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Etsy Reviews: Fancy Doll Design Shop : Knitted Sweater, Hoodie, Crocheted Bathing Suit & More

yo toya when are we gonna get some new clothes like for real sorry summer i’ve been kind of busy but don’t worry because i bought you a present i did a little shopping on etsy you know that website for handmade stuff and my package arrived i ordered from the etsy shop fancy doll design i saw a lot of crocheted items and so i’m really excited to see them in person today let’s open this up and get a look at everything we ordered lots of stuff there’s a card that says thank you for your purchase and here’s all the stuff in the description box for these items it said ready to ship in two to three weeks these items are shipping from the united states and they all arrived safely let’s start with this one it’s called beautiful and cozy sweater with hoodie for 12 inch dolls and then there’s parentheses saying that it should fit fashion royalty and barbie dolls and etc priced at 14 now keep in mind this is handmade so a lot of time went into making this one little piece so typically when you get handmade stuff the costs tend to be a little higher but 14 for a crochet doll hoodie is actually a really good price i saw some on etsy that were a lot more expensive since i thought this was such a good price i ordered two i bought gray and off-white let’s open it and take it out of the plastic bag it has a little tag that says fancy doll design what’s that there’s a label in it what a cute little detail i love stuff like that it feels pretty soft and sturdy i don’t see any loose threads anywhere and i think there is a little bit of a pattern there i don’t know a ton about crocheting like all the different techniques and what you call the different types of patterns but i do feel like there is some kind of pattern there can you can you see that like every so often one of the threads are kind of just looped over wow it’s really subtle but really nice let’s take a look at the off-white it’s kind of like an ivory or a really really light cream nice little detail at the arm and i definitely see a pattern here ah i love it it also has the fancy doll design label on the inside and i can’t wait to try them on our dolls i switched summer into a pair of jeans and a t-shirt this is an integrity toys doll on a made to move body you can check out our made to move summer and cali video for that transformation let’s try on this gray sweater so far her hands are not getting caught too much okay just a little bit so you do have to be careful about feeding the hand through the sleeve mainly because crochets or crocheted items have a lot of little holes in them that are supposed to be there okay yeah not so bad adjust the hood play around with it a little to get the look that you want and it’s cute it is perfect for the winner i could totally see us taking some photos by the fireplace looking all extra cozy it has a pretty large hood should be able to accommodate most dolls oh i like that there’s lots of room in there let’s try on the other one i like it i really like dressing our dolls in layers so i can see us using these hoodies a lot this is the crochet purse slash bag for fashion royalty barbie and other 12 inch dolls priced at 24 it’s very soft and it looks like it’s made out of three squares two squares on the side and one on the bottom there are crochet details going all the way around each one of the squares and it connects them together it is possible to put stuff inside and it has a gold colored handle that we can place on the doll’s shoulder and she is ready to go out it has a very vintage vibe to it which i like and it’s definitely a plus that it can actually hold stuff i know it’s not summer but i couldn’t resist getting this crocheted bikini for 1 6 scale fashion dolls like fashion royalty barbie and momoko priced at 12 you can see so much detail in this like the craftsmanship is wow that is some teeny tiny crocheting like wow like seriously oh my goodness it’s so small and there is a little tiny label cute tying this does take a little bit of patience but it looks great this is going to be perfect for photos by the pool or maybe at the beach it ties in the back so you don’t have to worry about velcro or snaps overall it’s a pretty good buy huh it looks pretty good with the purse too this is also perfect for the summer it’s a crochet fringe top it was 14.99 and it feels like it’s made out of the same type of thread they use for the bathing suit and check out all that detail there is a really pretty pattern on the front and they are using clear snaps for closures i like the fringe it’s a very fun detail the scale feels perfect it’s a great fit for the made to move body and this fashion royalty body since it is still chilly outside the last thing we are looking at today is a sweater you can see the neckline has a little pattern there’s a pattern on the sleeves the main part of the body and at the bottom it opens in the back with a hook and eye and we have a little label it’s a really soft sand kind of color and looks super comfy i love casual style the neckline is pretty wide and you could make it off the shoulder if you wanted on one side or even both i like it with one shoulder the best paired with some distressed mom jeans and this is a look overall i am very happy with all the items i received from fancy doll design etsy is a great place to go and find some amazing handmade items for our miniature world thank you for joining us for this etsy review like comment share and subscribe don’t forget to ring the bell and follow us on instagram at my froggy stuff and the frog vlog and we’ll see you next time bye [Music] [Music] and one place [Applause] from the stars
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwdJDyW-mNU

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