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Fish | Educational Video For Kids.

[Music] [Applause] [Music] hello friends and welcome to a new happy learning video today we’re going to learn about the wettest animals on the planet presenting the fish [Music] in almost all the places where you can find water be it either salt water or fresh water you can also find fish there are fish of all sorts of sizes shapes and colors and yet they all have common characteristics which you should know fish are vertebrates their skeleton is made up of bones or cartilage they are also cold-blooded their temperature is not constant meaning it depends on the water temperature this fish looks really cold all fish have extremities in the form of fins as you can see in this image dorsal fins powder fins which is a tail pectoral pens pelvic fins and anal fin another really important fact that one must remember is that almost all fish are covered in scales the gills are the fish’s respiratory organ the respiration process is very interesting water enters through the mouth and goes to the gills the gills then collect the oxygen and distribute it to the rest of the body through the blood vessels then the water is expelled through an opening which can be found in the majority of the fish behind their head which is called the gill flap fish reproduce by laying eggs therefore they are aviparous and their fertilization can be either external or internal some fish are excellent fathers like this one who protects his babies inside his mouth he looks as if he’s going to eat them but he’s actually protecting them look at that isn’t it amazing [Music] almost all fish are carnivores eating either force smaller than themselves and therefore they each have different ways of defending themselves the most common action to take is when feeling threatened is to escape as fast as possible as in to swim away rapidly but there are other ways of defending among selves that are much more original for example this clownfish by hiding himself among these venomous enemies others imitate or camouflage themselves with their background by obtaining the color and shape of the plants and rocks around them can you see this fish in the image oh well there was indeed a fish and a very hungry one look at this this is the largest fish in the world the whale shark even though it is called a whale shark you must remember it is actually a shark not a whale whales are not fish they are aquatic animals like these friendly dolphins so never forget whales and dolphins are not fish but mammals now i have a very important fact you must always remember it’s extremely important as you already know fish as well as many other animals live in the water water is essential for life and for this reason we must look after it we must protect it there are people who dirty nature by throwing rubbish into the rivers and oceans without thinking about their terrible consequences they’re causing plastics and substances which contaminate the water kill a huge amount of fish turtles dolphins whales sharks and many more die every day because of contamination [Music] water is a source of life we must take care of it and protect it so now you know look after nature in all living things and they can live happily goodbye friends until next happy learning video [Music] [Applause] [Music]
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