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Fanta Bottle Cake How To Cook That Ann Reardon EASY

Welcome to How To Cook That, I’m Ann Reardon
and this week I have a bonus video for you on how to make a Fanta bottle cake. After I made the Coke bottle cake there were
lots of requests for a Fanta version …. so here it is with some tips and tricks to make
it even easier. The first thing you need to do is heat the
Fanta to evaporate the water and concentrate the flavour. Pour it all into a saucepan and I’ll put all
of the recipe quantities on the website for you in grams and ounces and cups
and there’s a link to that below. Leave that to boil over high heat. Now for your Fanta jelly layer
Take your gelatin sheets and place them in some cold water. Gelatin sheets come in different strengths,
and different thicknesses, so they are designed that whatever strength you are using – you
can use the same number of sheets that the recipe says. One sheet will set the same amount regardless
of the strength of the gelatin. Once the quantity of Fanta is reduced to about
1 litre (approx 2 pints). Pour half of it, so about 500mls, back into
the pan to concentrate even further. With the other half squeeze the water out
of your gelatin sheets and add them into the hot Fanta. Give that a stir and you’ll find they will
dissolve straight away. Pour that into a flat tray lined with some
plastic wrap to make it easier to get it out later on and refrigerate that until it’s set. Keep boiling the rest of the Fanta until you
have only one cup of liquid left. Then take that Fanta syrup off the heat and
leave it to one side. Bake one quantity of my fluffy sponge cake
recipe (and there’s a video on how to make that cake, I’ll link to that in the blog post
of this recipe), and then level off the top and cut four circles of cake out of each sponge
and store them in an airtight container. Take your empty bottle and carefully remove
the label so that we can use that on the cake. At the level where the label was cut around
the bottle, now don’t worry if it is not exactly straight because when it joins there, if it’s
got a little bit of an up bit, that weill help us line it up when we put it back together. Wash the bottle and dry the inside using a
tissue, now you don’t want any moisture on this or it will mark the chocolate. Now we want to cut straight down, and this
will just make it easier to get the chocolate out of the plastic without scratching it. Cut all the way down to the top then use some
tape to keep it in place. We can easily peel this tape off when we are
ready to take it out. Do the same with the base piece cutting down
one side and then just tape that in place. Take your white chocolate and if it is compound
chocolate you can just melt it, but if it is real chocolate containing cocoa butter
you need to temper it. I have a whole video called ‘Chocolate Secrets’
that explains how to do that. Pour a small amount of white chocolate down
to the top of your bottle for the section of the Fanta bottle that is not filled with
Fanta. Tip out the excess into a bowl and straighten
up the line using a spatula. Add orange oil based food colour to the rest
of the chocolate. If you add gel or liquid food colouring it
will make your chocolate seize so it needs to be oil based or powdered food colouring. Pour some into the base and spread it up the
sides of the container making sure everywhere is covered. Then take the bottle and tip it upside down
over the bowl and let the excess drip out. Leave it upside down on some baking paper
to set. If you put it the right way up that chocolate
runs down, leaving it too thin. Pour the rest of the orange into the top half
of the bottle and then hold it in your hand and slowly twist and turn it there to make
sure all the sides are covered all the way up to the top of your bottle. And you’ll end up with a nice even coverage. And then you just want to stand that up and
leave that to set. For the fizzy discs you need white chocolate
and sherbet. If you don’t have powdered sherbet where you
live I’ll put a recipe for that on the How To Cook That website. Pour the sherbet into the chocolate and stir
it through. Now I haven’t tempered this chocolate because
I want it to be easy to cut in the cake. Spread it out evenly on some baking paper
and leave that for about 10 minutes to firm up. Use a cookie cutter to make circles. And these fizzy disks taste fizzy exactly
like it sounds it would (like you have in fizzy drink) so it kind of goes with the Fanta
theme. And then you want to put those in the fridge
to set firmly. Once your bottle is set remove the tape. Loosen the bottle from the chocolate then
below the indent on the bottle because it’s got a funny shape, make a cut to one side
and tear the plastic off around the bottle. And then that top bit should just slide off. Take the plastic bottle off the base using
exactly the same method. Take the jelly out of the fridge and cut 8
circles using a cookie cutter. Lift the plastic and peel off the circles
of jelly, then all that remaining off-cuts of jelly put them all into a bowl. We want to microwave them until they are just
melted, it should feel only slightly warm, you don’t want this to be hot. Pour in your cream and then whip it on high
speed for around 3 minutes until you get thick soft peaks. Once the cake is refrigerated this bit will
set like a soft Fanta mousse. Put that into piping bag and put some at the
base of your bottle. Add a circle of cake and push it down into
the mousse. And now brush that with the Fanta syrup that
we made to give it moisture and the Fanta flavour. Add a circle of Fanta jelly followed by a
fizzy white chocolate disk. And then more mousse, cake and syrup. Do the same thing in the top half of the bottle
layering up the mouse, cake, syrup, jelly and fizzy chocolate all the way up to the
top. Place some melted chocolate around the join
and add the other half of the bottle into place. You can use orange chocolate for this, I am
using white so you can see what I am doing. Smooth off the chocolate around the join,
then add the Fanta label into place. Put the Fanta lid on the bottle or make one
out of fondant like I showed you in the Coke bottle cake video. And then you can cut the bottle cake open
to reveal all the pretty layers of Fanta flavoured cake, Fanta mousse, fizzy disks and Fanta
jelly. It tastes awesome and it’s an easy cake to
make. Subscribe to HowToCookThat for more cakes,
chocolates and desserts. Click here for the recipe, here for my Coke
bottle cake, and here for my YouTube channel. Champion of the week goes to Brenda who made
my Converse shoe cake and did a great job, I must say it looks awesome. When you bake one of the recipes be sure to
post it on the comments section of the recipe on the websit so I can see what you made. Make it a great week and I’ll see you on Friday.
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