAYING] It feels like a spa in here. I love the real wood in here. This is where giving up
the design aspect of things is amazing because it just
would have been all white. Do you remember what was here? Dirt. Like this is a– This is a mess. I hate it. My gosh. What do you guys think? You are a miracle worker. Holy cow. Yeah. You killed it. You did, and you
have given us so much by taking this on for us. Thank you. Both of you obviously make a lot
of sacrifices for your family, and you guys deserve this. And I’m so glad that you can
just enjoy it and hopefully just kind of pick up where
you left off before you ripped your whole house apart. Jasmine took every
hope and dream that we had, put
it all in there, and made it even better
than we could have.
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHv8wG4bN2E

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