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Fire Damaged House Remodeled Into Modern Victorian DREAM HOME | Good Bones | HGTV

[MUSIC PLAYING] Right now, we bought it for 22. It’s about 2,100
square feet with three bedrooms and one bath. I love this house. Oh, the wraparound
porch is adorable. Yup. So inside, it’s a
bit of a hot mess. I can’t wait. Let’s go. [MEOW] Oh. [MUSIC PLAYING] Look what you brought me. [MUSIC PLAYING] This is hoarder’s paradise. I’m going to have
so much fun in here. Look at this hat with
the feathers on it. I mean, that’s fabulous. It’s fabulously upsetting. What’s upsetting about it? I mean someone might
have been in that hat. Nope. No pee in this hat. So this would be the– Living room. –living room. And then this is the
formal parlor where you have your second door. Oh my goodness. Look at this refrigerator. What I would like to
try to ask you to do is not focus
currently on salvaging but try to get through the
walkthrough of the property so we can make a plan. All right. So this will probably end
up needing to be a bedroom. OK. And then in this floor plan,
this would be the dining room. Oh yeah. You can see– They’re just using every space
in the house for a bedroom and it’s crazy
that you don’t even notice the– it’s not the first
thing you see when you walk in. There’s beds in
every single room. All the piles. And so we can go back
through this way. Back here is where the
epicenter of the fire is. This is like a
little walkthrough. [GASPS] And this is the only
bathroom in the house. Oh, my goodness. I forgot how bad it was. Oh, yeah. [MUSIC PLAYING] OK. Oh, my goodness. I mean it’s like
a fake zombie set. Like, the world has
ended, it’s apocalypse, and this is where
you film the movie. So this would be
kitchen back here. Yes. So nutty. Look at this stove. This is so crazy. All right, let’s head upstairs. OK. It’s just pretty
much three rooms, left, right, and straight ahead. OK. So I’m gonna go left first. Again, I believe there’s
a bed under there just can’t really tell. You now understand why all the
budget is blown on literally just making this a house again? Yeah. Yeah. But it’s– This is going to be a big job. –not going to be pretty. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, my god. So many dumpsters of trash. Yep. And there’s at least
three layers of siding. Besides new siding
and exterior paint, we’re going to have to take
this house down to the studs to replace all the fire damage. That means all new framing,
walls, windows, and floors. On the first floor, we’ll
create an open floor plan between the kitchen,
dining, and living room, and we’ll convert the
parlor into another bedroom. Upstairs, we’ll combine
two of the bedrooms into a master suite with a new
full bath and walk-in closet. So we’ll end up with a three
bed, 2 and 1/2 bath home. [MUSIC PLAYING] I hope we paid nothing
for this house. We got it for 22. I’d like to keep our all-in
construction costs around 200. Safe zone, we could
sell it for 240. I think we can do
better than that. OK. [MUSIC PLAYING] Want to put a little seat
on it, on top of that? Listen. [SHATTERING] Nice. Nice. Call me Ludwig. [MUSIC PLAYING] Is there anything else
that Karen wanted to save? I’m going to say probably yes. Anybody need a tea kettle? We’ve got to make
sure that everybody’s off this back lean-to. Safety. [MUSIC PLAYING] Wow, Tad Yeah. I mean, even from here, I
can tell a lot of progress. It’s come a long way. Clean, it’s dry,
it’s mostly demoed. We’re almost done. After we got everything
out, found something that I wanted to show Karen. Good surprise or bad surprise? It’s a good surprise.
Good surprise? I found it. I never get good surprises. OK. I got you one today. All right. O-M-G, look at this huge– It’s huge! –sliding door. We found it while
we were demoing. But– It’s an original. Yeah, no– It’s in the wall. It is in the wall. That’s a big, old door. That’s a big door. Very excited. Heya. Oh. Hey, look what Tad found. Oh, my gosh. That’s pretty. Yeah. Because this is either the
third bedroom or the office. Yeah. It’s kind of nice to be
able to leave that there. Saved money and added value, Yes.
