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Fitness And Food Best Butt Workout And Broccoli Recipe

hey there welcome to exit my name is Kelsey and today we’re doing a glute butt workout but we’re also getting our broccoli on so as you can see the broccoli here like so so really all I did very simple you can all do this you need a knife and some broccoli some garlic olive oil salt I like ground pepper and lemon juice all I did was chop this up throw it in a bowl mix it up so it’s all covered in the olive oil and the salt and pepper and everything else and there you go on the pan pretty simple right and even if you have a nonstick one make sure that you kind of drizzle some olive oil on there so we don’t burn and belt stick okay so oven should be preheated at 400 degrees and this was just gonna go in there for about seven or eight minutes you can check it and if it’s done stick a fork in there and it’ll be nice and soft okay some people like al dente which is totally fine too so let’s get this show on the road taking our broccoli okay set it in here in the oven perfect okay so we are good to go and we’re gonna get it workout on ready let’s do it oh right okay we have about seven minutes so our broccoli is done and I’m about to get my workout on so I hope you are too are you guys ready for this okay so we’re gonna get started on our mat and remember today it’s about broccoli and so on mats okay now fire hydrants just pick it up with me here 30 seconds jump on it good work guys get that flexion point the toe you want to activate the calves and maximize your workout nice slow and controlled there’s an isolation at the top you’re still going you just got started couple more seconds go 4 6 5 4 3 2 1 alright so for this next one we’re just gonna do partials so I’m gonna face you guys while I do these you’re gonna bring it up little pulses or punch holes right here jump on in 15 seconds isolation you guys are really gonna feel this and it should hurt two one whoa all right next up same position and we’re just going to pick it out okay so 30 seconds to jump on in luteus Maximus workout good work guys don’t give up you got it couple more check it out three two one more Oh burn alright you guys ready for the next leg here we go so 30 seconds jump in really pull it up remember get it’s not for speed so it’s not a race slow controlled good isolation that hunch your backs and up our come nice and tight under the core so your left one should start burning too because it stabilizes so and burning okay next up pulses you guys ready pulses partials whatever you want to call them tomato tomahto here we go Oh isolation keep going killing fat cells one fire hiding right at a time burning burning burning okay Oh take a little break right now but I won’t okay check it out you got it keep going if something’s cramping or hurting make sure you take a little rest press pause and come back we got it Oh burnings good job Oh burn tooth naps okay take a little rest so next up we have movement like lists gonna hit the top of that glute so go ahead so here push it all the way up okay really press up till you feel isolation the top of the glutes whoo again these exercises if you’re just watching yeah it doesn’t look like a lot but it sure is and although we’re working our left leg left glute the right one is activated it’s stabilizing your full body so it’s burning come on guys keep going just get all the way up oh all right switch all the way up nice and controlled mind muscle connection okay think about what you’re working top of that glute doing press number we exhale we observe those energy so that’s poop on the way up good job I Spit core we’re getting her done consistent alright so next up go ahead and stand with me alright so this one may be a little tricky but we can do it so like so and squat okay some pick your time my slow and controlled here we go jump on in – what I’m doing with my arms here for stability good work good work you’re doing good pull in that core burnin on that left side you guys just a few more oh my goodness keep going last one whoo walk it out okay go ahead it’s which you guys can burn in I hope you are too remember it’s not always about jacking up the heart rate sometimes it’s just about the – you know those muscles that were working out you got it try not to look at you guys if I don’t focus on one thing it’s harder for me to keep my balance good job get up just spend as much as you can remember take a break when you need to but if you only did like six on the other side do the same here we’re all about symmetry right I almost fell down and take a break perfect so even me almost falling on the face so you guys are doing good so next up we have a squat and a kick so let me get off my mat so I don’t slip it around squat and kick squat and kick are you guys ready let’s do it here we go you kick you can punch your arm out if you want kind of helps me with stability never works for you take it out point your toes you guys are rocking let that behind you right watch those knees all right talking about that heart rate going up it’s getting elevated now good job guys make it count don’t get lazy don’t just go through the motion come on guys you got it couple more don’t you give up keep going just a few more laughs 3 good job whoa burnin all right you guys doing okay take little breasts pressed pots if you need to but let’s get this done we’re gonna head over to this wall and do a wall say you’re ready here we go all right got our wall let’s get our sit on okay bring it down squat position hang off this bar right here I could cheat but I’m not done I’m gonna bring it up this little bit okay one minute of our life that’s it we can do it you got it feel that through the quads hamstrings also working glutes are activated bring in that core okay you don’t have to have a six-pack to be feeling those abs so bring it in nice and relaxed you’re here ready learning keep going who’s man I’m still thinking about that broccoli you guys hungry I am let’s get this done with I mean it’s almost up on shore Oh feel that burn all right keep going don’t sink down press into that wall inhale exhale lots of lung capacity K keep going oh and you know that broccoli it’s a superfood so I encourage you guys check out our friends over there at superfoods and just click on over and hang out with them for a bit okay keep going gonna get our superfood on after this ball sit Oh burn all right we’re done see your poop nice workout you guys are you hungry because our broccoli is done so you need to grab an oven mitt or a towel today get out of here smells pretty yummy let’s back up don’t want it to get hot here and fall off look at our broccoli you guys this was super easy super yummy a little brown just how I like it bowl olive oil pepper salt and garlic so pretty easy right mix it all up throw lemon juice in there if you want and voila 400 degrees seven eight minutes test it with a fork which we’ll do right now and see if it’s soft little al dente and that’s totally okay because I don’t like it super mushy so that’s how you’re gonna test and there we are great super food for a snack so make sure you guys subscribe here on exit if you have questions leave video comments follow me on Twitter at Cal Julie calm and I will see you soon
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