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Festive Venison Burgers And Chips | Big Night In

it’s Friday night it’s big night in and on the mini tonight burgers yeah we are making venison burgers with a slight festive twist what Joey I got a wonderful part what you do to taking some runtastic acting position I got it it depends understand yeah look at that are you sure you’re ready to carry that in your we can do this fine fine they look great they look like you two have started up a gastropub so eventually a chance because I might catch my bus you know that’s a good burger purely soft soft and feel the way it’s so dense yes that is a phenomenal burger my heart is palpitating that is the for the best burgers I think I’ve ever made we kind of cheat a little bit because if you’re gonna make a venison burger you might as well start with the venison burger and then we pulled it apart and adding in loads of extra flavor you bought them yeah we bought one I bought for venison burgers oh why didn’t if I had something I’d slam it and then ripped it apart and we added bacon softened onion garlic all fired off with star anise which was just the best smell blitzed up and bummed it into the burger because somebody’s telling you see these a whole kit together quite well somebody else is how to get burger to bind and one of the things is to keep all the stuff in it really small good mincemeat makes a difference if it’s too fatty than the fat won’t buy because it’s the protein for binding the burger so lots of proteins and actually if you’ve just got lots of mint to me it kind of binds itself as it cooks the problem can come if you’re mixing in too many big chunks of things that aren’t going to bind to the coach which is why we’re blending that up some people like to add an egg but I find it’s not essential if you do a little bit of breadcrumbs in where he’ll find it the egg is added protein smell that nice everything is right with the world while their bacon onion garlic and the star elite is frying up in there just a little bit oh that’s all the difference I’m going in with a spoon but the best talk burgers is one of those with all the bacon onion and parsley in there before you panel together add a little bit of cinnamon cumin and soot you said before bed while you put it in on them am I missing something so we’re going for a cool pounder or half pounder we’re going for about 200 grams because we’re in a metric look what’s the bokeh do when you cook it it shrinks it shre its name but it also sort of puffs up doesn’t it it goes deeper so if you make the middle a little bit thinner then when you cook it ends up will it’ll be flat so I spotted straightaways and pate now that is revolutionary we’ve got some sort of a chuck onion chutney onion chutney pickled onion tomato and lick basically any burger needs a bit of everything how onion chutney begins by peeling and slicing two red onions and sweating them off in a small pan with oil and butter then comes the flavor and the seasonal bit because mold why everyone’s doing mold wine so we thought let’s put them in a burger cinnamon stick a star anis your clothes frankincense so you’ve got orange peel and you’ve got some port in there as we listen brown sugar port yeah it’s one kind of can rise together to go sticky and glossy to cook your burgers we’re going to fry them so a little bit of oil in a frying pan and then cook them on either side about 90 seconds to two minutes you’ve got a nice bit of colour before you turn the moment obviously a burger isn’t really a burger without all of those other components and the obvious ones we’ve taken burger bun brioche sliced it and toasted it we got lettuce and tomato prepped up but this burger has pork liver pate yeah blue cheese pickled onions instead of gherkin yes and obviously our cooled mulled wine Charlie burgers don’t get much bearing this I promise you and Jamie’s been your mentor over the pattern it’s like a seasonal twist I think you might understand why it goes that way but he will probably kick up a fuss over this realise it’s a potato patty together a patio party I do love a good pattern I would I would put pate and anything if I could you would and yeah I really would well I think in the chips there’s good chips and I guess how you made them did you cut up a potato is that how it started yeah that’s it this is a potato you use a potato to make chips you don’t have to go to the freezer every time to make chips and bake can you explain how to make them cuz my voice is going very very simple cut potatoes into chips it’s about one centimeter across and very long chip shown chip shaped you can leave the skin on and then fry them twice in vegetable the first time 140 degrees Celsius for seven or eight minutes until they’re cooked through but not crispy take them out dry them on kitchen paper and then turn the fryer up to 180 and go again for another couple minutes just before serving well explained if you want this recipe and all the step-by-step photos it’s down in the link below plus you can find out what we’re cooking next week a loaf of bread and a pot of cheese if I make it so more six in there awesome Swiss fondue it is amazing I call that about time for a question mess she wants to know if you could be a superhero for the day what superhero would you be if it’s a bit too gadget it’s pretty catchy Steve how many call get Gil against you have one everything whisp get it up but against what would be your go to don’t go gadget go go gadget creme brulee blowtorch fight I quite like the kind of Catwoman yes I like I’m doing a handstand I can do a handstand in a cartwheel that’s very tight black lycra though isn’t it guys there’s disturbing thing I ever saw in my life you might have do you know what it’d be no to possible that you’d ever get to fit in so you might as well just paint yourself in black guy I would paint Catwoman okay that’s heavy
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