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Fat Burning Ladder For Toned Thighs And Sculpted Abs

(air whooshing) – Hey guys, Cassey here. So today we are doing
a fat burning ladder. Now we haven’t done
anything like this before, but I thought it would be
pretty cool to give it a try. So I have a timer with me here today, and basically I picked four moves. Now the first four moves, we’re gonna go at it
for 45 seconds straight. And then we’re gonna do a
second round at 30 seconds. And then finally the last
round, only at 20 seconds to really push you to your limits, okay? So you don’t really need to do
anything except for follow me and try to go the whole way. Now, let me demonstrate
these moves for you. The froggy hop, then we’re moving into the pushup plank, the inner thigh lunge. And finally, we’ll end
with criss cross abs. We’re starting out with the
froggy hops legs, really wide, big play hands over each
other in three, two, one, let’s go 45 seconds down and up. I want you to jump high okay? We’re gonna get those inner thighs, we’re gonna burn that fat and touch your fingers to the floor guys. Woo, bring it up, jump high. Now your feet are sensitive, make sure you’re wearing sneakers. Keep your back nice and flat. Don’t round it okay? Otherwise you’re gonna hurt yourself. Wow, I’m feeling those inner thighs. Come on, up. Wow, lift, lift, very good, come on. I call this the fat
burning ladder for nothing. Let’s go, up, only 13 more seconds reach, reach, inward it
is get lower from here. Come on, up, whoo, lift in three, and two, and one, oh my
goodness my legs okay. Push up plank right now, hands underneath. Let’s go, make sure their coming down and in the center, lift all the way up. Hey, make sure your chin is tucked, your eyes are looking
right underneath you. Don’t tuck your back and lift very nice guys. Down, up and lift open up. Inhale, down, lift, work
on that push up guys it gets to your chest, it gets your arms and really is such a
great total body move. Come on, lift, lift, remember, you can always go on your
knees, do not give up. This workout is not that long, but it is extremely effective. Very good okay. Next one your inner thigh
lunge, hands together. And we’re coming out leg
straight back towards center, you’re out and a (screams), how you feeling yeah, you feel that. I know I’m playing with you let’s go. Down and up inner thighs strain that leg and up low and lift. You guys are gonna love this. Work out because once you
finish these 45 seconds, it gets lower okay? And after that it feels
like nothing 20 seconds. It ain’t nothing, down and up come on, low and lift almost there. Yeah, one more. Very good, now finally. Onto our Criss Cross Abs
hands behind let’s go twist and twist, opposite
shoulder towards opposite knee. Come on, link in that leg, elbows wide, don’t cup your head, out, out. Straighten that leg. Point the toes, getting those abs here, come on, out and reach, and reach, and reach working your abs, burning the fat, getting those legs. I mean, come on almost to. This is the perfect workout, come on, reach, reach, and breathe and breathe. Good, come on, out and out. (exhales) Nice guys, nice guys. We’re almost there in
three, two, one, perfect. (beep) Now we’re gonna go ahead
and go into 30 second round ready, here we go. Froggys, up, whoo, 30 seconds. It ain’t gonna feel like nothing. Come on guys, up reach
higher, jump higher. Get low for me, come on, toes up pointed when you lift and jump, huh, I’m feeling good. Get my sweat on, straighten
in that back now don’t curl, don’t curl, I don’t want
you to hurt yourself whoo, in three and two and one. Very nice push up plank, here it is. Hands underneath, like down, we’re down and reach it up. See 30 seconds, went by so fast, up, good, low, lift and reach. Very good down, up, perfect semi arms. Come on, down, up, all the way. Beautiful guys. Nice and reach, one more. Down, up and into that
inner thigh lunge no break, come on down and up. Straighten that leg, very good. How do you feel? We’re more than halfway done. Good to have guys come on. Low and lift, now if you
like this ladder thing, let me know in the comments below, ’cause we can definitely do more of it. Whoo and inhale down exhale up, feel it, want it, believe in yourself, let’s go. I know you got this, okay. Finally, onto, Criss Cross,
onto Criss Cross hands behind. Let’s go, criss and cross,
just like this guys. And then we got one
more round at 20 seconds and bang you’re done, come on. Reach, reach, (inhales) twist. Now keep your shoulders off the mat. Bam just like this, oh, nice come on. (upbeat music) Point, good stuff. Three, and two, and one, all right getting all to the
others on the last round. 20 seconds, you’re ready for this? This one, I want you to go hard. When you jump high, let’s go hands on top of each
other 20 second let’s go. Jump up wanna go faster. Go higher, 20 seconds is nothing. Will be over before crush. You need 30 this, before you can start. And squat get to another back four, three, come on, two, one, good job. Plank, hands underneath
planks out, come on. Get low and twist lower back is not lowered, it’s not dipping. Your chin is tucked. Your eyes are forward, you guys. And the last one, perfect. Let’s go ahead and bring it
up for your inner thigh lunge down and lift and fast
now you’re right there. You’ve got one move after this. (upbeat music) and reach and up, and lift. Come on, work it. You want that body look alike,
give it to me right now. Okay, Criss Cross. This is the finale go hard. Bam and bam, reach, reach. Fast, criss cross right here breath. Good, come on, one just like that. Legs all the way up. Three, two, one, and bring those knees in. Relax the head, arms all the way out. Legs out, inhale, big exhale. Peel your back off the mat, sitting tall and hands all the way down. Guys we just finished
your fat burning ladder. Round of applause for you. That was actually pretty difficult. I’m sweating and I’m feeling really good. Leave me in the comments below, if you want more ladder routines and what other moves you wanna see, and you bet that I’m gonna
put Burberry in there, one of our next videos. All right, I will see you later. Take care and train and saying, bye.
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