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Fast Morning Yoga For Energy With Lindsey! 10 Minute Beginners Stretch, Weight Loss

[Music] welcome friends my name is Lindsay Stamper and today I have a wonderful 10 minute morning yoga routine for you that’s going to help waken you up and feel energized and ready to start your day so we’re going to begin by lying down on our backs coming down on your back keep your knees bent feet hip distance apart take the arms onto the head take a deep breath in and a deep breath out and then cross your right ankle on top of your left side flexing through your right foot and reach and grab behind the left thigh or on top of the left shin drawing both knees in toward your chest really important to keep both feet flexed here to help protect your knees a nice deep breath in exhale out completely one more deep breath in just like that exhale out and slowly release it down to the earth second side left ankle crosses on top of right side flex through the left foot and then reach through now behind the right side drawing both knees in toward your chest keep that left leg opening out to the side keeping your left foot flexed – deep breath here relaxing your jaw relax your tongue relaxing loyal able lower both legs back to the ground take your arms out to the side and draw your knees and toward your chest drop your knees over to the right side it also use your right hand on top of your left side reach through your left arm and turn your gaze over to the left side keep their breath in your belly there with twisting sometimes it can be hard to breathe to keep the breasts even clear about and how bring both knees back to Center to the other side when you strap over to the left and turn your gaze to the right time you can also use your left hand support and grab onto your right side it’s okay if your right shoulder comes off of the floor a little bit best size h-here the right arm eat resin exhale last a little bit deep one more deep breath in and exhale come back the center and roll over to your side come up to seated and come to the front of your mat straighten your legs out press your hands down into the earth by your sides lift your chest up flex through your feet spread your toes lift your sternum up towards the ceiling we use the tops of your thighs activate your legs and then bend your knees generously and how reach your arms up and on your exhale fold forward connecting your belly with your side you can grab onto your feet or maybe have your hands on the floor but keep a nice generous bend in the knees it’s early in the morning maybe you can let your head and that drop down as you inhale so the whole back body is and exhale out one more breakfast like that in town and exhale head slowly rise up cross your legs and how reach those arms up you feeling on your exhale take the right hand down reach the left arm up you can keep your right hand on the ground or maybe you can even take your right elbow to the ground reach through your left arm straighten the left elbow and then let the right here top down to the right shoulder let it go completely see how much you can let go in your neck keeping your neck exactly where it is with no effort turn your left palm towards the ground and start reaching the left arm out to the side towards the grameen and find a nice sweet spot really stretching through the left arm right you’re resting down towards the right shoulder good slowly and how come all the way back up to Center inhale bring the shoulders up for the ears exhale take them back inhale reach the arms up exhale left hand over right army tips to the side again you can keep the left arm straight or you take the elbow down towards the floor really reach through the right arm and then let the left ear drop down towards the left shoulder feel so much tension and effort in our neck see how much you can really how much can you let go and then start to take the right arm over to the right side palm facing the earth stretch through the right arm keep the head and neck exactly where it is no effort reach your right arm find out sweet spot where you feel nice stretch to the right side of the neck and inhale slowly to come back up we’ll come on to hands and knees now and take a couple of rounds of cat-cow so put the shoulders over the wrists and the hips over the knees on your inhale drop your belly down lift your chest lift your gaze press the ground away for me with your hands on your exhale tuck the tab on round the spine drop it in towards the head and yet inhaling for cow pose dropping the belly down missing the game exhaling tuck the tailbone round the spine drop the head down when we’re just like that inhaling cow exhaling cat good coming to plank pose so walk your hands forward it’s really important to keep your finger spread really really wide maybe lift the knees up but that’s too much then just keep the knees on the floor and that’s fine too if you have your knees lifted keep the tops of your thighs really strong and active press through your heels draw your belly in notice if your hips are really high or sinking really low and keep them in line with the rest of your body good exhale back downward facing dog your hands and feet stay exactly where they were if you have tight hamstrings you can keep your feet wide even as wide as the mat you can also have a little bit of a bend the knees press your chest and your belly back towards your side let your head and neck relax down completely [Music] maybe you start to pedal the feet out so straighten right knee down and then straighten left leg so right leg stretches out while left knee bends left leg stretches out while right knee I did couple more just like that and then bring the feet together come down to the knees and step your right foot in between your hands tuck your back toes are lift your back knee off of the floor to pick up space on your mat coming into our low lunge from here start to press your hips straight down towards the floor but keep your back leg straight so the back leg resists the movement that the hips are trying to come down with the floor you should feel a nice stretch in the top of your left thigh keep doing that hips sinking down the back leg resisting and then slowly start to bend your back knee all the way down to the floor untuck your left toes inhale reach the arms up and back so the hips are sinking forward the arms are reaching up maybe than the gaze is up good exhale hands down to the floor tuck your back toes again get strong in your legs walk your hands up your side slowly come it all the way up to high lunge and reach your arms up over your head really important to make sure that your knee is over your ankle and not and your arms reaching up make the back leg really strong and then open up to the side where your two left heel comes down and the hips are facing the left side arms reach in both directions and then then your right knee look down make sure you can see your big right toe at your knees blocking it open up the side reach your elbow forward take the elbow to the right side left arm reaches up to the sky and then reach the left arm over your left ear even though your right elbow is on your right side don’t dump into it keep yourself and lift it up reach through the left on press your left foot strongly into the ground and inhale come back up where your to win your the hands down to the earth set the right foot back plank pose come down to the knees left foot comes forward and then tuck the back toes lift the right knee off the floor coming into a low lunge and again the hips start sinking sinking down towards the floor and your back leg resist so the heads you’re sinking down keep the back leg straight and then very slowly with control start to bend your back knee so it comes all the way down to the earth untuck your back toes inhale reach your arms up to the ceiling hips are sinking down and forward arms reach up toward the sky nice deep breath in exhale hands to the earth taxi back toes lift the back knee off of the floor get grounded and useless and then walk your hands to your left side leaping on up nice strong lunch Jim check your alignment with your left knee over your left ankle arms reach up and back keep the back leg nice and strong deep breath in right kneel down open up to the side warrior two left knees bending down look down it cures into your big left toe reach your arm strongly above stretch and then reach the left arm forward take the left elbow to the right side right arm reaches up to the sky and then reach the right arm over your right ear straighten through your elbow press your right trip any takers make yourself really long and in how come back up warrior two eases over the side middle finger because deep breath in exhale windmill the hands down to the floor step the left foot back to a post hold your plank pose for just a moment again nice tight core pressing back through the heels keep the tops of the thighs really active and then lower the knees down lower all the way down to the belly keep the elbows close to the body we easy Abel together squeeze the shoulder blades together come all the way home to your belly forehead to the earth and stay where they are on your inhale lift your chest up squeeze the elbows together use the muscles of your upper back to lift yourself up exhale lower down press all the way up Child’s Pose toes together knees apart let the hips sink back towards the heels forehead comes down through clicks three deep breaths right here [Music] feel yourself connected to the earth feel yourself grounded and support [Music] thank you so much for sharing your practice with me this morning if you’d like to learn more about me can visit my website at lindsay stamper calm and be sure to subscribe to psyche truth for more videos just like this namaste [Music] you
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