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Filo Chicken Kiev | Keep Cooking Family Favourites | Jamie Oliver

so i’m going to show you how to do chicken kiev with a little bit of a twist and we’re going to serve it with the most delicious mashed potato with broccoli and peas my kids love it so we’re going to start with that lovely garlic butter i want to grate the garlic and then i’m going to mix it up with parsley so just finely slice it salt and pepper goes on put a little bit of lemon zest in there as well that’s going to really freshen it up take a watch of butter get it to room temperature and just mix it all up you can freeze that and keep it for months and that is going to be absolutely delightful inside that chicken let me show you the best way to create a little pocket get your knife get the tip and put it in to the fat part just like that it’s really simple then just get under this side to make like a flap and this will allow you to wrap butter in the chicken itself get that butter in there and then put it on its breast side like that any leftover butter you can just rub on them because it’s all seasoning and deliciousness so how do we get that kind of healthier twist i’m going to use filo pastry it’s a fantastic thing to have in your fridge or freezer you can get it in all the supermarkets take one sheet gather the phyllo ripple it get the chicken place it on roll it roll it and roll it so the butter is facing up so the likelihood of it spilling out is much less don’t be stressed just go rough and ready we’ll create beautiful waves that’s texture crispy bits before i pop these in the oven add to the corner of this tray a little olive oil and then a little swig of vinegar then you just need a little brush what’s great is the vinegar will flavor that pastry and the oil will give it a beautiful golden color 200 degrees celsius i’ll put it at the bottom of the oven and that way this will get crispy and that will get golden and that’s going to go in for 25 minutes exactly so in that time i’m going to make a gorgeous smashed potato with beautiful sweet peas and broccoli i’ve washed them i’m not going to peel them a lot of the nutrition is in the skin boil hard and fast for like 12 or 15 minutes until the potatoes are soft you can use any broccoli just take the stalk off roughly chop it and then i’ll put that in with the potatoes so they cook at the same time with these lovely flowery broccoli tips i’m just going to toss this in a little bit of oil and vinegar and a little pinch of seasoning and then about 10 minutes before the chicken is cooked put this in the tray with the chicken and they cook beautifully a little bit caught and really soft and tender as well i want to add the frozen peas now they’ve already partially cooked so they don’t need much cooking and we want to keep their color so look as soon as that’s boiled i’m happy right look how green that is so i’m going to drain this into a colander a little seasoning a little olive oil and give it a good smash up veg is done let’s have a look in the oven it smells incredible wow right let me plate one portion up for me just kind of create a crash mat a crash mat for our chicken so tender and delicious look at the garlic butter come on that’s so nice and then on top with the crispy bits wowzers i’ve got to be fast because the kids will be waiting not only is the filo pastry getting crunchy but it’s protecting the chicken breast i love it i got crispy chicken mashed potato [Music] let’s swap what you want more portions
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