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my name is m1 hollingsworth and today i’m going to go over the loadout that a military working dog handler would have k9 handlers will go out on patrol duty and they act as a deterrence they may be called to assist with narcotics detection if we get a bomb threat just provide some detection do a sweep so we use them for whatever the mission set requires so today go over some equipment that you’re going to see out in the field as a military worker dog handler and then second some of the medical equipment that we also have to make sure that our dogs are safe in case of an emergency happens one of the first things we’re going to have is a muzzle so for the military working dog whether that’s downrange or stateside we’re going to use this to make sure that the dog is safely able to be cared for in case of an emergency and traveling to and from a location each military working dog has their primary reward most time it’s either a kong or a kong with a rope it’s used to reinforce uh desired behaviors so when they do a good job whether it’s obedience tasks patrol or when they find a source of odor then we reward them with this reward object which is the kong another reward object is a pvc pipe this is the tug reward object so different objects they make it to where i can manipulate the reward in different ways to shape behaviors with a clone with the rope at certain areas i may be only able to grab it in a certain manipulation but for this i can grab and guide them in different directions and shape behaviors that way so for our tool kit the other thing that we’ll use is different size leashes so you’ll have leashes ranging from 30 feet 6 feet 15 10 and then our standard six foot leash when i go inside of a building i can work a little bit closer it’s going to be more advantageous for me to work on a six foot leash we have a retractable leash we also have these for our military working dogs as well if used properly you can again be in a distance and have your dog work uh independently further away from you and when would you use a retractable leash over like a 30 foot rope leash it can all vary if it’s easier for me to have it tethered while i have my weapon and i’m surveilling the area i can also use the retractable in my tool kit if it’s going to help me make sure that my dog can work independently and i can also assist in a different manner another variation you can use a bungee for this i could attach it to my body and make it to where the dog is next to me so say if i need to do tactical movements or i’m in a tight area and i need to have two hands to be working in a different area then i can use my two hands on something else rather than having it dedicated to holding onto the leash for my dog we deploy to various different locations sometimes whether it’s extremely cold or if we have extremely hot we want to make sure that our dog’s paws are taken care of so we can put these little shoes on them and make sure that their paws are taken care of especially when uh for hot seasons and they’re on asphalt or a rough period that could scrape up their paws next we have their collar so different variations different clasps uh this just goes around their neck and this is what the leash is going to be tethered to why are there two different collars right there oh just two different do different types specifically say if they have the variation with the handle then you could grab the dog and it’s more of a tactical area where i can use that in my tool kit if i need to grab the dog quickly instead of going underneath next tool we have in our tool kit is our choke chains so say if i have my dog attached to the flat collar i might want that to mean something differently than when the dog is on the choke chain you would use it as a tool to communicate desired or undesired behaviors what do you exactly mean by that so say if my dog was not responding to a specific command i could communicate with a very light leash tension on via the choke chain so another piece of gear that we we might have is going to be our harnesses so various different styles again this allows us to have more tactical maneuverability we can use the handles during different situations to again manipulate our dog if it works it’s also something we use as a training tool so say if i’m trying to do drive building activities with my dog i can use this as something to make it to where the pressure and the tension is more on their body instead of uh manipulating their head in a specific way other gear that we have in our bag is going to be these doggles this is going to be used to protect the dog’s face or eyes say if the dog’s on like a helicopter or different things like that they might be used the other thing that we’re going to have in our on our bag is going to be our water so we always make sure that we have water for our dogs they’re going to be working for us we’re going to make sure that they’re taken care of we have various different bottles that we can use and then also our water bowls that we can have to pop it down pour the water in and ensure that they’re taken care of after working all day this right here is just again uh just a normal plastic bowl you can take this apart put the water in there easily to take apart and clean and that’s it for this bag so this is going to be our basic medical equipment that we carry for our military working dogs inside one of the first things you’re going to find is our thermometer for our dog it’s very important that we understand our military working dog’s ideal working temperature to see if it’s either lower or higher than normal because that’s going to give us a strong indication on how the dog is going to be able to perform and if it needs to seek medical attention there’s many different thermometers that we can use this one specifically is a rectal thermometer there’s going to be our safety gloves uh the times that we’re going to be using these is if i need to an open wound or something like that or if i want to make sure that i don’t have any debris or bacteria on my hand other things we’re going to find in our kit is gauze so we’ll use this along with the tape if there’s a sore a cut a laceration we’ll make sure that we do that first aid first initial treatment and then get them to a veterinary facility as soon as we can in the field we also have various different equipments where if the dog’s having breathing problems i can also do an emergency trach until we can get them to a veterinary specialist other things we have in this kit we make sure that we groom them and take care of their nails and coat so if their nails are getting too long we have our clippers to make sure they’re taken care of why is it important to make sure that their nails aren’t too long one just for safety and then also so they’re able to maneuver and able to perform their job and then taking care of their coat obviously for sanitary reasons make sure that they’re staying safe and healthy do the dogs like to be brushed some dogs more than others but if they’re going to be in our program we do make sure that they’re comfortable having the muzzle being put on them and also with being pet so certain dogs are like it more than others in case we’re trying to take off say a harness if there’s an injury or something we also have scissors to to cut as well take off bandages and open things up as well the other thing we’re going to have is a different material for a splint so in case the dog injures their leg we can stabilize that and make sure it’s not going to go anywhere again until we can get them to a professional that can take care of their leg when we are out in the training environment or deployed we use these doggy bags to ensure that we pick up after our military working dogs as well some other things that we would have is the bags of food that we would have with us the other thing is our military worker dog collapsible kennel so the collapsible kennel is utilized by being a safe place that i can transport the military working dog in whether that’s in a vehicle or a aircraft and this is the equipment and loadout that a military working dog handler would have with them whether going on a mission or going on deployment
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