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Exploding Balloons Filled With Propane Gas. Drones, Steel Wool, And Underwater Explosions! – SMS#4

today is a special day because 10 years ago I stood in this exact same spot blowing up propane balloons with my two best friends go is it on go yeah it’s recording five four three oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh god I’m afraid to go forth sir oh yeah oh I never imagined standing back here and testing this out again with 250,000 subscribers you guys gave me a lot of awesome ideas and it’s time to test them out backyard scientist style now this balloon contains propane gas and it doesn’t look that dangerous right but how much gas can really fit inside an 11 inch balloon well the answer to that is 11.5 liters and that means this contains around 22 grams of propane gas and if 22 grams seems like a small amount to you let me put this into perspective a balloon this size can cause a fireball 6 feet wide so it’s important to be careful when doing this well it’s time to test out our viewer suggestions my favorite suggestion comes from the user the real Picasso he wants me to fly an RC helicopter into a balloon well I got just the thing on today’s episode of what can go wrong we strap a sparkler to a drone and flight into some propane balloons I quickly learned that a drone cannot fly in a fireball the air is too thin and it kind of just crashes to the ground unfortunately my drone didn’t really survive the fire and all for the propellers are broken and melted but that’s not going to stop me no I went out and I bought some Saturn missiles and taped them to the bottom of my drone the first shot broke the balloon and the second one caused a fireball luckily my drone survived I was about to start working on the next video suggestion but Mother Nature had other ideas but a little bit of rain is not enough to scare me in fact I think it gave me one of my coolest shots ever I tied some steel wool onto the end of the string and swung it at the balloon the red-hot sparks were enough to ignite the propane inside well time to move on to our next suggestion by far the most popular suggestion was to take a balloon filled with propane and see if we can get it to explode underwater but we know that that’s not possible right because what does a fire need to burn it needs oxygen and there’s no oxygen underwater luckily for you guys I just picked up a bottle of oxygen by introducing oxygen into the balloon we should be able to get an explosion I ran a hose directly from the balloon to the tanks and then I sunk in under water the first step is to add 80% oxygen to the balloon and then 20% propane this creates the perfect explosive mixture it’s hard to describe the sensation the feeling you get when you blow up one of these balloons it feels like a miniature earthquake I mean the ground shakes the water flies up in the air dogs start barking it’s really powerful now I’m going to play these clips back again and I’m going to slow them down a little bit you’ll start to notice something and that there’s actually two explosions that happen in quick succession the first explosion is caused by me igniting the explosive gas mixture the second explosion happens when the expanding gases from the first explosion start to contract again and I’m not exactly sure what’s going on but I think it might be some sort of Diesel effect where the gases get so compressed they heat up and self at night well that’s it for this week’s video I hope you guys enjoyed it my favorite thing about making these videos is reading the comments and listening to your thoughts and suggestions so if you have any ideas leave them down below for me if you want to see more underwater explosions you can watch this underwater dry ice bomb video also a couple of you guys suggested an electronic detonator and I did make one but there was a problem and that was because the neck of the balloon kept filling up with water somehow so I had to ignite it with a fuse on a stick another thing I tried was to pop balloons using an arrow with a sparkler around the tip but the problem is these arrows move so fast they don’t even have time to ignite oxygen-enriched propane balloons well that’s it guys bye
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