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Exploring The Mysterious VATICAN CITY, Smallest Country In The World 🇻🇦

hello and welcome back to rome on yet another beautiful day here from my balcony i’ve switched up accommodation i’m now staying here in yellow square hostel also near the train station let me give you a quick room tour this is the room i’ve been staying in at yellow square hostel private room little bedside table ensuite which is nicely furnished with a modern design and of course the balcony views rays of sunshine and other building views little garden courtyard down there all pretty close to roma termini just five minutes walk in that direction also dorms available as it’s a hostel and tons of things to do there’s a bar there’s places to eat you can play table tennis and socialize here so if you’re interested the link will be in the description now where am i heading today to the vatican city which is a small city-state home and headquarters of the catholic church where the pope lives entirely surrounded by the city of rome and officially the smallest country in the world [Music] having made my way over to the other side of rome i’m here at the villa della conciliat zion forgive my terrible pronunciation this here is the road leading up to the vatican city commissioned by mussolini actually between 1936 and 1950 this road was built and in fact it was mussolini himself the fascist dictator who actually gave vatican city its independence as a sovereign state and today it is the smallest country in the world so let’s walk up the road and enter the holy see the vatican city roadblock on the second half of this road although pedestrians seem to be allowed to walk along it as i’ve seen a number of italians doing so so i thought it must be fine there is a lot of nice buildings and already you can see a flag of the vatican city the yellow and the white flying above there but we’re still in italy technically i’ll let you know once i’ve officially crossed the border now according to google maps this is where the border starts and ends from italy to the vatican and google maps generally is a decent enough source to rely upon i mean we don’t want to get started on cashmere or something like that but with with this i think i think we’re good to go so let’s um cross over now and i’ll show you the details of what it’s like ingreso piazza san pietro saint peter’s square and entering here and there we go simple as that we’re in no passport control nothing of the sort doesn’t matter if you’re an eu passport holder a schengen visa holder if you’re in italy you can enter the vatican just like that simply walk across and here i am in saint peter’s square which is very impressive isn’t it some nice fountains on either side and of course the iconic saint peter’s basilica right behind me [Music] [Music] after entering i was just told by a policeman that i’m not allowed to film with my tripod etc inside saint peter’s square but i got that shot walking in so you saw me crossing it i’m now back in italy actually i just want to mention a couple things about the square you will notice that there are just a ton of columns along the side 240 in total to be exact and on top 140 saints on either side and the square if you were to look at it from above resembles a giant keyhole and it was designed in 1667 by lorenzo bernini so right now i’m going to put all of my equipment away in my bag in order to pass security to reach saint peter’s basilica at the very end there and then once i’m through hopefully i’ll be able to take out my camera take some shots inside and then i’ll report back to you afterwards [Music] so [Music] [Music] now past the security check and in front of some peter’s basilica i’m vlogging on just my camera alone right now no microphone no gimbal they’re in my bag which normally you’re not allowed to take into the vatican but they didn’t pick up on it so i didn’t necessarily have to store my luggage anywhere which is good when i pick up my camera now it’s going to be a little shaky so i apologize it’s not what normally used to in my vlogs views of some peter’s square from just here and the basilica just up behind me which i’m going to enter right now completely free to enter by the way and you’re allowed to take pictures inside just not tripods [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so i’ve just left some peter’s basilica having soaked it all in with my eyes and i got a few shots on my camera there for you and wow it is absolutely breathtaking the amount of art and incredible design and architecture that’s gone in there from michelangelo’s dome to bernini’s canopy it is just breathtaking really and probably up there with st john’s co-cathedral in valletta malta as the best church i think i’ve ever seen especially the inside if you’re in rome you gotta go you really do even if you’re not really a fan of churches it will probably change your perspective of what’s possible inside an actual church it just buzzes with history the fixture on the wall showing all of the previous popes and just a small list of names on the right makes up the popes of the last 100 years up to pope francis today and considering how many names are there it shows just the sheer number of popes that there’s been over the last couple thousand years quite incredible one thing you should bear in mind before visiting yourself is that you do need to