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Feel Good Cardio Burst – Warm Up Cardio Workout

hello i’m kelly with today i have a feel-good cardio warm-up for you so you don’t need any equipment at all for this we’ll be doing each interval for 30 seconds let’s go ahead and get started all right so our goal here is to gradually bring up our intensity so we’re going to start off nice and light with a boxer shuffle so with this you can just stay right in place without your feet ever lifting the ground if you would like low impact otherwise you’re just kind of shifting your weight back and forth between those two feet so landing nice and soft just kind of getting the blood flowing you shake out your shoulders a little bit if you like so i love a good warm up because sometimes you can just do you know five to ten minutes of really light activity and find out i want more like maybe you didn’t feel like working out at all at first but when you start moving you’re like oh yeah i remember i like this and you might just end up doing way more than you thought you would so here we’ll reach up enjoy that stretch and come back down and switch legs so make sure you’re not holding your breath even through that warm-up you want to set up a good breathing pattern all right next up we’re going to do an it band stretch so really quickly though we’re just leaning from side to side you don’t want to do any um long held stretches before you do a workout and you can read about why on our website but in a nutshell you want to make sure that you keep your stretches fluid and dynamic and don’t hold anything for any extended period of time before you go into strength training or hit or anything really intense all right next up we’re going to be doing a warrior jack so stretching into one side here come up to the center and switch switch which side you’re leaning into so next up we’re gonna be doing three twists plus a knee so warming up the torso here we go so slight squat here go one two on the third one knee to elbow one two three and just keep going and if balance is a problem you can always just lift your leg off the ground just a little bit but if you can bring it all the way up it’s all about modification because uh we’re all at different places we all need something different every day even relative to our own strength so be willing to listen to your body all right next up we’re gonna do a standing jackknife so standing nice and tall arms overhead just go down and tap that leg across if this feels a little much for you you can come here make it work for you and if you can’t reach your toe that’s okay too we’re really just trying to warm up the backs of the thighs here so do what you can with your in your own range of motion all right next up we’re going to plant our feet for a good morning so you can put your hands here if you like nice flat back and then pull yourself up strong all right next up we’re going to be moving on to a squat push pull so again back nice and flat going down push those arms out pull them back in and you can really work against yourself and make this a lot harder than just flailing so as you’re pulling in pretend like you’re also trying to push out and as you’re pushing out pretend like you’re always trying to push in just don’t get too intense just yet because we are still in a warm-up next exercise is going to be a walk down so again warming up the backs of those thighs as well as our upper body so just walk out into a tall plank and then back up use those glutes to pull yourself upright try to lead with a different a different hand each time just to keep your brain in the game as well okay next exercise is a reverse lunge so stand up nice and tall sinking back and behind the body your weight split try to split the weight between your two feet your torso upright don’t lean over that leg pull on your core our next interval we’re going to do the opposite so this time we’re going forward and try to work through all those range of motion in every direction next interval we’re going to be doing lateral jumps so i’ll show you a low impact modification if you want to stay low just go side to side just make sure you’re making your step wider and wider as you get warm otherwise try to jump equally on the other side of the body just a couple more intervals intervals all right next up i’m going to be doing butt kickers so right here if you want to keep it low impact otherwise we’re far enough in our warm up now if you feel like it you can step up the intensity make sure you’re landing light don’t squeeze your fists or clench your jaw frown trying to stay relatively relaxed relaxed right you’re like oh whatever kelly well i’m jogging all right next up i’m gonna do a squat come up the next one is the jump squat so if you want a low impact just stay right here otherwise start to venture into that more ballistic territory or the jump all right this is quite the warm-up i’m already sweating really well five seconds all right so that’s it so the thing about a warm up is if you feel like you need more do more a longer warm-up is great if you deal with chronic pain if you’re a beginner if you have asthma or um an injury arthritis an extra warm-up can help you get more out of your workout of longer warm-up can help you get more on your workout so good job guys this is a sweaty little warm-up workout complete
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