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Filling A Pool With Popcorn

In today’s video,
we are going to try and find the most extreme way
to season as much popcorn as we possibly can. [Music] Guys, awhile back, I had a roommate
who restored an old VW van, and he did a lot
of painting on it with a gun very similar to this. It’s pretty neat. It sprays out quite
a bit of paint, and distributes it nice and smoothly better than
your average spray paint can, and I was a little bit
curious what else it might be able to spray. And I got to say
that what I landed on is I was curious
if it could spray butter, liquefied melted down butter. I don’t know why I thought
that would be a good plan. But I wanted to try it. But it’s gonna be
so much butter. It’s gonna be so much butter, and I thought what do we need
that much butter for. There’s only one answer. There is. The answer is
that we need a lot of popcorn. So we’re going to try that. We’ve got salt. How should we attach the salt? We’re using the butter gun? Maybe A salt gun? This is called The Bug Assault. It’s literally made
for shooting bugs. So we’re going to be making
a ton of popcorn. We don’t have a bowl
big enough to put this in. I don’t think they make
bowls big enough for this in. But we did find something. That’s right. A 5-foot kiddie pool. We’re going to be popping
our popcorn straight off the counter here
down to the pool, and once it’s full,
we’re going to see what we can do about spraying
out some butter, and shooting it with salt. Here’s the basic idea. We have got a paint sprayer. We have got a bug assault rifle, and we have got
a lot of popcorn. Let’s see how we can combine
these three things. So for anyone who’s never seen
how a Bug Assault works, it’s kind of like this. I can do this. There we go. It just sort of peppers
the surface with salt. Or in the case of a bug… But for popcorn,
this should be perfect. This is a hot air popper. You pour popcorn in, and it blows hot air
surrounding the kernels. It’s not enough pressure in the hot air to blow
the kernels out until they pop. Once it gets hot enough,
the popcorn kernels pop, and then the moving air lifts
the popped kernels with the lower density up out, and it flows normally
into a bowl, but we’re using
pool on the floor. [Music] So we started, and we went through four
of these containers. Six. >> There’s–
>> Six. We went through six of these containers
in like a half hour. Each of these is two pounds. So we had 12 pounds
of uncooked popcorn, and that wasn’t nearly
enough not nearly. Not nearly. So after a quick run
to the store, we have 16 more
pounds of popcorn. 16 pounds of popcorn. >> I think this–
>> 2 new poppers. Probably excessive. One of our air
poppers burned out. So we had to get
a replacement one, and then while we’re getting
a replacement, and then we also got an additional one. So now we’re up to five,
having already burned one out. So we’re hoping that three pounds
of butter is enough. Back to popping. Yeah. Pop! [Music] All right. As an update, we’ve… We’ve now run out
of popcorn again. Fortunately, our pool
is pretty quick. >> This is–
>> 28 pounds. 28 pounds unpopped of popcorn. And yeah, we have– We’ve kind of filled
our kiddie pool. It’s fun to see the difference. We have the yellow popcorn
that we started with, and the white popcorn that we moved to once it ran
out of yellow popcorn. There’s like this color divide. Yeah. You can clearly see
when we started using the white. Let’s mix this
together a little bit. It all tastes about the same. It does. All right, go for it Nate. Go. There’s a warning on the pool that diving could
result in paralysis. So, this is going
to be a slow dive. Just carefully dive. I’m just gonna sort
of wade my way in. Now, what? That’s going well. Hey, there we go. It spilled. I’m sorry. There we go. That’s good. It’s kind of warm in here too. How you doing, Nate? Kind of popcorn -y. A bit. [Music] What is this? It is my popcorn pool. Do you sit in it? Do you eat it? Sitting it, eat it. Sitting it and eat it. There’s no wrong way
to use a popcorn pool. This is gonna go well. I’m just gonna… Yep, and now just
sort of shimmy. There it is. There it is. It’s kind of plain. Yeah. I need salt. Yeah. It’s not gonna stick. No. I think it needs butter. Here you go. Thanks. Spill some of this on. Popcorn angels. Have you guys ever
seen that lizard or the spider that just like…
wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle into the sand? It works guys. [Music] Okay, here we go. We’re going to start putting butter into
our paint sprayer now. Hope this is works. I’ve never tried spraying butter
from a paint sprayer before. >> I don’t know if anyone has.
>> I don’t know if anyone ever has. I’ve had this thing in like hot water to try
and heat it all up because I don’t want the butter
to start solidifying, when it starts
like spraying out, and there’s going to be fairly
cool air coming out of that. So hopefully, we’ll get
some good sprays of butter. Oh my gosh. That is filling
the room with butter. We’re going to change
this up a little bit. We’re going to try and get
this pool outside in the winter to spray it with butter. [Music] Okay, we good. Crushed it. Crushed it. It already smells good. Yep. [Music] It’s gonna be a nice
coating of butter. [Music] While you’re doing that, I think it’s time
to start salting. So… Yep. Yeah, do it. Salt away. Just one piece of popcorn ping. Yep. In three days,
this will be done. [Music] And stir. Here, you stir,
I’ll go pop it with salt. The bug assault is fun. For a very small amount. It’s not the highest volume. Okay, let’s just
a give it a test. Needs a little more. Ow. Perfect. [Music] How did–
That was– Oh, I got lots of them
out in the pool. [Music] I have to burn all
of my clothes now. Hang on. Let me see if I can… If I can get the bottom. This is what I did
not want on my jeans. So we destroyed
the entire studio, and I thought there was
something stuck to the bottom of my shoe. So I’ve been
tracking this surround. This is just packed butter. Nate. Nate, check the bottoms
of your shoes. Oh, no. [Music] So that’s your side now. Guys, The King of Random
spy scope kit is available. Click the link in the
description to get yours now. Guys, that’s not all. You know we’ve always got more
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