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Fire-Saber And Other Awesome Experiments!

tonight on the backyard scientist my garden is attacked by a rabbit I set my living room floor on fire and I get into a fight with the screen so it’s been raining all week and I haven’t had the time to go outside and fill my normal projects but there’s good news I just got a high-speed camera that can shoot at 1,000 frames per second and that’s 40 times the speed of regular camera so let’s have some fun with it so the first thing that I want to show you guys is something that I like to call the flame saber and it looks just like a fiery good light saber because inside of this bottle is highly pressurized butane gasses turned into a liquid so at the top of this model there’s a little tiny hole in it and when you open it the butane is propelled by its own vapor pressure out in a very narrow string so when you light it on fire you get this awesome effect that looks like a fiery lightsaber this little stream of butane can create a stream of fire about four feet long it’s really cool to see in real life but it looks just a school on slow motion when I first opened that little bottle a lot of butane is sprayed around the sides and that makes for an impressive fireball now this is a really cool shot it’s really interesting to see how the stream of butane gets engulfed in a tube of fires it travels down there alright for our next bad idea I’ve got another fire experiment so you know when you first light a fire how there’s that big lump at the beginning like like that so what I’m going to do is go out in my living room and pour a thin strip of acetone across the floor and place my camera at one end of it when I light one end the flame will travel towards the camera and we’ll see a wave of flame traveling it should be pretty cool let’s go check it out the way that the flame rolls past the camera like a wave is something that I’ve never seen before so I’ve repeated the experiment with double the frame rate a thousand frames per second for this next shot looks like something out of a sci-fi movie I’m pretty sure this effect is caused by a fuel-air ratio so the more gaseous to fuel it is the better mixed with oxygen it is that’s why that first flame travels faster than the main flame so for our final experiment this is something that’s really cool that I just found out completely on accident so it’s been raining all week and one of the days the rain fell on the screen in such a way that it completely coated the screen in a thin film of water so I went out there with my camera and I slapped the screen and I recorded in slow motion and it turned out really cool so I’m going to play that for you and you’ll see exactly what I saw it’s pretty cool so this is the first shot I took it was just on a small section of screen and it wasn’t really that cool so I repeated the experiment by pouring water over the big part of the screen it’s really cool to see the shockwave from me hitting the screen travel across it I wonder how big of a screen this will still work on anyway I slowed it down even more so we can see the effect better it’s interesting that the shock wave travels up down in side to side with the little squares in the screen well alright guys that’s it for this video I hope you enjoyed it because I’ve got a lot more cool slow-motion stuff coming up well if you want to watch more videos you can watch this video molten aluminum versus a watermelon or you can watch this colored fire you should also come hang out with me on my Facebook page I put the link down below in the description and if you do here don’t forget to hit this button yeah yeah yeah I promised you guys a bunny so here’s your cube bunnies eating plants and slow motion isn’t she cute if anybody’s wondering the camera I have is a sony rx10 mark 2 it actually is really impressive slow motion I’m quite pleased with it
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