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Exploring TUNIS, Capital City Of TUNISIA 🇹🇳 تونس‎

good morning and welcome to tunas capital of Tunisia and today I’m going to be exploring the city centre I’m currently on the Avenue de France as you can see these old boulevards lying on each side of the street trees in the middle it’s very nice and as I approach the old city things are going to change to a bit more traditional and perhaps a little bit more touristy so I’m walking towards the bab el bar gate now which you might be able to see in the background [Music] [Music] entering into the medina now built in 698 ad it was the first arabo-muslim town in the Maghreb region you can see here it’s really beautiful and clean you can see what the street is like in front of me immediately you reach the Suk’s which are the markets of the medina the streets are quite crowded narrow and tight but a very pleasant place to walk around hooker tea sets the dishes t-shirts and traditional clothes already I’m finding filming some shots in here quite difficult because everyone walks so fast they keep cutting off my clip it’s a bit like when I was in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul similar kind of experience do Tunisian people walk fast let me know in the comments below of you’re a Tunisian I’m still on the Main Street walking through from where I entered in the beginning don’t be surprised if somebody knocks a shoulder or rubs past you and doesn’t bat an eyelid I think it’s quite a common practice here I’ve noticed it happening to many other people not just myself and it seems to be all part of the hustle and bustle of the medina it’s a very beautiful colorful picturesque place and without doubt somewhere you should definitely check out [Music] so just off the medina I’ve come to a well-known cultural cafe called El Ali and I’m here to try some traditional food while I’m walking around the old city so personally I have my entree which is beginning with some light salad some different spicy ones made with harissa red pepper with some olives and oil on there looks kind of Mediterranean and of course bread North Africa so my main dish has now arrived and I have sea bream with pepper and couscous which looks very very good indeed looking forward to trying it I’m gonna pick it up it’s not very a table manners like but you can see just hit presentation is so good as you can imagine it’s cooked really well the coast coast here is a fluffy not too expensive my meal came to 23 dinars in total for the water and for the main dish plus the entree at the beginning so I think that’s pretty reasonable value I have it below the exchange rate two pounds one thing I have to say is I’m almost shocked how clean the Medina is take a look at the floor I’m actually going to show you and maybe you’ll be personally surprised as well cannot see any litter whatsoever if you really search hard you might be able to see the occasional cigarette but one piece of paper down here but that’s literally it almost zero litter extremely clean [Music] [Music] [Music] I’ve been given one of these to try for free from this tool head thanks just by crunchy you see the street behind me here as well it’s where all the sweet stools are [Music] [Music] coming out the darkness of the supermarkets and into the light again are now outside one of the city’s most famous and oldest mosques which is the Zaytuna mosque you can see it here I think lots of people are waiting outside at the moment because I believe it’s prayer time and you can’t go in hopefully I’ll get the chance to show you the interior [Music] so I’ve just come out of the Zaytuna mosque which is the heartbeat of the center of Tunis here has been for centuries and I quickly want to mention a couple of things once you’re inside you’re not allowed to take any videos I didn’t know that until after I taken these two clips so I’ve slipped them in anyway because I want to give you a quick idea of what it’s like they’re not very good but you can get a very small taste of the atmosphere and how it looks and secondly the actual interior of the mosque where most of the Muslims are praying you can’t enter if you’re a non-muslim that’s the first time I’ve experienced that kind of policy I’ve traveled to quite a lot of Muslim countries like Indonesia Malaysia Pakistan Bangladesh parts of India are Muslim many mosques there Algeria of course Kosovo Macedonia Kazakhstan this goes on and that’s the first time I’ve been told as a non-muslim I can’t enter usually they’re very welcoming however maybe it’s not such a bad policy maybe they need to adopt it more in other countries because it stops people like me going in there and intruding and it spoils the authenticity of the mosque when you have too many tourists so maybe it’s not such a bad thing and let me know what your thoughts are on that in the comments below personally I don’t mind too much I can see inside the mosque from the outside anyway it’s not really a big deal but it’s just an interesting policy and the first time I’ve seen it yeah perfume just outside the Zaytuna mosque yes Aziza Chablis is I don’t daisies the perfume this is not natural not to know I’ll keep it yeah so good for Muslims yes think what does he do Jasmine Jasmine yes that fiend Jasmine like the Sahara Sahara oh yes Wow let’s give it a smell Wow I feel like I’m in the Sahara this is what all the small box is much more about director Dan Egan I was 10 grams yes thank you very much thank you very much yes sir clam did their picture for my carpet for the look ok mine captain look the charge bullet is this color this color beautiful so for a small bottle of perfume aftershave Cologne Sahara flower smell 10 dinars less than 3 pounds one of the great things about the tune is Medina is that you don’t really need a guide to explore around here I think it’s very safe there are many girls walking around young people couples tourists of all ages I would say it’s more than fine to come and wander around on your own get lost in the streets you can see all the type of people around it’s a very friendly atmosphere don’t worry about the nooks and narrow lanes of Tunisia’s Medina just come and explore for yourself look at this beautiful shop all the carpets and rugs nice if your suitcase is big enough then go for it I’d say so I was just filming a show industry here in Ferris baby is Ashiya yeah it’s traditional sample of tinnitus will come from all of UK Indonesia we love you care we love a chair shokran thank you so much Isaac or do you need a Isaac high success rate okay okay thank you thank you you’re welcome on by so I’ve now left the Medina of Turner’s again and I’m back on the Avenue de France walking the opposite way to which I started this video and I’m heading towards a famous clock tower to show you a different side of the city I don’t use fingers all the medina because it’s not too nice is huge and I’m only showing you the very city centre in this video so don’t necessarily think that this reflects the entire city it does not walking down this long Boulevard now with trees on either side and you can actually see the streets are quite pleasant lots of people around and about even on a working day today is a Wednesday and yeah seems to be loads of people with free time to sit and have coffee at the side or just relax on benches with their friends [Music] [Music]
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