dress fairly modestly that means no shorts revealing the knee no shoulders showing and for girls i suppose no mini skirts you can see i’ve got my trousers on especially despite the 30 degree plus temperature here i’m now once again outside the vatican protected by this wall here which is pretty high and probably quite formidable as i can see cctv cameras all along it such a protected place and sensitive you’ll see army and police just about everywhere where am i heading now to the second place that you can visit as a tourist to the vatican city which is the vatican museums housing some of the most magnificent works of art in the world [Music] the vatican museums are huge they contain seven kilometers worth of corridors and rooms filled with classical and modern paintings frescoes sculpture tapestries antiques and much more i’ll start off with some of the most notable works in the museums the first few being located in the sistine chapel you cannot take any pictures or videos inside the chapel which is why i’m showing some that i’ve taken from the internet from the moment you walk in you will be overwhelmed by the vastly detailed frescoes which seem to take up the entire walls and ceilings of the chapel look directly above and you will find michelangelo’s creation of adam directly in the middle with the other stories from genesis taking up the rest of the space around it it took michelangelo four years to paint the ceiling and the image of god’s finger sparking the first man to life is one of the most iconic in the history of art occupying the north wall of the chapel is michelangelo’s equally memorable last judgment where christ determines the fates of the souls of the dead the saved get to stay up in heaven and the damned are sent downwards to face demons in hell the sistine chapel is also the temple in which popes are chosen and then crowned next up worth mentioning are four frescoed rooms painted by raphael stanza d rafaello originally pope julius the second’s private chambers the stanza della senyatura was the first room raphael painted and here you’ll find his great masterpiece the school of athens here a number of philosophers and scholars surround plato and aristotle the seated figure in front of the steps is believed to be michelangelo and raphael also included a self-portrait in the corner he’s the young man gazing out towards the viewer with the black hat in the rooms i found so much immense detail in the large frescoes that i ended up standing for a long time without even realizing it and left feeling like i hadn’t really done them viewing justice which is a term i just made up in the vatican museums you’ll also find a 120 meter corridor of old maps known as the galleria de la carta geographic which is cool to see for any map lover out there just before this long corridor of maps is one with giant tapestries depicting various scenes of the past some of which are quite disturbing but the one that really caught my eye came to be the portrayal of christ’s resurrection the reactions and emotion in the subtle detail of the spectators the museo pio clementino is a pleasant courtyard containing the best of the vatican’s classical statues including apollo belvedere considered to be one of the greatest masterpieces of classical sculpture unfortunately closed to the public for restoration at the time of my visiting for more classical sculpture head to the museo chiara monte and bratio nuovo which are effectively long corridors again lined with thousands of statues this time most of these are roman and you should find this part of the museum to be a lot less crowded one museum worth visiting which is often skipped or overlooked by many visitors is the pinakateka it houses paintings dating from the 11th to 19th centuries featuring works from titan giotto da vinci and caravaggio amongst others it’s intriguing how secret and elusive the vatican city seems since there’s so little of its outdoors that you can actually see for most saint peter’s square saint peter’s basilica and the vatican museums is as much as you’ll set your eyes on and i suppose that’s why i found the random momentary glimpses to the inside world of the vatican from one of the various museum windows all the more captivating it’s strange to think that the vatican even operates as its own sovereign state with yellow post boxes dotted about issuing its own passports having its own flag national anthem stamps license plates media outlets and even printing its own euros the pope lives tucked away somewhere behind saint peter’s basilica and rome still plays very much an integral part so that the micro state is able to even function on a daily basis there is one more thing you can do here in the vatican as a tourist but it’s a bit harder to get to which is the vatican gardens you need to book in advance and then you’ll go on a two-hour tour walking tour of the gardens or you can book in advance for a 45-minute bus tour if you are interested in going even harder as a tourist in the vatican then certainly you can do those things which may be well worth your time i haven’t had the time to add those to my itinerary but the vatican isn’t very big it’s only one-eighth the size of central park in new york it really is tiny but from here in rome thank you very much for watching and i’ll see you on the next one peace [Applause] [Music]
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