your way back home. We oiled the pocket
door tracks so it opens and closes beautifully. And now Tad is
going to help make it beautiful looking as well. I thought I was going to have
to sand it because it looks– No sanding? But watch. [SCRATCHING] Wow. That’s crazy. Yeah. Rub, rub, rub with steel wool. Rub, rub, rub with steel wool. And just wipe it
down with a dry rag to get as much off as you can. OK. Clean the whole
door and then you can move to the linseed oil. Oh, OK. Sweet. So satisfying. And you want to really get into
those corners with your rag so you get all the
soap and dirt out. OK. Bye. I’ll make you proud, mama. Good boy. We’re turning the corner at
our Talbott Street house. Outside, we’re
planting evergreens to provide some shade in the
summer and a pop of color in the winter. Inside, we’re laying
cool, gray-tone, vinyl plank floors that
look like wood, but they’re super durable. And in the kitchen,
we’re installing white marble countertops
to make the space feel clean and elegant. We’re down to the final touches
at our Talbott Street house. MJ and Corey are
installing legs that will support the kitchen
island countertop and also play to our
modern Victorian theme. We’re going to paint them
dark gray to contrast with the light gray wood flooring. Look at these bad boys. That looks amazing. (SINGING) If I
want, I could do it. I could do it if I want. Meanwhile, all of our furniture
has arrived so now we can get the house ready to show. (SINGING) If I
want, I could do it. I could do it if I want. Tomorrow is our first showing. We have a young mom and her
two daughters who are looking to move closer to downtown. So we’re really anxious
to see what they think of our modern Victorian theme. (SINGING) I’m coming home. I’m coming home. Hello. Hello. You ladies are the cutest ever. Look at those smiles. My name is Brooke and these are
my daughter, Sidney and Sloan. And today, we’re
looking for a house. So what do you think? I like it. It’s gorgeous. Do you guys want to go inside?
Yes. OK. Come on in. [GASPS] Oh, wow. Oh, my god. This is gorgeous. Wow. I love the colors. It’s very different than
it was when we got it. One of the other really, really
cool things that– we didn’t even find it during
demo, we found out later, is this pocket door. It was framed back
into the wall, but this one was
absolutely perfect and we just left
it the way it was. And it still has
the original latch. So come on into our study. Oh, wow. Oh, my gosh. So we set this up
as a study, but it’s technically the third bedroom. You’ve got the closet, you’ve
got windows for egress. Other than that, it really
didn’t change a ton. I can see this being my bedroom. Do you ladies do
a lot of cooking? Yeah.
Yes. All right. We’re going to go
check out the kitchen. [GASPS] Da-dada! Whoa! I hear the has behind me,
which is very exciting. [MUSIC PLAYING] Before, you walked into the
space just through a doorway and it was a bigger mound
than it was in the front, so you couldn’t see anything. We pulled the kitchen
up to the space that was likely the dining room. And then, obviously,
everything’s new. And the wall, it’s amazing. We went a little crazy–
I love it though! Wow. –and did a whole
backsplash wall. We did a lot of
cabinets over here. We like to double stack them. We did the island to
match the surround, so that’s marble also. And originally, we
didn’t have these legs, but they’re really
pretty and cool and make it a little
bit more charming. And it’s a little homage
to the front porch posts. Absolutely. You guys want to
go see upstairs? Yeah. Come on. So this is the master bedroom. Oh wow. Oh my God. That is so pretty. [MUSIC PLAYING] This is big. We’ve got a queen-sized
bed in here right now, but you could easily fit a king
size, a big dresser back here. This is a really
nice-sized room. [MUSIC PLAYING] I love how they were able to
preserve some of the older elements of the home. It feels warm and cozy
and it’s open and bright. Just blew me away. Are most of the
houses three bedroom? We have a couple,
like, two bedroom ones. But I’m trying to renovate most
of them to be three bedroom. Yeah, this is gorgeous. We’ll let you guys go, but I
hope to hear from you soon. Yeah. It was really nice
meeting you guys. Nice to meet you too. This is gorgeous. You don’t want to leave, do you? No, I don’t actually. [LAUGHTER] Brooke and the girls decided
they wanted to continue their home search, but we
did end up getting an offer for $280,000 on the home. We purchased the
property for $22,000 and ended up putting
about $210,000 into it, which was about $10,000
over budget, all of which went into extra framing and
some foundation repairs. So we’re all in at $232,000. And with the sales price of 280,
we stand to make about $48,000. [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) I’m almost
there, almost there. Coming home back to you. I really think this house
is going to help solidify that the Old Southside is
in fact an up-and-coming neighborhood in Indianapolis.
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWuqWRVMbO4

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