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Express 5 Minute Abs Workout Nonstop Abs & Obliques Workout Routine

this is fitness blender’s express 5-minute absent obliques workout this routine is a challenging 10 exercises with 25 second intervals and no rest we’re only going through one round and you’re not going to need any equipment other than an optional exercise mat let’s not waste any time so let’s get started with our first exercise the toe touch crunches good lay flat on your back leg straight up above those hips crunch up trying to get those fingertips all the way up to those toes get a nice tight squeeze every single time now it’s okay if you let those knees bend just a little bit but if you can try to keep that leg completely straight that knee completely locked out and we’ve got just about five seconds left until we switch to the next exercise next exercise is the w leg lifts you’re gonna stay in the same exact position get those legs straight above those hips again and start in you want those legs completely straight squeeze together drop them straight down towards the ground once they almost get to the ground you’re going to split those legs apart and start bringing them back up with those legs as wide apart as you possibly can then slowly back down again towards the ground bring those legs back together pin them together and then bring them right back over top of those hips we’re almost done and we’re going to be doing those knee tucks next go ahead and switch into the next exercise come up on that tailbone tuck those knees in nice and close hands just behind you on the floor extend those legs out away from you then crunch forward as you pull those knees back in every time you extend those legs you lean back keeping a nice flat back every time you pull those knees in you kind of crunch forward doing a little bit of a mini crunch towards those knees got just about five seconds left until we switch to the next exercise and go ahead and switch it up our next exercise is the back bow so flat on your stomach arms extended out over your head and start it up nice and slow lift your legs and your arms try to keep your legs and your arms as straight as you can arching up as high as possible try to get those thighs and that chest up off the ground as high as you can just about five seconds left we’re almost done and let’s go and switch it to hip raises next go ahead and roll over onto your left side first tuck those knees back behind you go ahead and start up lift those hips up really nice and high tuck that shoulder underneath trying to get a really nice tight squeeze on that oblique muscle the from the base of ribcage they crest your hip on that bottom side of your body so just try to make sure you’re getting as much range of motion as you can we’re going to switch sides here in just a second and just about five seconds left and go ahead and switch it up we’re gonna do the same exact exercise on the opposite side and start up again nice high hip raise pulling that shoulder underneath you remember you’re trying to get a nice tight squeeze on the bottom oblique from the base of that rib cage to the crest that hip pulling that shoulder underneath down towards that hip every single time you raise those hips up again just about five seconds left we’re almost done and go ahead and let it relax we’re switching to crisscross crunch lay flat on your back extend one leg out hands back behind your head one leg’s hovering just off the ground the other knees can be tucked in just above that hip joint as that knee comes in you’re going to crunch your opposite elbow across towards that knee get a good rotation and a crunch forward then slowly extend that leg out as you draw the other knee into that same position right above that hip joint crunching across with that opposite elbow almost done just about five seconds left we’ve got a static plank coming up next and go ahead and switch it roll over onto your stomach go ahead and pull up into that plank and hold it you want to bring those hips up nice and high try to keep a nice straight line from your ankle all the way up to your shoulder make sure that back doesn’t sway make sure those hips don’t droop you want to keep a nice solid straight line those elbows should be directly underneath that shoulder or tucked underneath you just a little tiny bit keeping those shoulders pushed down away from you we’ve got just about five seconds left going to a recline twist neck so go ahead and flip it over back onto your back you’re propping yourself up with one elbow go ahead and start it up that left leg comes up your right leg comes across the outside of that left foot making sure you’re getting a nice tight squeeze an abdominal crunch as well as that rotation making sure that leg comes up as straight as you possibly can every single time almost done just about five seconds left and we’re going to switch it to the other side next go ahead and get yourself adjusted and start it up lifting that right leg bring that left arm across again nice tight squeeze nice crunch and a rotation making sure you’re trying to keep that right leg as straight as you can the entire time almost done just about five seconds left and let it relax all right that’s it you just finished fitness blenders express 5 minute abs and obliques workout
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