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Fight The Fat Workout | Sailor Moon Inspired PIIT28 Workout

(upbeat music) – Hey guys, Cassie here. And look, I have the
meatball head hairstyle. I’m so excited for our
Sailor Moon PIIT today because Sailor Moon is my
favorite childhood superhero. And so I really enjoy dressing
up as the Sailor Scouts with the girls from the Bloggie fam, we now have five of us, so that was so much fun. Putting on the wigs, putting on the dresses, everyone
getting their own shoes. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, so now it’s time for
the workout, PIIT style. We’ve got seven moves, 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off and these are your Sailor Moon moves. Number one, we have quick feet, moon abs, plank jacks, meatball head arms, luna lunges, transformation triceps, and crescent crunches. All right, this one is really
focused on core strength. Got a little bit of arms in there. I think you’re really gonna enjoy it. Just you and your mat. I’m gonna hit start and don’t forget, at the end of this workout. Repeat the video three more times so you can get an entire 28 minute workout ’cause that’s PIIT28 for ya. Okay, hittin’ start. We are beginning with quick feet, okay. So legs hip width apart, hands in front and quickly, right there, quickly. Just like that. Running, running away down the alley. Run away from the monsters. Come on, quick. Nice. Turn sideways. Yep, really quick with those feet. You can move the arms too. I’m sorry, just for fun. It’s almost like we’re
attacking a little bit. Come on, keep going, facing you. We got 20 seconds left. Do it as fast as we can. Faster, faster, faster. How do you think of the hair? Like the hair? I think it’s so cute. Oh, come on. Come on, go a little
faster, 10 seconds, come on. 10. Faster, faster. Breathing, warming up. – [Announcer] Three, two, one. (bell rings) – Oh, okay, and now my legs are vibrating. Okay, second one, we have moon abs. So what I want you to do
is lay down on your mat, press the heels together. Hands underneath the tailbone, lifting your head, neck and chest. Okay, you’re gonna draw a
crescent moon with the toes, just like this, okay? Inhaling down, exhaling up, making sure that low back is
pressed down into the mat. You want to go slow. Good and make sure you’re not
straining your neck like this. We are looking forward. And I am shaken because I
can feel this right now. Toes pointing, drawing that crescent moon. Come on, lower abs activating,
upper abs activating. As you lift your chest up, as you swing your legs side to side. Come on. One more. Okay, very, very good. Next up, we got plank jacks, bringing that cardio back into it. So hands, underneath the
tail of under the shoulders. Fingers, wide spread apart. Ready? Here we go. Plank jacks. Right there. You know, you’re playing jacks. We’ve done these a million times before. I want you to be light on your feet. Abs in, back left, eyes on your mat or the edge of your mat, but do not look at your toes underneath. They’re gonna be there. They’re not going anywhere. Just planking jacks. So good for the entire
body, for burning calories, burning fat, working that ab strength, work on the shoulders. Come on, out, out. Breathe. You got 10. Come on. I won’t say it, five. – [Announcer] Three, two, one. – Okay, very, very good. Okay, heart rate is up, next we got meatball head arms because, clearly. All right, now you can be sitting, you can be standing. It doesn’t matter to me. What I want you to do is
imagine you’re holding meatballs right here and we’re just
gonna circle it around. So basically it’s golf farms, but we changed it to meatball head arms. Okay, come on, come on. You know what? I’m gonna stand up. Okay, here we go. Faster, more vigorous. Let’s go. Throw those meatballs around. Bring all the spaghetti sauce around. Let’s go. I do wonder how they came
up with that hairstyle. So cute, but I tried in real life, it’s totally not practical. My hair’s definitely not long enough. Thus, this is why I’m wearing a wig. Come on, 15 seconds, let’s go. Faster, faster, keep those palms up. Don’t let those palms come down. You got this. Little faster, can you do it? Those shoulders burning. Come on. – [Announcer] Three, two, one. – Oh, okay. Really, really good. Luna lunges, luna lunges, so what you want to do
is bring the legs forward and back and if just wanna be like cat, you can go like this. Or you can hold Luna,
whatever you would like. So, meow, like that, meow or if that’s a little bit weird, You can hold Luna in your arms. You got some kitties at home. Or if that’s too weird, just place the hands on the hips in your powerful Sheroic stance. Nice guys. But yeah, are you more of a
cat person or a dog person? Let me know in the comments below. I believe that I am
more of a doggy person. I’m nothing against cats,
but I just like dogs. Have you seen bloggy dog yet? So cute. So cute. What is she gonna be for Halloween? I am not sure yet. I’m not sure yet. Down and up. Come on, really pushing. – [Announcer] Three, two, one. Boom, yes. Very good. Now we have transformation triceps, okay. So this is the part of the, of every episode where Serena
turns into Sailor Moon, and nothing crazy is gonna happen here. But I still had to call
it transformation triceps. Okay, legs, hip width
apart, heels down, toes up. And you’re simply gonna
press the elbows back, okay? Now a lot of people when
they do tricep dips, they end up going like
this and humping the air. You actually want to move your elbows, not your pelvis. It’s gonna come down anyway. The butt’s gonna come
down to the mat anyway, but you gotta move those elbows. That’s how you work the triceps. Come on, down and up, down and up. Just like that. Boom, burn it out. Low, you got it. Come on, down. Down. Stay strong, eyes forward,
heels pressing into the mat, toes flexing forward. You’re doing so good, whoa. Okay, that was a burnout. Finally, we’re gonna go into
crescent crunches, guys. So I want you to bring
your legs, hip width apart, hands behind the nape of the neck and we draw that crescent
from side to side. Okay, just like so. Just like that. So really giving me that nice arc right here, as you lift. Lift. Did you like my little
titles for this workout? So, you know, that’s a crescent crunches. That’s a moon as some luna lunges, You can tell, I am
definitely a Sailor Moon fan. Up and down. And if you are too, can you
let me know in the comments What your favorite Sailor Scout was? Up and down. Come on, exhale. As you go side to side, now the heaves are
actually quite difficult. I don’t know if you can tell, but I’ve been like, my abs
are shaken up, and lower. – [Announcer] Three, two – One more.
– One. Ugh, okay guys. That was really, really good. Give yourselves a thumbs up if you finished this video and remember to get
your entire workout in, I want you to do this
video four times through for an entire 28 minute workout. And that’s your PIIT28. Thank you so much. I love you guys. And can’t wait to see
you for the next video. Bye. (upbeat music)
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